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A'dez Daniel.

A'dez Daniel
A'dez Daniel
Third Year
Blood Status
Half Blood
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It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not.

A'dez Daniel

Black hair and black eyes, African-American Ethnicity


A'dez like his sister grew up in a normal life. Before Hogwarts his life consisted of playing basketball, going to school. When he turned seven he started playing in little league baseball but decided that it wasn't the sport for him. He eventually found basketball and had been playing ever since. Also like his sister he had a fascination with magic and wizardry, he even tried to do magic with a muggle kids magic set and was pretty good with the fake magic that magicians do. Like his sister he took the brunt of his drunken parents violence however he was beaten up more then his sister was because he was always in the wrong place at the wrong time more then Shacora was. Every time they where in there drunken bad moods A'dez was always a nervous wreck and was always breaking things. His first magical experience was when he was 8 and was doing the dishes he had made a dirty plate instantly clean without putting it into the water however this plate also broke before he could put it away and his father saw it and was drunk, needless to say he was not amused. When he found out that he was a wizard it only added to his amazement, he thought to himself I'm pretty cool. When he turned eleven and received his Hogwarts letter he was overjoyed that he was getting out of that house. Now in his third year at Hogwarts he's learned allot just from the first year alone. Now with his sister having just started he's determined to protect his sister from the dumb situations she's always getting herself into.

A'dez now in his third year is starting to develop new feelings for this girl in his classes that he doesn't quite understand. With these new feelings developing within A'dez he tries whatever he can to understand these feelings. Nobody said it would be easy. All of this is new to him, and throughout the course of the year he's never felt like this before.

A'dez is dedicated, loyal, and patient he often had to calm his sister Shacora downdown is hot headed. A'dez is shy around new people however he is also fearless and caring about his friends and family. A'dez often had what he calls a "shield of protection" which he always has up. He can be foolish and adventurous at the same time he is extroverted, sensing, touching, and perceptive as described by mtbi. However when it comes to impressing a girl he likes *cough* *cough* Sofia all bets are off and he'll do everything in his power to get the girl and he doesn't mind stepping on some toes to do it either.

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