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• 4/11/2018


So my character Ilyas is highly religious, and the Quran strictly prohibits magic. I think that signs of magic will definitely leave him afraid and want to repress it for a multitude of reasons relating to that. This means, he will probably become an obscurial. Now, as far as we know, obscurials don't survive past 10 in most instances, except credence. The movie Fantastic Beasts suggests they could learn to control their obscurus with a change of mindset and with proper help, but of course, nowhere does it say that (and by controls basically mean, live with, not use as a weapon. Like bipolar disorder). However, there was a cut scene and actually, it is suggested credence is alive and with newt (by the director). It is also implied he will be in upcoming movies. Basically, I wanted to
know if I could make Ilyas an obscurus who has successfully kind of managed to live with his obscurus in a less destructive way with proper care? I know this is a weird situation, but also he's a foreign exchange student,
So I probably won't keep him or if I do, he could be looked into and after by the ministry with department of mystery?

If not, perhaps the wikia could look into a way of including them, if you will all consider it. It would definitely be an exotic character, and I think it could mybe b a limited number, first come first serve? Or not limited, up to you. I think it would be more of a disease type thing definitely wizarding mental illness problems

Personally, I think there is enough evidence to suggest that obscurials can be, and have been, taught to control their nature as there was a lack of obscurials in recent times if I remember correctly, and I feel the article about the cut scene reveals enough information that it is known Credence doesn't die

Here's the link https://www.cinemablend.com/news/1586630/fantastic-beasts-ending-a-key-scene-that-was-cut-and-why
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• 3/7/2018


I was just browsing through the wiki and I came across some old events that had happened on the wiki. And I thought it would be neat if we had something happen again? Like a Ball, or an Auror Case, or something dramatic that happens at Hogwarts that involves everyone.
I'm just curious as to what you all think? Something to get everyone engaged and on the edge of their seats about what's gonna happen! :)
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• 8/10/2017

Hogwarts Classes

So...here we are in week 3 of the school year and once again classes are neglected. People posted a ton in week 1, and in week 2 it trailed off.

What can we do to make class RPs more attractive? Hogwarts in the central piece in our RPing world, and there's a ton of RPs going on there...but almost none in classes. Are they just outdated? How can we help spice them up? Any thoughts on this topic would be greatly appreciated, and I'm looking for honest opinions, good, bad, or ugly.
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• 6/7/2017


This discussion is for the userbase to bring any and all concerns up to members of the administration team so that they may be addressed. Please keep the comments constructive and civil, it is not an opportunity to bash the admin team or worse yet, certain members of the admin team. No singular members, departments, level of rights should be singled out. If you have a concern, you are bringing it to the WHOLE team, not just a select few. That is not what this discussion is for. Take issues with certain users, departments or level of rights up with an owl or a PM. Thank you.
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• 6/7/2017

Roleplay Requests

This discussion is for new and old users to request someone to role-play with. There shouldn't be any actual role-playing going on this discussion. Thank you.
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