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This character has been requested to be preserved by Yugimuto1.

Étiennette Roussea is role-played by Yugi.

Étiennette Rousseau

French in England

Vital Statistics
Born July 3rd
Age 29
Family Emmanuel Rousseau - father

Genevieve Rousseau neé Arden - mother

Gender Female
Species Witch
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Status Single
Signature [[File:{{{Signature}}}|100px]]
Magical Characteristics
Wand {{{Wand}}}
Wand Arm Left
Blood Purity Pure-Blood
Patronus A lion
Boggart {{{Boggart}}}


Étiennette Rousseau, was born in Bordeaux, France on July 3rd to French parents, hailing from Bordeaux. When she was seven years old, she and her parents moved to Yorkshire, in the United Kingdom, as her father, Emmanuel found a job in the Ministry there. She loved it in Yorkshire, the scenery, everything. When she became 12, she received an invitation to attend Beauxbatons Academy of Magic. Her parents said it was a great idea, so that she could relive her youth, and if she ever thought of moving back to France, what it would be like. She attended there, getting top grades, until she graduated. She came back to Yorkshire, and her parents gave her a gift of 1000 Galleons, and a flat in London. There, she moved to London, to begin work.


Étiennette is a kind, friendly person, although, like the French, she can be sometimes rude or arrogant.


Étiennette has thick brown hair, with brown eyes to match. She loves to wear her little suit along with her bow-tie, as it makes her look more professional.

Skills and Magical Abilities[]


Étiennette is a clear politican. In Beauxbatons, she was part of the debate team, and they always won. She aspires to be a leader someday.

Muggle Studies[]

Despite being a pure-blood, Rousseau loves finding out about the modern world, and travelled through it herself, from Rome to Rio de Janeiro, she was a keen traveller. In Beauxbatons, she was always answering the questions about muggle inventions, such as the telephone, etc. She got an Outstanding.


She is a fluent speaker in French, it being her mother tongue.

Talk Bubble[]


Étiennette Rousseau French in England
-"Applying for Ministry."