Adelita Saavedra

Roleplayed By Kayle


Full Name: Joaquin Vicente Saavedra
Nicknames: Adelita Rosario Saavedra
Birthday: November 15th
Age: Twenty
Gender: Cis Male
Nationality: American & Mexican
Languages Spoken: English & Spanish

Blood Status: Half-Blood
Species: Wizard, Veela
Wand Details:
Wand Arm: Right
Boggart: Drowning

Schools: Ilvermorny & Hogwarts
House: Wampus & Ravenclaw
Occupation: Alumna
Current Titles: N/A
Former Titles: Quidditch Captain

Orientations: Homosexual & Biromantic
Relationship Status: Single
Anniversary: N/A
Best Friends: N/A
Worst Enemies: N/A
Pets: N/A
Family: N/A

Model: Adore Delano
Hair Color: Brown Multi
Eye Color: Brown Multi
Height: 5'8
Weight: 142 lbs
Body Type: Average
Other: N/A


Joaquin Vicente Saavedra was born on November 15th in Mérida, Mexico. While her father was a Mexican Pure-Blood who worked as a Healer, her mother was an American Veela. At first, the pair attempted co-parenting for nearly two years before her mother gained full custody from her father. Immediately, they moved into California where the lived for a year before they returned to New York where she had initially hailed from.

While she acted relatively normal, people normally got concerned with how the promiscuous behavior of her mother affected her. However, she was primarily cared for by a relative who happened to be a bit more sane. In fact, she was moved into her custody a few months after she turned six years old. At that point, she moved to Pennsylvania and had officially started to identify as a girl. At least, she kind of started to between wearing dresses and using minimal children's makeup which her elementary school accepted in a way.

Although it's a confusing mess, she's not necessarily transgender. Actually, she's quite male but she's always registered herself as a female too. For years, she struggled with showing her identity in a way that's productive. When she first attended Ilvermorny, where she got accepted into Wampus, she was finally allowed to properly identify as Adelita Rosario Saavedra while still enrolled in the school as Joaquin. Honestly, she hadn't remembered showing any sort of magical tendencies so being sent to Ilvermorny was shocking. While there, she felt like she was comfortable like it was another home to her.

At first, she struggled to create friendships with the other students, but by the end of her first year she had bonded with a Muggle-Born witch named Kadian Hernandez and a Half-Blood witch named Edythe Bryant. Although she third-wheeled it, she enjoyed being around them especially as they turned into teenagers. After all, what's nicer than gossiping about other girls and looking at boys? Well, friendly studying sessions and games of Twister or Trivial Pursuit, of course! Basically, their lives together were fantastic until news hit that Kadian was moving to Brazil and Edythe was moving to Russia to be attending Castelobruxo and Koldovstoretz respectfully.

While the girls tried not to rebel against their families' wishes, they decided it would be best to spend just one last year together before parting (and definitely keeping in touch). Then, as the year neared to an end, it was announced that since her biological and adoptive mothers wanted to move to Wales, that she would be soon attending Hogwarts. Although it separated them further, it meant that she would no longer be abandoned at Ilvermorny on her own so she settled. As they packed their bags to be landing in a little Welsh town, they received a letter stating that her father had died of a magical sickness which seemed to not affect the girl as much as it probably should've.

Either way, she was starting to attend Hogwarts upon reaching her OWLs year. After an annoying experience with the Sorting Hat, she was placed into Ravenclaw which she felt was odd for she wouldn't find herself particularly intelligent. While drifting through the year, she mostly recorded what it was like compared to what Kadian and Edythe were doing. In fact, she probably just looked like some concerning freak which was most likely the reason why literally nobody approached her ever. After passing her OWLs and attempting a passion for Quidditch, Adelita is determined to take this upcoming year at Hogwarts by storm.


Adelita has always seemed shy or timid, at least that's how she acted when she was younger. Recently, she's blossomed into a more sociable figure in society between standing around and listening to people who are talking to each other. Personally, she has always preferred having attention centered on people other than herself unless she absolutely needs it. For example, if she's saddened or angered, then she's fine with possibly opening up and saying something. Otherwise, it seems like it's best for her to be limiting herself to the position as the official weirdo at parties.

Although rarely known for anything, she's always enjoyed being an intelligent soul. Actually, she's quite aware she's lacking in that department. However, she's been adapting to a point of being smart in the way that isn't always getting great test scores or writing lengthy essays. It's more so interpersonal and existential intelligence that really fires her up. While humans are complicated beings, she's very tuned in on their functions. Sure, they're incredibly interesting to be analyzing for forever, but she's a lot more focused on knowing how things are going around her too.

Sometimes, she can get incredibly bratty. Truthfully, it's not that she's a bad person but it's that people have bad qualities. Although she's aware she's not favorable for friendships (let alone relationships), she's known for coming off as if she's perfect. Whether it's flirting or conversing, it's commonplace for her to get rejected or turned down and that's occasionally turning out to be a poor decision on the other person's behalf. While it's rare to see such behavior, she can only be pushed off or bullied or treated poorly so many times before a girl snaps, you know?



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