Adrienne Montclair
99 problems in perfect order

Adrienne is quite satisfied with blending into the background, to a point – the quietly analytical young woman is brought to the forefront of a situation when someone decides to run their mouth about something they know nothing about, or if they are inherently wrong. That is when her sharp wit comes to play, and it can bridge on genuine savagery when utilised to defend the honour of those she cares greatly about – if she's going to bring you down, she's not going to play with her food before she eats it, so to speak. There's a great pressure on her, after her elder brother dropped out of Beauxbatons before graduation, to be the new leading light of the Montclair family, to succeed and do well. And the truth is that she didn't feel like she could do that surrounded by much of the Beauxbatons popular clique, who were drawn to her but she desired no part of, that had such different priorities than the ones she holds close to her heart. Thus, in order to seek her academic success, she moved to Hogwarts.

Now, it's not that she doesn't desire to be popular. Oh, contraire. It's simply that she wants to succeed, too, and doesn't recognise that quite often these two don't come in the same package. Adrienne stretches herself thin in order to succeed and yet still support her nigh-on-need to be liked by those she meets. Social interactions come more easily on some days than others, hardest when she knows that work is stacking up for every minute, every hour, every day she disregards it. There's a paranoia that she, too, will 'fail' her parents as her brother did, and be the one they use as an example to her younger sister not as someone to look up to, but someone not to be like. There's all these things that Adrienne desires to do, too, like sing and play Quidditch and dance and the like, but she doesn't have the talents nor enough hours in the day to learn them. (She's the kind of girl who could really use a Time-Turner, or three.) It's always down to the parties her peers occasionally throw in order to allow her to prove she is destined to be more than a boring pencil-pusher.

She likes to have her things and her day very neatly organised, and keeps one of those diaries you envy because they're so neat – she could probably fill a drawer with the thick, cursive-filled, leather-bound journals she's written in. What can she say? All this pressure as well as her own personal pressure makes a girl quite anxious, and add that to the number of people who deserve a good bitching-about at Beauxbatons, and, well, yeah. Her typical way of compartmentalising feelings, and trying to counteract wild mood-swings, can often mean she can be hard to get along with. Adrienne really struggles with other people's feelings, especially responding to them accordingly, so she's hardly the right person to go to in a crisis unless you want a slap around the face with the cold, hard truth. Order is the way she deals with her problems. She's got 99 problems, and they're all listed in systematic order by level of seriousness.


Adrienne Montclair is the second child and first daughter of a high-ranking French family from the port town of Calais, by the English Channel. And her childhood, in short, was all about being raised to succeed. Her brother was kept distant from her by his own ambitions, and she was raised to be like her mother, a businesswoman who perhaps had her hands in some of the wrong places on the morality scale (not that Adrienne knows anything about that, she'd disown the lot of them and buy an apartment in England instead of returning home if she knew.)

Her mother's magic abilities stayed hidden, ensured by the International Statute of Secrecy, but it's a wonder the French Improper Use of Magic office never caught up with her, what with the number of times she snuck her wand out of its locked case just to cast a few cheeky spells to clean, or just to remember once again that she was a witch. Strangely, an intelligent woman though she was, work kept her so busy that she hardly remembered that this would have to be addressed one day, when it became clear that her children were magic, too.

Adrienne was barely walking and talking when fire blazed through the Montclair mansion. No, this isn't one of those tragic Baudelaire-ish stories where the parents perish by fire and they're raised as hapless orphans by greedy business-wanting relatives (although sometimes Adrienne wishes it were, so she'd have a more interesting story to tell). In fact, nobody was injured, and they moved to another property in a vineyard town.

As far as secrecy went, though, that (like their first home) was irrevocably damaged. Again, here's where Adrienne hopes for drama but is sadly disappointed, as her father took the news remarkably well and embraced both magical mother and son. And magical daughter, although Adrienne didn't burn down another house, she just ended up growing a large tree in the back yard and making friends with some Bowtruckles. Sweet, really.

As she grew though, Adrienne needed order, and thus efforts were made to ensure things were scheduled right so she could be made aware of them. They even scheduled going to the platform to see her brother off for the first day of Beauxbatons. He was sorted into Papillonlisse, in case you were wondering, and quickly became a House Quidditch star.

When she followed him, four years later, she was sorted into Bellefeuille, although it was a hard choice between that and Ombrelune. The popular clique picked her up, which she was initially pleased about, but found it was limiting of her academic abilities. She soon wanted a transfer, but her parents wouldn't allow her to move to Britain due to the unrest in the magical side of the nation when it came to werewolves, vampires, and other non-humans. A secondary reason for this, she would soon learn, is her brother's Quidditch accident that left him unable to move. He needs to be taught at home, and they wanted to keep her safe as long as possible. She assures them she won't go near a broom, but still secretly has a desire to fly.

Now, finally, for her fifth year, Adrienne is transferring to Hogwarts, hoping she'll finally be able to succeed in the way she wants.

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Basic Info
Full Name Adrienne Curatrice Montclair
Nickname She doesn't do nicknames. Her name was given to her for a reason.
Birthday May 23rd
Age Fifteen
Nationality French
Home A chalet in France, by her parents' manor.
Status Single
Sexuality Bisexual
Location Ravenclaw Tower
Gender Female
Year Fifth
Titles Miss Ninety-Nine Problems
House Ravenclaw
Species Witch
Family Blood Half-Blood
Wand Core Dragon heartstring
Wand Wood Elm
Wand Arm Left
Boggart Failure
Patronus Buzzard
Model Marilyn Lima
Gender Female
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Height 5'6"
Voice Mezzo-soprano
Body Style Svelte
Mental/Emotional State Mostly stable
Mental/Emotional Disorders None
Physical Disorders None
Ethnicity Caucasian
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Fam & Gen
Mother Evangeline Montclair
Father Amir Montclair
Brother(s) Emmanuel Montclair
Sister(s) None
Cousin(s) None
Aunt(s) Francesca Montclair
Uncle(s) None
Niece(s) None
Nephew(s) None
Character Flaw Pride
Fear/Phobias Failure, heights, small spaces, and needles.
Personal Motto "True queens straighten each other's crowns."
First Reaction to Crisis Organisation and compartmentalising.
Faces Their Problems Organisation and compartmentalising.
React to Change Organisation and compartmentalising.
Native Language French
Hobbies Reading, stargazing
now the sun is up, and i'm goin' blind.


• Butterbeer – she could drink it by the bucketful.


• Turkey – she's not sure why, she's just never liked it. Actually, she doesn't really like meat all that much, so she's thinking of becoming a vegetarian.

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