Ailene Griffith
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Ailiene is a sharp-minded individual who, like her father and mother, thinks quick on her feet and is highly intelligent. Known for being wise beyond her ages among the Griffith family, Ailiene runs on highly logical reasoning with small doses of emotional reasoning to accompany it. Because of this, she is generally a very efficient person when it comes to completing tasks she puts her mind to, and getting over losses or struggles. This also encourages her to be less judgmental, as her emotions aren't the main energy behind her thoughts.

Ailene's a very particular person, highly organized and well put together. She's very practical and reasonable, and with good persuasion using strong logic, you could very well convince her to do anything as long as it's ethical. On the other hand, she's highly talented at reading people, and it's not just because she's a legilimens. Being able to detect the quirks and little things that people do when they're lying or conflicted makes it incredibly easy for her to pick up on people's intentions, almost like she's reading their mind without actually doing it.

Also similar to her father, Ailene's comprehension skills far surpass her age. She soaks up knowledge like a sponge and is able to easily apply it to situations which makes learning things like routines and spells easy and efficient. What she makes up in intelligence, she lacks in charisma. While she's generally a friendly person and easy to get along with, she isn't as charismatic as some of her siblings. Although not as charismatic, she is certainly skilled with words and deals with the mind and it's inner-workings, resulting in her manipulation capabilities.

A loyal persona, Ailiene is particularly strong in her relationships but will always do what's best logical wise, even if it means possible betrayal. Even then, she'll weigh her options and if it comes to that, she will act on it. She's not one for hesitation, once she has a plan, she's immediate to set it into motion. Since she's not very in key with her emotions, she often doesn't know how to feel about events half the time. Sometimes she feels very out of loop with other people around her and emotionally isolated, especially due to her innate lack of empathy.

Despite this, Ailiene is always willing to lend a helping hand, especially if it's to tutor. She loves sharing all the knowledge she gains with other people, and sharing information is one of her favorite past times. Even if she isn't sharing information, she loves sharing with people in general. It's a way for her to emotionally connect with others that she can't really do on her own. And she's always up for helping, always. It's one of the less logical aspects of her personality that make her more human and less robot. Her hindrances in sympathy don't stop her from trying to step in to relieve someone or comfort them when they need it, even if she doesn't feel the same way they do or knows how to.

Ailene has a natural confidence that seems to come as package deal with her intelligence. Chill and focused, she is always certain her abilities but not to the point that she seems conceited and will certainly not rub it anyone's face. In fact, she tries her hardest not to. While she isn't necessarily a leader, she's not afraid to step up and lead if need be and will certainly not let the dangers or the risk of a situation get to her when trying to find a solution. Ailene is generally very cheerful though, emotionally detached or not. It's rare to see her without a smile on her face and kind of radiates this weird aura of happiness. While her charisma isn't the highest, she'll gladly wave to you if you're passing by or exchange a short "hi".


Jaden Griffith was truly the brightest wizard of his generation. Descended from the Shacklebolt family, with pure blood, and a natural affinity for leadership, Jaden was sharp-minded and ambitious, always focused on a goal and always determined to accomplish it. That's why it was surprising to everyone who knew him, that he ended up marrying Kara Lovngooth, a fellow pure-blood who was quite the opposite of Jaden, at least, personality wise. She was just as strong as Jaden was in magic, and was even agiler when it came to quick-thinking, but unlike him, she was an extremely reckless individual as a teenager.

Before marrying Kara, he had been dating another girl in Seventh year named Sierra Tygress, which he had discussed marriage with. Strangely enough, just two weeks before their graduation, Sierra and Jaden broke up. Kara, influenced by her parents, saw an opportunity for more wealth, and more importantly, power and sought after Jaden's attention. She got it successfully, and two years later, they were wed in June. During this time, Jaden had joined the Ministry of Magic and quickly rose to a high position under the Department of Technological Advancement.

Jaden remained in the department for two decades, eventually rising to head in his seventh year and later retired thirteen years later. Meanwhile, his wife, Kara became a Transfiguration professor at Hogwarts for a decade, and then became an Auror, the current job she still holds today. Three years into their marriage, the two began talking about children and had their first child a year later.

Somewhere down the road, Kara began getting bored with Jaden and her family, and had some flings here and there, which resulted in two more children who she gave off to adoption services, unwilling to let Jaden discover her unfaithfulness.

Since Ailene was born, it was obvious she was destined to do something great. Bright and cheerful, as Ailene grew, you could clearly see Jaden's intelligence and wit in her. Among her siblings, she was quite the scholar, even at a young age. Naturally, for such an accomplished young girl, she had her first magical occurrence at age six, being an early bloomer. As her family was known for being natural talents at magic, Ailene wanted to get a head start by studying some of her siblings' textbooks and caused the lights in the house to flicker for several minutes.

Just a week later, she discovered her natural born legilimens abilities. It started with the headaches and voices and the complaining and after a year of it, her parents looked into it, taking her to St. Mungo's on the claim that she might possibly have Schizophrenia. It turns out, she was fine but her abilities had acted up right after her magic showed up. They were advised to hire someone to help train her. By the time she got to Hogwarts, she was able to decently control her powers, but constant use led to terrible migraines and having everyone's thoughts in her head for hours and maybe days.

Besides that, she was quite eager to expand on her magical abilities and was naturally ecstatic for Hogwarts. When she arrived as a first year, she was quick to show her brilliance to the teachers and her fellow students. And as she continued throughout Hogwarts, she only grew and became more intelligent.

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Basic Info
Full Name Ailene Opal Griffith
Nickname None
Birthday August 1st
Age 15
Nationality British
Home London, UK
Status Single
Sexuality Unsure
Location Hogwarts
Gender Female
Year Fifth
Titles ---
House Hufflepuff
Species Witch; Legilimens
Family Blood Pure-blood
Wand Core Dragon Heartstring
Wand Wood Walnut
Wand Arm Left
Boggart ---
Patronus Eagle
Model Zuri Tibby
Gender Female
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Height 5"3
Voice ---
Body Style ---
Mental/Emotional State Stable
Mental/Emotional Disorders None
Physical Disorders Stable
Ethnicity British-African
I am currently experiencing life at the speed of 15 wtf's an hour.
Fam & Gen
Mother Kara Griffith
Father Jaden Griffith
Brother(s) TBA
Sister(s) Willow
Cousin(s) N/A
Aunt(s) N/A
Uncle(s) N/A
Niece(s) N/A
Nephew(s) N/A
Character Flaw ---
Fear/Phobias ---
Personal Motto ---
First Reaction to Crisis ---
Faces Their Problems ---
React to Change ---
Native Language English
Hobbies ---
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