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Abbott Fawley
Abbott Fawley2
Birthdate August 31st, 2016
Birth Place Falmouth, Cornwall, England
Hometown Tutshill, Gloucestershire, England
Accent English
Heritage English
Bloodline Pure-Blood
Family Abbott, Fawley
Wand Arm Right
Wand Length 8⅓"
Wand Wood Fir
Wand Core Demiguise hair
Boggart Cages
Patronus Kitten
Amortentia Mints, Cheese, Salmon
Hecate Grimm

Abbott Fawley - Reporter · Journalist
Send Me an Owl! - “We are always paid for our suspicion by finding what we suspect.”
“Sometimes your dearest friend whom you reveal most of your secrets to becomes so deadly and unfriendly without knowing that they were not really your friend.”

Vital Information

Abbott Fawley is a Pure-Blood witch of British descent. She is the daughter of Melanie Abbott and Hector Grim Fawley.

Full Name: Abbott Justine Fawley
Meaning of name: Abbott — from Latin abbas "priest"
Justine — "fair, just"
Birthdate: August 31st
Astrological Sign: Virgo
Type of childhood: Stressful
First memory: Learning magic from her dad
Most important childhood event: Damaging the house with her cousins wand
Why: It taught her to be more mindful of her magic

"Every time you do something well it reflects positively on me."

– Hector Fawley

"When I do something poorly you aren't taking credit for that too."

– Abbott Fawley

Life Before Hogwarts

Her first act of magic happened by accident, she was meeting with a 2nd or 3rd cousin, Bellefleur Lestrange, over winter break. Abbott was only seven at time, still waiting eagerly for her upcoming birthday. Belle was eleven back then having recently has had a birthday she was in the midst of her Hogwarts preparations. Abbott was not jealous of Belle, she knew her time would come and she was waiting patiently for it. When Belle left the bedroom they were sharing for the week Abbott made the mistake of picking up the brand new wand her cousin had been flaunting and giving it a swish. Bad idea, the wand was not her and the magic she accidentally did had to be undone. It was a big hassle with the AMRS, the Ministry was involved because of the under-aged magic. Abbott and Belle were both in trouble, Abbott much more so than Belle. Abbott remembers apologizing a lot for what happened. She had no way of explaining how whatever magic she did with that wand took out a huge chunk of the roof and the wall of their house.


She was thirteen when her father started training her to become an animagi. She never asked to learned this branch of magic, he insisted. She wanted to learn it in school with other classmates, he wanted her to finish her training two to three years sooner than everyone else did. She continuously put choosing a specific form. She was seventeen when she completed his training. Her father was proud to have her register with the Ministry of Magic so that he could brag about how he taught her everything she knew. She does not think her animagi form represents her personality. Her form is a domestic cat, she thinks of them as selective, independent and more than a little crazy. She does not see them for the mysterious and supernatural creatures they are. The special markings on her animagi form are; differently colored eyes, one a silvery bluish and the other one an amberish green, as well as discolored patches of grayish black fur. On her head above her right ear as well as her the bottom tip of her tail.

She was a Hufflepuff/Gryffindor hatstall. It sort of left her felling lost as a first year, as if she needed to prove she was really a Gryffindor. While she was attending Hogwarts a group of students started a school paper printed four times a year. At fifteen she began using her writing skills. She always loved telling vivid, wild stories as a kid. She wrote stories, she drew comic strips, she even conducted research for various 'human interest' articles such as sports and recreation. It was bigger contribution than she was used to since it required of her to verbally interact with other people. She loved the investigative aspect, she had fun doing extensive studies. What she found hard to like was interviews. She often got bored with a pre selected set of questions and make no effort to attempt to memorize any of them. She typically went off script and that rubbed people the wrong way, it often made her as an interviewer and the participating interviewee look bad.

Additional Facts

Lower education: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry; Gryffindor
Higher education: O.W.L. Results

Charms — E
Transfiguration — O    
Herbology — E    
Defense Against the Dark Arts — O
Ancient Runes — E    
Potions — E    
Care of Magical Creatures — E    
Astronomy — A    
Divination — P
History of Magic — O    
Muggle Studies — E

N.E.W.T. Results

Charms — E
Transfiguration — O    
Herbology — A    
Defense Against the Dark Arts — O
Ancient Runes — E    
Potions — A    
Care of Magical Creatures — O    
Astronomy — E    
History of Magic — O    
Muggle Studies — E

Talents (hidden or not): Transfiguration
Extremely skilled at: DAtDA
Extremely unskilled at: Herbology, Potions
Good characteristics: Generous
Character flaws: Easily distracted

Color: Pink
Food: Oat Berry Spinach Salad
Music: Pop, Hip hop, rap rock
Clothing style/Outfit: Casual
Literature: Narrative nonfiction, Memoirs
Expressions: “Roll With The Punches”
Quote: “I lie to myself all the time. But I never believe me.”


Compassionate - Delicate, Guiltless, Attentive, Unapologetic

She is friendly, outgoing, flirtatious and a little bit mischievous. She does not care to label things as good or bad habits. She understands the difference between the two, she still chooses the one that feels best not the one that makes sense. She is a physical person, she likes being near people. She has a habit of being close enough to some to make contact with them, accidentally or on purpose. She uses it as an excuse to meet people. Sometimes her apologetic approach is a huge hit with strangers. Other times she runs into those types that are a little bit harder to break the ice with. She is quite affectionate, she loves a firm handshake, a long hug, or a passionate kiss. She expresses herself the best through body language. She is not selective in who she chooses to be intimate with. She loves everyone equally, she sees beauty in everywhere. She is more attracted to a person who can resist making the first move. She is even more attracted to someone who does not have the courage to make the move. She is not fond of long conversations without a interruption of some kind. She has made a lot of lasting relationships in her life and she had ended a lot of those relationships, permanently. She is considered unfaithful and disloyal by some due to her complete lack of boundaries.


She has light blue eyes and naturally dirty blonde hair. She has a light skin complexion. She likes to play with her appearance by lightning or darkening her hair by multiple shades. She has a curvaceous, hourglass figure. She has full lips and oval shaped face. She has an adorably upward pointed nose. She is overflowing with body confidence. She does not fish for compliments that she does not need. She never asks how she looks in something. She does not carry a mirror or check herself out. She feels good, all the time. And therefore she looks good, all the time. She is a pretty female, she is not stunning and more average than extraordinary. She tries hard to be hot and it comes off as a little bit desperate. She does not realize how unnecessary it is for her to try so hard to accentuate her natural beauty.