Alaska Rosevelt
“You could rattle the stars," she whispered. "You could do anything, if only you dared. And deep down, you know it, too. That’s what scares you most.”

Full Name: Alaska Luna Rosevelt
Born: June 11th
Age: 17
Status: Alive
Gender: Female
Species: Witch
Nationality: British
Ethnicity: English

Sexuality: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Single
Accent: South British
Birthplace: Central London
Native Language: English
Languages Spoken: English, French,
Current Location: Hogwarts
Magic Possesion(s): Magic locket that works similarly to Hermione's purse (as it as an undetectable extension charm).

Blood Status: Muggleborn
Wand Wood: Rowan
Wand Core: Dragon Heartstring
Wand Length: 14"
Wand Arm: Left
Patronus: A Rabbit
Boggart: Disappointing others and being a failure.
Exotic: No

Schooling: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
House: Ravenclaw (Hatstall with Hufflepuff)
Year: Sixth
Year Joined: Fourth
Outfit: Wears Ravenclaw school uniform while in school, but otherwise wears a cream sweater and floral skirt (see 'outfit' section below). She always wears her magic locket.

Alaska is a passionate girl who stands up for her beliefs. She tends to be a humble, modest girl who commonly sacrifices her needs for those of others. She is noted for being extremely hard-working, continuously aiding those who need it. She has always been helping out teachers, and even centaurs. Such acts show her good-willed conscience, tenacity, and compassion. She was also emphasis on logic but is open-minded to new ideas and is creative. Alaska is quite responsible and a perfectionist when it comes to getting things done. On the contrary to this, she still has a fun sense of humor. She also tends to be very true to herself, never trying to change her personality for anybody, at the expense of her popularity, and takes pride in her originality. Alaska is also very passionate about everything, for the good or bad, especially egalitarianism and having all be accepted by society, including house-elves, werewolves and so forth. Being altruistic, Alaska always tries to do her best in everything and have a meaning. Alaska is also very individual and introverted, despite liking to help people, prefers to work alone and do her own thing and keep to herself instead of working in groups. Alaska is also noted for being very intelligent, coming out on top of most of her Muggle classes naturally without the need to study much. She tends to leaner quickly in that sense. Alaska is adventures and brave, always a mystery on the move.

Despite all the good in her, Alaska does have much character flaw. Alaska tends to be very stubborn, and follows whatever her heart tells her to go. Despite her gut feeling is normally always right, she will do whatever she wants and refuse to do as others tell her to do if she senses it is even the slightest bit against her will. She is very sarcastic as well, sometimes offending those without any intention because of her sarcastic ways. She is also VERY defensive of what she likes and believes in... from a book she read to LGBT+ rights, she will be quick to snap and be irritated with anybody who tries to insult or mock these things. Being creative and open-minded, Alaska, will also constantly get carried away in her mind. She tends to always look for different outcomes, including the bad ones. This anxious behavior leads to her falling into a depressive attitude where she can't help but look on the negative side of things.

Alaska also feels the constant need to be perfect.Alaska also is very socially awkward. She will say the wrong thing at the wrong time and this is a primary factor of her small social popularity. Her fatal flaw is being overly acquitting. She will hold grudges and hate for somebody or something, but once seeing one good aspect about them, will forget much of their flaws unless another wrong is presented. For example, if she is being bullied by some random girl, she will clearly hold some resent towards her, but if she finds a common interest with her, Alaska will begin to feel as if it was her fault and forgive the bully. She is also very mysterious, not opening herself up to many people and tending to withdraw from those of which she does. Her mysterious behavior makes it hard for her to be read, for she is always doing what she wants, and with her large imagination, her actions are always off the wall.

Alaska Rosevelt was born on June 11th as the child of Alice Rosevelt and Gavin Rosevelt. She was born and raised in a small farm off the side of central London with many different types of animals. Alaska, growing up with her parents, younger twin brothers Michael and Harry (by three years) , her grandmother (the original farm keeper) and not to mention the many animals, Alaska was raised in a very busy home, having only 4 hours per week to herself, preferably to read (which was slightly tolerable considering she has a very quick reading speed) with all of her farm work, school work, extracurricular activities and babysitting for a part-time job (at the age of 9 and older).

Alaska was raised in a very kind, loving family, one that always taught her to be herself and accept others, which had a major impact on her personality, causing her to always do so and to never attempt or think otherwise. Her entire muggle school career, she didn’t have many friends do to her introverted ways and originality. She never was part of any social group, and because of so, never hung out with one. Alaska was, and still is, a wallflower, watching and observing everybody else but refusing to join them because she simply doesn’t want to be another blur in the crowd.

Alaska always had strange things happen to her from the age of 6 which her muggle family simply had no explanation for but ignore the situation. For example, when she was 6, she was feeding some of the farms chickens, and then she, along with the chicken, had been found randomly on the roof. This is one of many strange events in her childhood that had been signs of her magic, including her brothers hair growing uncontrollably momentarily, her cows turning black with white spots instead of vice versa, and one of her teachers sending Alaska home for a massive bruise, when really it was just some random spot of purple on her arm! It was not a surprise when the Rosevelt household had received a letter from Hogwarts, it seemed like a very reasonable explanation of all these strange, but harmless, events that had been happening to the family.

Model: Meredith Foster
Gender: Female
Eye Colour: Gray
Hair Colour: Golden Brown
Height: 5'4
Weight: "I don't feel that is any of your concern..."
Voice Type: Quiet
Distinguishing Marks: Many scars all over wrists.


1. Expelliarmus 1st Charm Defensive Disarming Charm
2. Lumos 1st Charm Utility Creates a small light on the wand's tip
3. Nox 1st Charm Counterspell Counterspell to Lumos
4. Pack 1st Charm Utility Packs a trunk of luggage
5. Wingardium Leviosa 1st Charm Any Levitates objects
6. Anapneo 1st Charm/Healing Utility Unblocks blocked throats
7. Intruder Charm 1st Charm/Protection Defensive/Utility Detects intruders and sounds an alarm
8. Protego 1st Charm/Protective Defensive/Utility Causes minor spells to rebound or not have their full effect
9. Petrificus Totalus 1st Hex Any Bind the target's body in straight position
10. Incendio 1st Transfiguration Any Produces fire
11. Arresto Momentum 2nd Charm Utility Slows the speed of a moving object that is falling
12. Flame-Freezing Charm 2nd Charm Defensive/Utility Causes fire to become harmless
13. Scourgify 2nd Charm Utility Used to clean something
14. Alohomora 2nd Transfiguration Utility Unlocks locks
15. Bubble-producing spell 2nd Transfiguration Any Creates a stream of non-bursting bubbles
16. Aguamenti 2nd Transfiguration Any Conjures water
17. Reparo 2nd Transfiguration Utility Fixes broken objects
18. Obliviate 3rd Charm Any Removes memories
19. Sonorus 3rd Charm Utility Makes the target's voice louder
20. Erecto 3rd Charm Utility Used to erect or build something
21. Accio 3rd Charm Utility Summons an item
22. Expulso 3rd Transfiguration Defensive Causes an object to explode
23. Riddikulus 3rd Transfiguration Any Forces a boggart to take the appearance of what the caster is thinking of
24. Episkey 3rd Transfiguration/Healing Utility Heals minor injuries
25. Protego Totalum 4th Charm/Protective Defensive/Utility Protects an area or dwelling
26. Reparifors 4th Charm/Healing Defensive/Utility Cures minor magically-induced ailments, such as paralysis and poisoning
27. Colloportus 4th Charm/Defensive Utility Magically locks a door
28. Stupefy 4th Charm Offensive Renders the target unconscious
29. Banishing Charm 4th Charm Utility Opposite of summoning
30. Reducto 4th Transfiguration Any Reduces solid objects to smaller pieces
31. Ferula 4th Transfiguration/Healing Utility Creates a bandage and splint
32. Expecto Patronum 5th Charm/Protection Defensive/Utility Creates a Patronus
33. Declino alica 5th Charm/Protection Defensive/Utility Absorbs spells. Similar to a Shield Charm, but the spell doesn't rebound
34. Eviscera contorta 5th Hex Offensive Knots target's stomach; doubles them over with pain
35. Aqua Eructo 5th Transfiguration Any Creates a large torrent of water
36. Cave Inimicum 5th Charm/Protective Defensive Strengthens an enclosure from enemies
37. Brackium Emendo 5th Transfiguration/Healing Utility Heal a broken bone
38. Bombarda Maxima 5th Transfiguration Offensive Causes a big explosion that can take down entire walls
39. Silencio 5th Charm Any Silences the target
40. Protego Horribilis 5th Charm/Protective Defensive/Utility Provides a shield against dark magic
41. Partis Temporus 6th Transfiguration Offensive/Utility Creates a temporary gap through protective magical barriers
42. Sectumsempra 6th Transfiguration Offensive Wounds magically as if the target had been slashed with a sword
43. Protego Maxima 6th Charm/Protective Defensive/Utility Powerful shield charm against Dark magic
44. Undetectable Extension Charm 6th Charm Utility Causes a container's interior capacity to be increased
45. Vulnera Sanentur 6th Transfiguration/Healing Utility Causes wounds and gashes to heal up and any blood to return to the victim


Father: Gavin Rosevelt
Mother: Alice Rosevelt
Full Siblings: Micheal Rosevelt ; Harry Rosevelt
Half Siblings: None
Guardian(s): None
Spouse: None
Children: None
Other Relatives: Grandomother named Ingrid


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