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Dragon Pox

The Helpmate reads:"Dragon Pox is potentially fatal, similar to smallpox in the Muggle World...causes extensive, constantly irritated, bumps, a purplish-green rash on the skin, and extremely painful sparks fly from the nose of they sneeze." Signs of this disease are as follows :

  • Full-body bumps
  • Purplish-green rash
  • Nose sparks
  • Protruding tail bone (in very rare cases)
  • Nose elongation (in very rare cases)
  • Teeth and nail elongation/sharpening (in very rare cases)

Dragon Pox is one of the most deadly wizard ailments, the following instructions, I am proud to have contributed to alongside Regulus Moonshine, is the only true cure for this disease. Dragon Pox Traitement:

  1. Add seven Dried Nettles to your Mortar
  2. Crush into a creamy paste with your Pestle
  3. Add two teaspoons of the paste into your cauldron
  4. Add eight drops of Flobberworm mucus into the cauldron
  5. Allow mixture to stew for forty-five minutes
  6. Mince three Dragonfly thoraxes
  7. Add the minced thoraxes into the Mortar along with ten Beetle Eyes
  8. Crush into a fine powder
  9. Add two pinches of the powder into the cauldron
  10. Stir fifteen times anti-clockwise
  11. Add four sprigs of mint
  12. Allow mixture to stew for thirty minutes
  13. Add one ounce of crude molten Antimony
  14. Add a Chirzpurfle carapace to your cauldron
  15. Add six Venomous Tentacula leaves into the mixture
  16. Add two ounces ground moonstone to your cauldron
  17. Stir one time clockwise
  18. Stir seven times anti-clockwise