Norway National Quidditch Team Campsite

NNQT flag

This is where the Norway National Quidditch Team camps out for the duration of the Tournament.



Pyrrha and Mack

Pyrrha Rasmussen - ex-bellefeuille • outside the outsider

- "these, our bodies, possessed by light; tell me i'll never get used to it."
Message Me  - 16:38, October 23, 2016 (UTC)

"Can we hold off on the pictures until I don't look like something straight out of Hell?" Pyrrha asked the journalists awaiting outside their tent, with a grin. "I'd rather look good in the photos, you know? My ego is fragile, I thought you knew." With that, she ducked into the tent to start the age-long process of drying her hair and getting out of her Quidditch robes before the team inevitably went out partying.