umpah umpah

name. ahn byungcha
nickname(s). one
age. 17
birthday. february 14th
sign. aquarius
nationality. south korean
ethnicity. korean
home. seoul, south korea
status. dibbed; alive
sexuality. pansexual
location. magical uk
year/occupation. seventh
house. slytherin
species. witch
family blood. half-blood
wand core. dragon heartstring
wand wood. cedar
wand arm. right
boggart. being sent back into the human trafficking ring she grew up in
patronus. black cat

model. park jinhee (jinny of secret number)
eye color. brown
hair color. brown
height. 5'6"
mental state. stable
fav color. navy
fav music. jazz; r&b
fav food. japchae
fav animal. cats
fav drink. lemonade
fav song. 'im not your friend' by chai tea
fac sweets. n/a
quirks. n/a
talents. n/a
skills. n/a
languages. korean, english, spanish, french, japanese
mother. n/a
father. n/a
siblings. half sibling she doesn't know about
other relatives. n/a


1) What was your first incident of magic and how old were you? (Compulsory)

One shifts, giving the interviewer a blank face. She seems expressly disinterested in the question, and doesn't even attempt to give an answer for a few minutes. Finally, when she recognizes the interviewers aren't going to move on, she sits up and with a roll of her eyes, answers. "Five," she bites, eyes narrowed and un-trusting. It's a very young age for a magic sign to appear, but in a time of distress, it's to be expected. She didn't remember the night very well but it's one she still has nightmares about. "My parents tried selling me to a cartel," she sighed, gaze unflinchingly harsh. "A tree fell over on our car. It scared my parents into keeping me for a little longer." A month. They kept her for a month. And when they tried again, this time, they made sure she was asleep. No, they made sure she was drugged

2) Do you believe in love at first sight?

She looks even less interested in this question. You can tell she's not taking this very seriously by the way she scoffs and crosses her arms across her chest. She's giving a very judgmental side-eye but obliges to answer anyway. "No. Love at first sight is what you tell to little kids who aren't old enough to understand the concept that love takes work, patience, communication and a lot of respect," she mutters through gritted teeth, looking away. "Lots of things a lot of people don't have these days." She crosses her legs and drops her head back, staring at the ceiling in complete boredom. "Love doesn't work unless you know and have a connection with your lover." After that, she stops talking. A minute passes, and eventually the team gets the idea she has nothing else to say after that, so they continue onto the next question.

3) Have you ever been in love? If so, with who? If not, do you want to be in love?

One's eye twitches, and she snaps her head up to glare at the interviewer. "Is there a limit to your irrelevant questions?" she says coolly, narrowing her eyes. "Fine, fine." Sweeping imaginary dust off her pants, she quickly runs through all the questions. "Yes. None of your business. Why does it matter?" One has never been the type to kiss and tell, and she sure as hell isn't starting now. She's been in love with plenty of people over the years, but she's never told them or had a relationship. At this point, she's keen to keep to herself and forget 'being in love'. There's no point.

4) What is one activity that helps wind you down? Alternatively, what is one activity that does the opposite to you? Is there more than one, if so-what?

One's tapping the side of her chair now, looking like she might loose her mind. She's genuinely reconsidering this, and wondering why she even agreed in the first place. So far all they've done are ask her mundane, random questions she couldn't care less about. Activity that helps her wind down? Like what? Please. "Do you want me to lie to you?" she asks, looking over at them. "Because if you keep asking stupid questions like this, I'm going to start lying." She's going to be here forever, so she might as well give them something to work with, just enough to get them asking actually important questions. "I dunno. Writing. Maybe Quidditch. Just love hitting people with stuff," she supplies, with a large dose of sarcasm lathering her tone. Especially because she's a Chaser and not a Beater. "An activity that does the opposite? Participating in interviews that are an absolute waste of time." After that last answer, they finally get the idea and move on. The answer and the icy glare One is giving them.

5) If you weren’t raised by your parents, who did? How did you find yourself in this position?

One shifts, looking more uneasy than she did before. This is what she came in to talk about among other annoying therapeutically things, but there's a difference between signing up to talk about something and actually talking about it. "My parents..." she trails off, look at the spot on the wall just above the interviewer's head. "My parents sold me into a human trafficking ring. So, obviously they're not the ones who raised me," she murmurs, rubbing the skin of her arm. "I guess to really answer that... I don't know. I can't." She doesn't know who raised her. Her early life was a blur of many adults, some of which she saw regularly, and others who she remembered but didn't. She can't pinpoint any specific caretaker. She was just handled by people. That's really it. "I guess I just raised my self. At least, that's what it felt like. I had to grow up too quickly." Her voice has gotten quiet and fleeting, and she seemed to be focusing on one spot on the wall as if she was reliving everything.

6) What would you say to your younger self and what would they think of you?

As quickly as her icy exterior fell, it built itself back up again at the next question. One snorts at it, making her amusement quiet but condescending. "Run away," she says, stretching her arms out. "I honestly think five-year-old me would've had a better chance on the streets than wherever I am now." She stands by that. She's a smart kid, and she knows it. She's been in flight or fight since day one, if it came down to running away to survive on the streets by herself or being sold into a human trafficking ring, she'd rather pick the former. "I think my younger self would just me... sad. Confused maybe. Why I am where I am. Why our parents could to this to us," she murmured, getting a little more personal with her response. "I'd tell her it's not her fault. She's a kid. She couldn't have done anything to change her parents not loving her."

7) What were you like growing up?

One clicks her tongue, taking a moment to mule over her answer in her head. This was stuff she didn't really think about. Honestly, she spent the majority of her time trying not to remember how she had grown up. "Quiet, scared, bitter, pitiful. We could be here all day if we really wanted to go down the list," she said. It's not like One disliked her younger self or anything, after all, you can't control the naivety of a child. But she was conflicted, rightfully so, when it came to talking about her younger self and her past. She wish someone would've been there when she needed it. Too late for that now.

8) If you’re not native to the UK, where were you born and how did you end up in the UK?

"Seoul, South Korea," she says after a long bit of silence. Not that it's confidential information or anything. There were documents to prove it. She was just thinking, processing, trying to find the best way to package all this information without resurfacing the memories horrifying memories she had. "Like I said... my parents sold me into a human trafficking ring at the age of five. For like, a couple hundred million won? Guess I should be glad that I'm expensive at least, right?" Her face is stone cold, but even then you can see tears shimmering in her eyes as she makes the joke. She pulls a leg up to her chest and hugs it as she continues talking. "I spent... a little... under a decade in that ring," she murmured, looking low to the ground. "I think it was unearthed when I was like... fourteen? Fifteen? Time gets blurry when you spend so much of it without anyway to record it."

9) What are people’s usual first impressions of you? Are they correct?

One takes a few moments to recover from the last question, a sniffle or two, and rubs her eyes. It takes a moment, but she's back to being calm and stoic and slightly unamused. "First impressions...?" she drawls, looking up just to think about it. She doesn't interact with many people on the daily, actually, she makes it a point to avoid people as much as possible. So she doesn't know much about "first impressions" or anything like that. She decides to guess at it, simply because there's no one around to tell her she's wrong. "Cold, quiet, intimidating," she says, tossing some words out there. "They're probably. I don't really know."

10) How do you treat the people around you?

She shrugs, not knowing how to answer this question very well either. She was never a social person, even when she was little, and now, with all the experiences she's had, she has little to no desire to get buddy buddy with anyone. "The same," is what she says, finding it accurate enough. "If you live and breathe and are a human being, I'll ignore you like I do everyone else." Then she leans back in her chair and leaves it at that.

11) Do you believe people can be given a second chance?

One honestly felt like she wasn't in the place to be deciding this for anyone, not even herself. She knew she was a very bitter person, and if someone wronged her once, the ability for her to give them the chance to improve upon themselves was almost nonexistent. But she supposes in practice it's good to try. People change, she knows that better than anyone but still, it's a bit harder to say that she believes in it. It's less of that, and more of she feels obligated to let people change. Even if their past self hurt her. "Yes," she answers, and unlike the other questions, just leaves it at that.

12) How do you react to negative emotions? How do you react to positive emotions?

She clicks her tongue and then snorts a little at the question. Stereotypical, shallow, and she doesn't know how they expect anyone to answer this seriously. "Bad and worse," she mutters, wondering how many more questions she had to do before she could go. "I'm a recluse.

I don't sleep. I don't eat. But then again, that's just... my normal routine, so I suppose it's not much of a reaction is it?" She tilts her head, as if prompting the interviewing team to answer the question she just posed. Even though it's purely rhetorical. "Truly, if you haven't caught on my now, I'm very nonreactive. I've been told it's quite difficult to get a ruse out of me." The lack of expression on her face is evidence enough of her point.

13) Do you have instances in your past that you’d prefer not to tell people?

One legitimately blinks in disbelief. "Doesn't everyone?" she sighs. That could possibly be one of the dumbest questions on this whole survey. Some people really are open books, but most people have at least one or two embarrassing or traumatizing events they'd really not talk about. "Well, I'll just say the elephant in the room because I know we're all thinking it but—no, it's not about the trafficking ring. If you ask me, I genuinely will tell you, yes, I was in a human trafficking ring, now fuck off." It's not about being in the human trafficking ring. The things she doesn't want to tell people is what she was forced to do in that ring. Those are terrifying and disgusting memories she'd like to keep buried for all of time. And who knows what kind of rumors people would run with if they knew what happened in there? Not worth her time.

14) What did your parents do for a living?

"Human trafficking, apparently." Truthfully, she didn't know. From what little she remembered of her parents, she was pretty sure they had normal nine to five jobs that paid the bills well enough. Why they needed to sell their own daughter into human trafficking for five hundred million won was absolutely beyond her—but it's not like she could ask them, now could she? "I really don't know and..." she takes a long sigh, poking the inside of her cheek. "...I really don't want to know. Whatever it really was, it was probably fucked up, so..."

15) It is often stated that reading other people’s minds is an invasion of privacy. What is your position on this?

"My position on reading minds..." she trails off, as if it's a legitimately difficult task to think about. To her, it isn't. Once One figured out for the most part how to control her legilimency, she genuinely stopped caring about invading people's privacy. She reads minds when she feels like it and when she needs to. She could care less about how other people feel about it. That's an issue for them. "I don't care," she says, dropping her leg to the ground after holding it to her chest for about a solid fifteen minutes. "You don't want your mind read? Learn Occulumency. Otherwise," she levels a cold stare the interviewer. "Not my problem."

16) How did you know you were a natural born legilimency?

One shrugged again, she found herself doing that even more in the later half of the interview. She had been hearing thoughts for the longest time. It's how she knew her parents were going to take her somewhere she didn't want to go when they tried to sell her into the ring the first time. If she couldn't hear their thoughts, that tree wouldn't have fell. Sucks you can't read minds in your sleep. "I figured it out pretty early on. After you spend the majority of your life hearing other people's thoughts and desires—you get the idea that you must be some sort of telepath. Something along those lines."

17) Do you keep it a secret? If so, why? If not, how did those closest react?

She shakes her head, "No." In her opinion, there's not really a point. Like she mentioned earlier, unless they're an occulumens, not like they can stop her. "If you ask me, I will tell you I'm a legilimens. I don't think it's information worth hiding. Not like people know when I do it. And besides, most people aren't aware enough to remember to avoid eye contact."
  • she's related to Frankie Wei through their dad
  • her nickname is one because that's her quiddidtch jersey number
    • she's mostly called this by will, who she tends to call "zero" for the same reasons
  • she plays on the quidditch team

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