adéle belfrey
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Adèle has a callous front, there's no denying the fact. She can be blunt and unsympathetic, cynical & hard-bitten. It can be hard to get around that sometimes, and thus she's often on her own. She doesn't particularly mind; she finds the only people she needs to associate herself with are those her family decides best. It avoids the hassle and struggle of trying to find new friends, of her exposing herself and leaving herself vulnerable to any attacks, like those she's suffered at the hands of her family and bosses alike. She's well-versed in different things someone with a lesser status than her likely isn't. She understands how to read people; she'll know in a matter of seconds what it takes to manipulate you. To lure you into her grip until she's choking you with sweet smiles, soft words, and you're killing someone in her name. Adèle knows she has power, and she isn't afraid of using it for personal gain.

Adèle Belfrey is an insecure young woman. A victim of sexual assault herself, she doesn't feel safe. Not with her family, not anywhere. For that reason, she's known to be paranoid, to the point she was able to do the unthinkable and persuade her parents into allowing her to learn the arts of self-defense, with taekwondo and the like. She's plagued by a loss of that security, and by the notion that she'll never be good enough. Coupled with her depression, Adèle is overall in an emotionally dark place. She can't get past one shower without breaking down in quiet cries, desperate to have the life she could only dream of having. She's just a broken girl, deep inside that callous, matured front.

Adèle is a hard worker who gets her own shit done, no matter what it takes. She doesn't rely on anyone else, and in that aspect, she's very independent. She believes that she'll only get the best result if she does her own work. A prime example is her acting career. She doesn't rely on body doubles, but rather does everything she has to on her own. Similarly, when she was forced to cut her working hours, she found a way to make it work; she skips her electives and works on her TV shows. Adèle finds a way to make everything work. She's a problem solver, and that's that. She likes small puzzles, too, as a matter of fact. Anything that gets her brain working? She'd love doing it. Just like exercising. It's one of her favorite hobbies. It keeps her sharp, both mentally and physically, and she can't be anything less than Belfrey Perfect.


Life as a Belfrey has been nothing short of difficult. You're held to high standards and your performance as a witch can't be anything below extraordinary. It's more pressure than it's worth, and a lot of people are known to crack under it. But throughout her entire life, Adèle has only grown stronger and persevered. She hasn't let herself be knocked down; she's still standing strong, tall, and proud. The fact that she's changed throughout the years, though, has to be brought to light. Especially the circumstances that have led to her hard-bitten, cynical persona.

The Belfrey family has had their fortune for a long time now, for as long as the records have kept track of them. The Belfreys are known for birthing children who grow and branch out as entrepreneurs, lawyers, healers, among others. Over time, they've come together and amassed an unimaginable wealth, to which every Belfrey now has access to, in contrary to the times where only the men in the family had access. Though they've always been centered in France & the United Kingdom, you're likely to find a descendant of the original Belfreys wherever you go - granted you know where to look. Lord knows the Belfreys breed quicker, faster, and at great quantities.

A key component of their family is the way they've come across throughout time. They're one of the original families in the world of magic; they've been in this Earth for centuries now, and thus feel a sense of superiority. It's not so much because they're of pure status - that's far from it. They've seen the rise and fall of many legendary families, great wizards and witches coming and going simply because they saw themselves as the best of the best, just because of the purity of their blood. That doesn't take away from the fact, though, that not all of them share the same mindset. Now think about how difficult it must be, living with a family that's ethically & morally diverse. The current Belfrey patriarch is a blood supremacist, despite his inclusive upbringing. He lived around the era of the Great Wizarding Wars, and has clung onto old ideals as an (undiscovered) former Death Eater. That, in itself, is bad enough.

Adèle's mother - Victoria Belfrey - is a prideful, arrogant woman. She strives to be one of the most powerful, one of the richest and most beautiful women to grace the British wizarding society. She's an over-accomplisher who married into the Langston family - a family known for their purity, their stance on muggle-borns and creatures, and the sheer amount of influence they have, what with all the political figures and lawyers they've spawned. Victoria is easily one of Bartholomew's favorite offspring; she understands what power is and strives to have it all. For that reason, Adèle's upbringing involved awareness of her status & tutoring on proper etiquette.

She's well-versed in different things someone with a lesser status than her likely isn't. She understands how to read people; she'll know in a matter of seconds what it takes to manipulate you. To lure you into her grip until she's choking you with sweet smiles, soft words, and you're killing someone in her name. Victoria has never given up on her daughter, as much as she may belittle her. She's given her daughter the best of the best. Whatever Adèle has wanted, she's gotten. Whatever she has ever needed in her life, she's been given it. From private tutoring, all the way to equestrianism. All if it falls within the range of her parent's approval, of course. Adèle can't be anything short of perfect, and everyone is aware of it.

She didn't know what a public school was until she step foot in Hogwarts with her cousin Iris for their fifth year of schooling. Adèle was tutored privately in the History of Magic for most of her childhood, in early preparations for when she received her first signs of magic. At the age of six, like expected, Adèle experienced magic for the first time. Her dress had caught on something, and some of its stitching had torn. She was panicking - if her mother saw, she's be grounded and wouldn't be able to attend the next equestrian lessons. Her mother caught her while her dress fixed itself up. She was grounded, missing a month's worth of lessons. She wasn't lenient, even as she discovered her daughter's magic, because a lady should never do anything worth tearing the stitches of her beautiful gowns.

Adèle's life had been hard at first, but it seemed like having magic only tripled the workload for her. Her grandfather wasn't a sexist man; that was the only redeeming quality he had. Once he died, one of his children would inherit the family fortune. Afterwards, it'd be his grandkids' turn to lead the family; Adèle was far from a disappointment, as much as her family treated her like the opposite. Though she grew a thick skin because of how difficult it was to please her family and avoid their harsh verbal blows, it was still concerning. It contorted her, from the beautiful, smart, intimidating little girl, to a twisted young woman who'd do anything for validation from her family, no matter if her heart darkened in the process or not. She holds little love towards herself because of them, and she acknowledges it. She resents not just them for it, but herself, too, for being too weak to stop herself from continuously falling for their traps and plans and deceptions.

Ever since she could perform magic, she's been taught to harness it. To control it. Though she learned the most basic of spells, she still had a head start on everyone else to the point that when she began private magical schooling at the age of eleven, Adèle had the experience of a fifth yea student. She was brighter than everyone else, and too advanced for someone her age. She grew arrogant and prideful like her mother taught her to be; she was proud of the power and knowledge she possessed, and for such reason thought herself above most others. Her only grounding factor was her cousin, Iris. Iris who was kidnapped when they were two, but returned before private schooling began. Iris who was her best friend; her only friend. The same Iris who had an ailment that left her with pains deep in her muscles and bones. Iris has been one of the few positives in her life, and if not for her, Adèle would have been too far gone years ago.

She has always been into acting. Though it isn't a concept her parents are overly fond of, they have to admit, it brings in good money thanks to her sheer talent. She's good at what she does. Finding jobs hasn't been much of a struggle for her, though to this day whenever she's rejected for a role, a small fragment of her soul breaks apart and die. She isn't being dramatic; acting is her whole life, aside from equestrianism. She's a talented young woman, and she clearly has a big future in the industry. Nothing has been able to tear her apart from her job. Not even the (unfortunate) sexual assault she suffered from at the mere age of twelve, by an executive producer of one of her long-standing shows. Not much word got out of the case; her family paid off everyone who knew to keep silent. No charges were pressed, in the hopes to avoid a big scandal. This wasn't the good kind of press, and so they couldn't afford the chance. The producer got off the hook and maintained his job, at least until one of Adèle's male coworkers stepped up years later accusing him of the same thing: molesting him. He was fired, and to this day Adèle hasn't seen him again.

Since that day, though, Adèle hasn't been the same. She's scarred for life, with a prominent loss of her sense of security. Her family deprived her of that feeling the second they let the rapist get away with his actions. She resents them for it, and wants nothing more than to separate herself from them and never again have to rely on them, but she knows that would be the biggest scandal in Belfrey history. Nobody would stand for it, and she knows her grandfather still has the right connections to make her pay for whatever choice she makes. Adèle is too weak, regardless, to make that decision; she always falls prey to her mother's manipulation. The same kind of manipulation she's so perfect at herself. Oh how ironic it is, huh? To this day, Adèle still isn't over that incident, and she still wakes up in the middle of the night, crying, thinking back to that fateful day that changed her life. She can't even have the dreamless sleep potion, because her parents don't think it's right for her to have such a potent potion; they say she just 'needs to brave through it'. It's disheartening to see her have to go through this, especially if you're close to her.

Adèle was transferred into Hogwarts for her fifth year, after Hogwarts announced their new Headmaster. Her family was consumed with hope for Hogwarts' future, under this new administration. Hogwarts' quality, according to them, had been declining under the helm of Elmira Griffin. Hopefully it'd not be the same with Chevalier. Hogwarts had once been a great school, spawning many great wizards and witches. Adèle, though bitter due to her sudden shift in acting schedule, has felt some relief at the independence she's gaining. However, she's still too afraid to break apart from her family's powerful hold, for which reason she's reserving herself to just aiding her cousin, easing her pain whenever it sparks up, and making sure everyone knows to not mess with either one of them.

Clever as the devil, and twice as pretty.
My touch is lethal.
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Basic Info
Full Name Adélaïde Mirella Belfrey
Nickname Adèle
Birthday March 2
Age Fifteen
Nationality English
Home Belfrey Manor
Status Single
Sexuality Bisexual (closeted)
Location Hogwarts School
Gender Female (cis)
Year Fifth
House Slytherin
Species Witch
Family Blood Pure-Blood
Wand Core
Wand Wood
Wand Arm
Boggart Failure
Model Adelaide Kane
Gender Female (cis)
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Height 5'4
Voice Mezzo-Soperano
Body Style Fit
Mental/Emotional State Depressed
Mental/Emotional Disorders Depression
Physical Disorders
Ethnicity Caucasian
Dress like you're about to meet your biggest enemy.
Fam & Gen
Mother Victoria Belfrey
Father Bernard Langston
Character Flaw Susceptible to her immediate family's manipulation
Fear/Phobias Failure
Personal Motto "Never disappoint."
First Reaction to Crisis Panics at first, then calms down & acts rationally
Faces Their Problems Analyzes before acting
React to Change Impassive
Native Language French & English
Hobbies Acting & Dancing
My touch is power.


Kale; Chocolate


Cheese; Junk food; Her mother's manipulation

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