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Aikaterine Vassalos

Roleplayed By Vic


Full Name: Aikaterine Eerika Sabella Vassalos
Nicknames: Kat
Birthday: February 14th
Age: Twenty
Gender: Female
Nationality: Greek
Languages Spoken: English, Greek and French

Blood Status: Pure-Blood
Species: Witch
Wand Details: 10 Inch Asepn Wand with Thestral Tail Hair
Wand Arm: Left
Patronus: Tiger
Boggart: Loneliness
Amortentia: Fresh Air

Schools: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
House: Slytherin
Occupation: Drop Out
Current Titles: Unemployed
Former Titles: Deceased

Orientations: Demisexual
Relationship Status: Single
Anniversary: N/A
Best Friends: Malia and Lena
Worst Enemies: Lachlan Metaxas (kidnapper)
Pets: None
Family: Melania Vassalos

Model: Sophia Miacova
Hair Color: Brunette
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 115lbs (and gaining)
Body Type: Slim
Other: Sickly due to Captivity


Talia was an anesthesiologist for a local hospital and Hadrian owned a chain of businesses, ranking them as one of the few wealthiest families in Athens alongside the Sakellarios family, who were very close friends. Talia, Hadrian, Thesus, and Alejandra had grown up as friends and even went to school together. Unfortunately, Talia was born a Squib and was looked down upon by many. Despite this rare occurrence, the Sakellarios family never turned their backs on Hadrian and Talia, gaining their utmost respect and friendship throughout the years. Aikaterine was basically raised among the nine children by the four adults, who helped each other in raising the lot of them. However, Aikaterine was more drawn to Malia Sakellarios than any of her siblings. Despite her being younger, the pair bonded quickly and became very close friends and acted more like sisters than anything.

Being born into a prestigious family had it's perks, of course; aiding immensely when it came to muggle school. She rose through the ranks to become one of the popular girls in her year. People nearly worshiped her. However, the attention made her rather uncomfortable as she was a modest girl. She did not prefer to be known as the rich and popular girl. She wanted to be recognized as intelligent and powerful. She wanted people to understand her love for classical music and her interest in poetry rather than how she did her hair, what makeup she was wearing and if her fall collection was as amazing as the rumors stated. They never understood her. The only time she ever truly felt understood was when she started her first year at Hogwarts.

Her parents were very proud of her progress in school that they rewarded her with quidditch lessons, as her father was a former professional quidditch player in Greece when he was younger and before he was a father. He showed her all of his moves. He tried her in each of the positions but she excelled best at being a seeker, just like he had when he was her age. He spent thousands of dollars on practices and a personal tutor (some of his friends who still played on the teams) and it wasn't long before she was kicking some major butt in quidditch.

It was hard without Malia being in school with her but she learned to cope and was thrilled when Malia finally joined her again. The difference this time was that Malia was sorted into Gryffindor while she was a Slytherin.

Despite this gap, Malia was her support system, someone to confide in with her deepest and darkest secrets. This worked both ways - as Malia had opened up to her about being bisexual after she found herself interested in Valentina. Mal was her shoulder to cry on when a boy broke her heart for the first time, when her favorite pet died, and most importantly when her parents passed away. That was the biggest impact in her life. Dark Wizards murdered them in cold blood for not offering them information that they wanted. This changed her attitude from reserved and observant to constantly angry and closed off.

Upon the investigation, it was concluded that Aikaterine was to stay with the Sakellarios family as they were the closest people to her parents. They gladly took her in. Not long after, Kat's inheritance came in and helped immensely when it came to raising her, buying her supplies for school and money that could be set aside for her future after graduation. However, graduated never came. In fact, Aikaterine fell ill with a wizarding sickness that nearly claimed her life before her eventually fall into depression and suicide.

The truth came out when Aikaterine was twenty and discovered by the French Ministry of Magic to have been a captive of Lachlan Metaxas, the same dark wizard that got away with the murder of her parents. This was his humane attempt to tie up loose ends, fearing the child had seen and remembered information pertaining to that fateful night. He faked the girl's suicide in order to conclude her disappearance and held her in the basement of his home in France for nearly three years until she was discovered after allegations of domestic violence by neighbors brought the police to unsuspecting Lachlan who was arguing loudly with her in the kitchen. When it was discovered by the French Ministry that the man in question was indeed a wizard, they took on the case and found more than they bargained for; a teenage witch who was legally deceased.

Aikaterine was released and remained in France for nearly two months until she chose to finally migrate back to London and attempt to reconnect with her family and friends and those who still believe that she is dead. With the left over money in her inheritance funds from before she went missing, she plans to purchase a building and open a business but is unsure of what.


Aikaterine started out as your typical teenager with a love and passion for romance, a heart that could easily be taken and a loyalty to her closest friends that could never be broken. She was normal. She was kind and sweet and intelligent. She liked to play quidditch and had even become the captain of the Slytherin team for a couple years. She was relatively happy up until she fell ill with a wizarding sickness that almost claimed her life. She entered a deep depression that eventually ended with her assumed death (which had actually been fake and Aikaterine was kidnapped).

In captivity, she hardened mentally and somehow deep inside her already aching heart, Aikaterine found the will to live. It was sudden and unexpected and caught her by surprise. She wanted to live and see Malia and Lena. She wanted to be with her friends. She wanted to graduated and go on to have some boring ministry job but what Aikaterine got was much worse.

She now finds it hard to trust new people and sticks close to the things she is familiar with, never straying out of bounds unless need be. Her confidence is slowly building after being completely stripped. She has a renewed sense of appreciation for her life and wants to do something with her time here; which sprouted her idea for a business.

Malia Sakellarios-Willow
Malia and Aikaterine have been friends since they were in diapers and have had a close connection for many years. She was there for Aikaterine through some of her hardest times and will always be one of the most important people in her life. She worries greatly of how Malia will react to her return.

Lena Sakellarios-Willow
Lena and Aikaterine became very close friends since they were in the fifth year. They got extremely close in sixth and graduated to comforting one another often. Lena has become one of the other most important people in her life.

Maiami Appledore
Maiami and Aikaterine became friends in the sixth year and Aikaterine always found her to be sweet and friendly and they got pretty close leading up to her sickness and eventual death. She wonders from time to time where Maiami might have went and would love to see her again.