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Adrijana Ozols
Adrijana Horizontal
Birthday May 9th
Age 25
Status Alive
Family Agnese and Claudia Ozols (mothers)
Robin Larsson (uncle)
Jana Mukuchyan (aunt)
Wiktoria Larsson (cousin)
Nikki Mukuchyan (cousin)
Handedness Left
Gender Female (cis)
Orientation Pansexual
Relationship Single and looking
Nationality Latvian
Speaks Latvian, Armenian, Swedish, Estonian, English
Species Human/Witch
Blood Status Half-Blood
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Dirty Blonde
Height 5'10
Model Chiara Ferragni

Adrijana, according to her cousins, has everything that anyone would want. She has beautiful dirty blonde hair, with matching brown eyes. She's decently tall as well, at least, by a woman's standard.

Claudia Mukuchyan was the lesser known sister of Jana Mukuchyan, the wife of Robin Larsson, a Beater for the Swedish National Quidditch Team who was loaned to the Estonian National Quidditch Team. It was during an away game between Estonia and Latvia that Claudia fell in love with the Latvian Seeker, Agnese Ozols. It felt weird for Claudia at first, because she could never have thought that she'd fall in love with a woman, versus a man like her sister's husband. However, a puppy crush soon turned into real feelings as Agnese found herself feeling similar feelings for Claudia. It went from there basically.

The two women dated for about 3 years, before Agnese and Claudia finally decided they wanted to marry and have kids. Agnese got pregnant in July 2005 and by that point, her and Claudia were engaged. They weren't sure for the exact marriage date at the time, but they knew that they were in it all the way. The two got married on January 9th 2006, which was actually exactly 4 months before their child was born. In due time, the faithful day came. In the early morning hours of May 9th, 2006, Agnese went into labor. At 7:44 am, Adrijana Victoria Ozols entered the world. Agnese had done the honor of giving Adrijana's name, and Claudia suggested the middle name.

Adrijana was a beautiful little girl, and the Healers made a small remark about how unnaturally quiet she was, but Agnese shook it all off, mentioning that she was the very same way. When Agnese and Claudia came home with Adrijana, another surprise came the older ladies' way. A letter from Claudia's sister, Jana. Turns out, a few days earlier, Jana had given birth to two healthy baby girls, called Wiktoria and Nikki. Agnese and Claudia had made a mental note to visit them, wherever they may be, because Claudia knew for a fact that her sister wasn't staying in Tallinn forever.

Well, after they wrote back, Robin and Jana came to them, and right in time for Adrijana's 1st birthday. Little Adrijana was a shy little girl, so it took her a long while to actually acknowledge Wiktoria and Nikki as her cousins. Nonetheless, the trio had fun together. Although, it wasn't at all going to be a regular thing, since Robin and Jana had told Agnese and Claudia that they had plans to move to Sweden, since Estonia no longer had need for Robin, and Sweden needed him again. While they invited Claudia and Agnese to visit whenever they can, Agnese had replied with "I don't think we'll be moving anytime soon. Riga's home for me and Claudia. And Adrijana deserves to grow up here."

With that said, the next few years of Adrijana's life, were well spent. Adrijana learned Latvian as her first language, with Armenian not too long afterward. Estonian, Swedish and English were going to be learnt later in Adrijana's life. Agnese actually had asked the Latvian NQT to not renew her when Adrijana's 3rd birthday came. Her reasoning made itself far more than clear; as much as she loves the team and wants to play for her country, Adrijana matters that much more to Agnese, and thus she wanted to be with her daughter.

The years to follow were more or less very similar. At times, Agnese and Claudia would take Adrijana out as a family. They often went to Quidditch games, and they went shopping together, and much more. Around Adrijana's 8th birthday, came Adrijana's sign of magic. At the time, the small family were visiting Robin and Jana in Stockholm. Adrijana was playing around with Wiktoria and Nikki when she magically painted one of Wiktoria's teddy bears in a golden colour similar to that of a Snitch. The three little girls were in awe, and when Adrijana told her moms, Agnese joked that it might have been the result of one very odd situation during a Quidditch game, where the Snitch was literally so close to Adrijana that she could touch it, except Agnese shooed it off. It was a funny happening, but Agnese remarked that it wasn't the first it happened to her. Nevertheless, it was all fine.

In due time, Adrijana soon became of age to start schooling in Durmstrang. And start schooling in Durmstrang she did. She was semi-aware of its reputation, mostly due to Agnese having told her a thing or two about Durmstrang. Her Durmstrang years were slow and uneventful, mainly because of something Agnese advised her to do while at Durmstrang; speak only when you must. She spoke little, studied well, and succeeded in Durmstrang, despite not really wanting to pursue a job that required much formal education. She in fact, wanted to be a Quidditch player, like her mother Agnese.

Adrijana graduated in time, and alas, her mothers had decided that they may as well join Jana and her family in England, where they learnt that Wiktoria and Nikki had graduated from Hogwarts. Adrijana saw her opportunity and saw to it that she became part of a local Quidditch team. Adrijana first spent a season with Puddlemere United, as a Seeker. Things didn't exactly click for her. Then she spent a season with the Tutshill Tornadoes as a Chaser. That didn't work out. Finally, she spent a season with the Banchory Bangers, as a Chaser again. This time it did, and since then, Adrijana has played as a Chaser for the Banchory Bangers.

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Adrijana is literally and figuratively a beautiful mess.

She is, quite frankly, a large mess of feelings. She crushes on people far too easily, and develops feelings for her puppy crushes too easily. She blushes easily too, but arguably doesn't want to be complimented, because it just ruins her. Literally, it starts a small chain reaction; Adrijana gets complimented, she blushes and looks super awkward, and then she hides her face to avoid just... being called cute.

Adrijana is also a bit of a wallflower too, so she isn't very used to receiving too much attention. It's why she sometimes freaks out when the paparazzi are around; she doesn't like the sight of hundred of people after her and she really doesn't like the attention. She'll often try to hide behind her teammates, her cousins, wherever she can.

Around people she's comfortable with, Adrijana is a very easygoing and lax lady. She doesn't mind whatever anyone wants to do, and it's far too easy to get Adrijana to do anything, unless it's... well, the thing-that-should-not-be-named. Well, don't blame her for still being a virgin, mkay?

Wand: Ebony, Unicorn Hair, 9.5 inches.

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Adrijana Ozols - beautiful mess - durmstrang graduate - head of department of mysteries

- "even in the line of fire, when everything is on the wire, we went up against the wall, our love is untouchable"
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