name. adelaide kyujin seo
nickname(s). addi
age. 17
birthday. august 15th
sign. leo
nationality. american
ethnicity. korean
home. houston, texas
status. active; dibbed
sexuality. homosexual
location. magical uk
year/occupation. seventh year
house. gryffindor
species. wizard
family blood. muggleborn
wand core. unicorn hair
wand wood. acacia
wand arm. right
boggart. paralyzation
patronus. lion

model. oh sehun
eye color. brown
hair color. black
height. 6'0"
mental state. stable
fav color. gold
fav music. pop
fav food. popcorn
fav animal. eagle
fav drink. milkshakes
fav song. successful by ariana grande
fac sweets. macarons
quirks. n/a
talents. not art n/a
skills. sprinting
languages. english
mother. unnamed
father. unnamed
siblings. victor (younger brother)
other relatives. n/a

1. What was your first incident of magic and how old were you?
kind of a wild story actually. my parents don't like talking about it because it still freaks them out. my parents are muggles and stuff, so they're all "ahhh, demons and witchcraft" about magic. you can tell i don't talk about it very much. anyway, i was six. and at six, my parents were determined to mold me into the track star i was practically destined to become. didn't turn out very well, now did it? i was doing laps in the park with my mom, and she challenged me to a race, and you know, six-year-olds take competition very seriously, even if logically they could never actually beat a full grown adult in a race (my mom was twenty-four at the time, and still very much in shape). a competition and an accidentally speed charm later, i was enjoying my victory while my mom was trying to figure out how she got outran by a six-year-old several times around the park and back. still kind of funny to think about.

2. Do you believe in love at first sight?
yes and no, i guess. i mean, my parents claim that's what happened to them, so i'm inclined to believe them, but also like... sounds kind of weird y'know? you just, see someone and all of a sudden, you know that's who you're going to spend "the rest of your life with". obviously my parents must've been wrong, because they got divorced, but that's besides the point, i guess. so really... my answer is no.

3. Have you ever been in love? If so, with who? If not, do you want to be in love?
dude, who has the time? between quidditch and studying and exams and oh yeah, trying to decide my future in world that does not have training for track in the olympics as a career choice, it's not like i'm just wandering around falling in love left and right. i guess it'd be nice. i kind of want to have something like my parents, minus the divorce. they kind of just clicked, y'know? like, no matter what, they always say the end through it. except their divorce. but i honestly have other things on my mind right now. though, it'd have to be like... a cute guy. someone who can keep up with me, y'know?

4. How do you want to be remembered by the people around you?
how else? like a literal legend, duh. i want to go down in history as one of the greats. the ones who really changed history. the people who are always quote, and have like whole holidays after them. like martin luther king jr! or the presidents. honestly, minister of magic doesn't sound like too lofty of a goal. i could totally be a minister of magic. and remember as one of the best ministers of magic, of course.

5. What is one activity that helps wind you down? Alternatively, what is one activity that does the opposite to you? Is there more than one, if so-what?
this is a piece of cake—running, obviously. been doing it since i could walk. the moment i took my first steps, my parents, well, more my mom honestly, decided i was going to be a world famous sprinter—like usain bolt! i go on at least one run day. around the castle, around the grounds, in the forbidden forest hogsmeade, lincliff, you name it. it's so relaxing you know? and it keeps me in shape so there's that. but dude, let me tell you, you know what's a pain in the ass? art. too much work. sure i have attention to detail, but that's for like, telling if someone is lying, not trying to replicate the mona lisa. if put a pencil and paper in front of me and tell me to draw, i'd kill you.

6. Were you close with your family growing up? If not-why?
i'm in a family of four. my mom, my dad, me, and my younger brother. my mom and dad were super reckless and had me before they even got married two years later. then, four years after getting married, came my younger brother. since my brother and i aren't particularly close in age, it was awkward growing up and having to help take care of your infant brother while you were only six. but as i got older, i got a lot closer to him. i feel kind of responsible for him, y'know? he's muggle like my parents, but there's been so much chaos in life. issues he doesn't deserve. my parents divorce hit him hard. he's always been really clingy, so suddenly having to go from house to house on a regular schedule instead of constantly having both of them at hand was hard for him. plus, he was... only six. at twelve, i could handle it just fine. at six, he needed a stable environment. and this wasn't it. with my parents it's... complicated. i've always been closer to my mom than my dad, which is really my dad's fault. if we're being completely honest, i was an honest-to-God, mistake, and i've kind of been the thing tying him down all these years? it's made him very hesitant to actually connect with me... but i think he's starting to try and change that? i dunno. but me and mom are still pretty close. as close as you can be... while i'm at a magical boarding school... and she's teaching in london... anyway.

7. What would you say to your younger self and what would they think of you?
hey, younger me? uh... chill, i guess? you don't have to grow up so quick. yeah, stuff happens, but take time. be a kid, addi. play on the swings or something. challenge vic to a mariokart tournament. don't let mom and dad's split and wizard world stress whisk you away, okay? run more. take time to breath... you're gonna need it.

8. What were you like growing up?
when i was really young? playful, cheery, giggly, i guess. my mom always said i seemed to be a really happy baby when i was born. barely cried for more than a minute. the moment i saw my mom, i smiled. i always had something to be happy about. we'd be driving to preschool and my mom would ask, "what are you looking at back there?" and i'd point out all the funny shapes in the sky, and how pretty our neighbor's flowers looked today. she'd say, "that's nice" and smile, because that was her boy just being... him.
but when victor was born, i dunno, i kind of... sobered up, almost. she told me it started before that, actually. entering kindergarten, i was all business. it was literally just school, but i was ready to be the best. i've always been ready to be the best, i guess. when victor was born, i only seemed to get more serious. i took religious duty in helping my little brother get the reigns of the world. you know what his first word was? addi. not to brag or anything... but i also the first one to see his first steps. i think... i think i developed i higher attention to detail at a young age to help watch out for him. if we went for a run or a walk, i always grabbed his hand first to help him cross the street. i had to protect him somehow, i guess.
as i got older, i got more attentive, more protective, more serious... kind of cold. if you looked at any family photographs past ten, my eyes are never warm like my smile. i seemed to already have a lot on my mind. pressure i put on myself. i was on a one-track lane to success before i really was. i guess i had to be ready for the world before it was ready for me.

9. Who/what was the biggest influence growing up? Why?
my mom, definitely mom. she's the one who got me into the habit of running, and i still talk to her like all the time. plus she has main custody of me so it'd be kind of hard not to be influenced by her. since the divorce. victor stays in houston with my dad, and my mom moved to england for... well, some reason. and i came to hogwarts, so when school isn't in session, i spend most of my time with her. we hang out. sometimes she tells me stories about her students and i clown them. it's fun.

10. What was your childhood dream? Why so? And why did it change?
well, since i was kid, i was destined to become a sprinter. my mom pretty much said so, and i didn't see a problem with it. running was cool. running fast was cool. why not? but it kind of sucks that magical track isn't a thing here. so i had to scrap that when we moved. now i'm trying to figure something out. i want it to be something important. something to put my name in the books... but i have no idea what it's gonna be.

11. If you’re not native to the UK, where were you born and how did you end up in the UK?
we moved. after my parents divorce, my mom stayed in houston for about three years, before moving right before fifth year. i was actually born in gwangju, south korea before that, but like, we dipped to houston when i was one, so. my mom teaches in london, and i attend school at hogwarts after transferring from ilvermorny, so everything is working itself out... slowly.

12. What are people’s usual first impressions of you? Are they correct?
well... i've gotten a lot of things over the years. some people think i'm intimidating. others think i'm ditzy. it's really just a matter of perception, i guess? i always look like i'm spacing out and i am pretty good at pretending to not know what the hell is going on, especially when i don't know what the hell is going on. but i personally don't feel like i'm either of those. i'm just, me.

Adelaide Seo
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