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the durmstrang maiden.

Adrianna Lagertha Voll
Blood Status
Pure Blood
This character is role played by Queen Nikeria.

Adrianna Voll is an seventh year Slytherin with a taste for adventure. She is a former Durmstrang student.


Model: Emily Rudd

Adrianna was born in Oslo, Norway to a pair of notable writers with a passion for viking history. As their only child, it wasn't uncommon that they often visited the many viking museums in the large, populous city together. She grew up in the very large urban area of Bjerk, where she made memories of visiting all over Oslo, bringing back things from her travels and placing them all over the house with other historic items that her parents had begun to collect.

Adrianna had only started to learn of her magical heritage when she was six years old, upon stumbling across a wand that belonged to her father. He explained to her that they were trying to make sure that she stayed safe, as Norway was full of dark witches and wizards with bad intentions. They had tried their best to shield her from the world where she belonged for as long as possible. Sure enough, she begun to show her signs of magic not too long after in the form of making flowers bloom before her parents eyes.

Upon the age of eleven, Adrianna begun to attend the wizarding school, Durmstrang and soon grew accustomed to their ways and excelled in her studies. However, she never quite felt like her life was right. She begun to wonder if it was because she wasn't following in her parent's footsteps of being a historic writer. Unsure of what else to do, she begun to delve deep into Viking history, her fascination with the culture so vast that she had begun to start acting like one herself.

Her first five years at Durmstrang were anything but exciting as she studied, slept and left little time for adventure and playing. However, with her lack of excitement came a deep depression that was only remedied by the prospect of joining a crew of other students to visit Hogwarts and put their names in the Goblet of Fire. Thrilled with such an idea, she boarded the ships and set sail for Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Upon arriving, she discovered that the rumors of them swaying the age rule were not true, she simply remained there as support instead of going back.

Eventually, she fell in love with the school and transferred for sixth year, only going back home when summer and Christmas arrive at Hogwarts. She was sorted in Slytherin.

Adrianna is free spirited, uninhibited young teenager with a taste for adventure and living on the edge. She is highly self-confident and often shows elements of bravery and spontaneity. Unfortunately, she has a short temper, getting easily mad over things and often holds a grudge. Although highly flirtatious, she cares deeply about the people she loves and would fight to protect them until her last breath.


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