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adaliné mina jeong
ada, dramada
december 18th
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half veela

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seventh year
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kang hyewon (iz*one)
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for one thing, ada is very picky about how her name is pronounced. another thing is she doesn't know exactly who to trust and she feels lonely. she pushes away people who want to help her, since she thinks having help makes her look weak. she isn't a mean girl, it's just sometimes she can't help it. in addition, her emotional abuse she carries from home to hogwarts doesn't quite help with her temper either. ada is normally a very silent person, but she isn't technically shy. (she tends to yells and screams commands when she plays dodgeball with her muggle friends back home.) she has the qualities of a leader and she's a really responsible girl. aside from being responsible, ada can also snap easily, as her patience isn't that great.

ada is a real drama queen, and loves attention as much as she likes to eat chocolate frogs (she will die without a bite per day) as she doesn't get the attention back home. she's normally proud of her achievements but her "parents" wouldn't mind anyway, so if she does seem like she's bragging, she's just looking for someone to talk with about it. she's also quite ambitious. ada isn't a rash person, and weighs her decisions and decides which one benefits her the most. also, never ever ever mention the words "real parents" in front of her, or get ready to get punched in the face, since she's sensitive about that topic. ada too enjoys to make a fierce but a generally nice first impression to people. ada can be stubborn with her choices as well, so changing her mind is a really hard thing to do.


"third year of our relationship. i'm not sure if it will last, though." syra jeong's reply about her relationship was always the same. her suspicion was correct.

shortly after syra realized she was pregnant with cha wooyoung’s child, she freaked. she tried to tell wooyoung, but he was currently "very busy" and syra wondered if he had already moved on without her...

when syra did tell him, wooyoung started to yell at her. turned out wooyoung was freaked out too, and he wasn't ready for a child, so he ran off, married another woman, and settled down in the usa. another reason why wooyoung left her was because he found out syra was part veela and she had never told him, and he felt betrayed. syra was heartbroken, but she managed to get a job, enough money and just enough food for her and her unborn baby.

after nine long, lonely, and frustrating months, syra gave birth to a small ada on a cold winter day. syra named her adaliné jeong. syra was very careful to remind her child while ada was learning how to pronounce her name that her name was pronounced "ah-dah-lane-ni", so when ada grew up, she made her nickname ada, as it was less confusing. she's also really picky about how her name's pronounced. syra also eventually told ada she was part veela, and ada herself was also part veela, but back then ada was too young to understand what her mom had been telling her, although when she grew older she started to understand what it meant.

on july 16th, 2031, syra died. syra couldn't take the stress of being a single mom anymore. her last words to ada was "i'll be there when you need me. remember i love you, no matter what you're through..." and a kiss on her forehead before syra committed something ada would never forgive her for doing when she was older. ada was first confused, since her mother hadn't still come back for five hours. she then started to realize, maybe her mother wasn't there, maybe she ran off somewhere...

at around 7:00 am on this gloomy day, policemen started to surround the apartment and found ada sitting in the house alone, with a blank expression on her four year old face. the police also found a note from syra, explaining what she had done and where she wanted ada to go. "she needs a foster home. a good one. before she finds one, please put her in the local orphanage. take care of her, please."

the police tried to assure ada that everything was okay, but ada was smart enough to know something wasn't okay. why would people say everything was fine when everything was actually fine at the moment, unless something bad had happened?

turns out syra had a sister, and when she heard of her death, selena was more than delighted. she hated her sister. she decided to torture her daughter as much as possible, for the pain syra had caused on her. selena called the orphanage and told them she was ada's aunt, and she could adopt ada if ada agreed to move to the uk, since selena lived there. ada, unaware of the troubles that awaited her, happily agreed.

selena then introduced her to her husband and selena's twin sons. ada lived happily-ever-after for about thirty seconds. then the torture began.

ada was tortured in any way possible - emotionally, mentally, and physically. ada always thought of her mother's last words to her, and wondered angrily, "if you said you would be there for me when i needed you, where are you now?"

selena's family didn't care about her a lot either, so it resulted her in doing a lot of dangerous stuff to get their attention. one time, when she was eight, she made the homework of her "brother's" fly around the room and smack him in the face. ada was delighted but selena found out, and being a witch herself, she punished a really clueless ada.

ada's freedom started when she was eleven, when her hogwarts letter came. she’s never leapt out of the house so joyfully and happily like her life depended on it.

ada was sorted into slytherin and loved it there. once she was at hogwarts, she was happy to stay there and never go home for the holidays.


  • part of the a-holes
  • actually v uwu
  • 65% introverted

drama queen
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