adrian schmidt
mr steal-yo-girl wallet
4th April
Arthur Schmidt (father)
Daria Schmidt (mother)
Mila Schmidt (sister)
Schmidt family
Blood Status
Human; Wizard
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Adrian Schmidt is a fourth year Gryffindor student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Eye Color
Hair Color
Clothing Style
Uriah Shelton
Adrian has always prided himself on how much he looks like his father, from the mop of shaggy brown hair to the deep eyes to the tanned complexion; he looks like a Schmidt, through-and-through. Being athletic has left him tall and slender, despite his awful diet, and a nasty Quidditch injury as a child has given him a bit of a limp which he's never quite managed to shake. He dresses like any other teenage boy - fuction over fashion - though his clothes are pretty high-end, given his family's status.

Native Language
Norwegian, English
Earliest Memory
Cutting up his sister's toys as a child
Type of Childhood

Adrian has been riding the Schmidt high all his life, ever since he was born to Arthur and Daria Schmidt during a hot summer on a sandy beach somewhere - nice and dramatic, just like him - and the paparazzi swarmed him as soon as he got home. From then on his life was forever in the spotlight, with a constant eye on every aspect of his being, from his clothes to his growth to his hobbies to how much of a Schmidt he really was. It's not surprising he grew up to be such an attention whore.

He knew he was good at flying from the age of about five, when his dad plonked him on a broom and showed him how to manoeuvre it; by the age of eight, he was zipping around the back garden like he was born to do it (arguably, he was) with the skill only a Schmidt could possess. However, other traits began to blossom at the time, much to the disdain of his parents: cutting up his little sister's things, pinching objects out of drawers, even mastering the art of making things disappear and subsequently vaporising his dad's Quidditch sets in childish protest. His magical abilities shone through at a young age, unlike his sister's: it was clear that he was a powerful wizard, and would grow up to develop those skills exponentially.

The decision to send him to Durmstrang was an awful one, if you ask Adrian. It's awful there. No fun, all the corridors are dark and badly-lit and the Quidditch games are like pub brawls. Mila hated it too, so the family happily moved back to England at the start of his fourth year and he transferred to Hogwarts, ready to make some new friends and forget the awful coldness of Durmstrang.

personality and traits
Best Qualities
Sharp, good-humoured, charismatic
Worst Qualities
Self-centred, kleptomaniacal, bitter
Most Influenced By
Arthur Schmidt
Upon first meeting Adrian, it is extremely obvious that he is a child of fame. He hasn't quite crossed the border into arrogance or irritation yet but he sure as hell doesn't hide the fact that he's a Schmidt, and he's proud of it; after all, they're the most famous family in the current Wizarding population (for Quidditch or dying, they're not quite sure yet), so surely he's allowed to be proud of that? Don't let that put you off him, though: he's a genuinely cool lad, as you'll come to find out. Just remember that in the end, he'll always choose himself over you. It's just how he is.

Once the self-centeredness is overlooked, Adrian is as quick as lightning. His humour is a whole personality of its own: he's the class clown, the person who can always lift somebody up when they're feeling bad, the one you go to when you're in need of a smile. Just his presence, coupled with the stunning cheeky grin he cracks out, can only be described as magnetic. He's extremely charming, and can talk his way out of any situation - and if that fails, he'll just pull the Schmidt card and fake his death.

Does he follow the Schmidt tradition of putting on a funny and elaborate facade to hide a deeply unhappy soul underneath? You betcha. Okay, maybe a bit of an exaggeration, but it's hardly surprising that a childhood in the limelight constantly being prodded by tabloid magazines and expectations has left Adrian feeling not only lonely, but immensely annoyed. It can show sometimes when he gets particularly wound up and a bitter, passive-aggressive side can shine through: he just kind of wants to grab people and yell, I'm not my dad. He doesn't, though - he suppresses it, which probably isn't healthy.

What doesn't help the expectations is Adrian's immense love of Quidditch. Following the family tradition, he is a natural at the sport, and can happily spend entire days whizzing around on a broomstick with a Beater's bat in his hand. He doesn't, however, enjoy all of the comparisons to his father. At least his sister doesn't play. He'll always be better than her.

Another unsavoury aspect of his personality is his bizarre knack for stealing. Call it an impulse or an addiction or whatever, but Adrian sure loves the thrill he gets from pocketing a valuable item (or even a bottle of Coke) from a store and just walking out with it. Hopefully he'll grow out of it. The Schmidt name doesn't need any more scandals.

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skills and magical abilities
Quidditch: Unlike his sister, Adrian has taken very well to the family legacy. He's a natural Quidditch player, especially when playing Beater, and hopes to play professionally once he's graduated.

Stealing: Not a magical skill, but a skill nonetheless. Adrian has a natural light touch and nimble fingers, making it very easy to lift things from other people, whether that be money or watches or phones.

Charms: He's charming, in more ways than one.


Rhianna Bangoura
Despite getting off to a particularly bad start, it's kind of amazing how much Adrian grew to like Rhi, and how quickly. They even went to the Yule Ball together.

Cordelia Warbeck
It's a rare and wonderful thing when you end up getting shirtless for a girl you met only five minutes before. Cordelia is bubbly and insanely interesting, and the lost phone is honestly a blessing because it means that Adrian gets to spend more time with her.

Hekate Sayre
Hekate is, in one word, interesting. They met after Hekate pranked everyone then revealed herself to be a Legillimens after rifling through Adrian's mind and deepest secrets. He'd be lying if he said he isn't fucking terrified of her.

Raina Lascano
Another bad encounter with a posh girl. Damn, he attracts them like flies.



Sexual and Romantic Orientation
Heterosexual, heteroromantic
Relationship Status
First Love
Languages Spoken
English, Norwegian, German
Losing his fame and identity
Favorite Drink
Banana milkshake
Favorite Sweet
Cola bottles
Amortentia Scents
Broom polish, cologne, summer meadows
Favorite Color


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