This is an out of character tool designed to keep track of staff that are otherwise busy, on vacation, or on a leave for mental health and illness. Please ensure you notify one other user of any time away from the wikia.




Jay Sea


Staff Date Estimated Return Date
Jay 11 July 2019 Overtime again. I'm probably going to be limited mostly to weekends until September when things slow down again.
Ildsjel 06/24 Dunno. Owl if urgent.
Aera 7/11 So work's a thing, and it's a bit hectic so my schedule is like all over the place???? I'm more likely to be reachable in the evening than any other time sooo... yeah.
Brocky 07/12 I meant to do this weeks ago when I started my new job cause I knew I'd drop in activity a bit, my edits wont be as frequent as they were till August 2nd and then my camp I work at will be done so I'll be back fully


Staff Date Estimated Return Date
Fandom 05:13, May 6, 2019 (UTC) So I leave for my backpacking trip today until at least the 9th of July. My activity will be pretty low (although I have internet so I'll be able to post some nights if I'm free) and I'll still be active on discord internet permitting
Jay 22 July 2019 vacation today to tthe 27th of the month. I'll be with my mom most of the time so I probably won't have much access to the internet at all since she lives in a dead zone
Ck August 8th I return home August 13. I'm visiting grandparents, so there may be some days where I'm super active if we're just chilling at home, and there may be days where I'd normally be on and I'm not on at all because I'm out with family. And I have no way of knowing which days will be which. I'll try to post something in Discord when I get a sense of the days schedule, so people are at least aware/know what to expect.

Illness or Other

Staff Date Estimated Return Date
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