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Alastríona Kingsley
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Alastríona Kingsley is a graduated Pukwudgie, and Curse-Breaker who occasionally does casual jobs for the Southside Serpents, but stops short of becoming a 'real' member.



Alastríona Kingsley is the first-born daughter of Ambrose Kingsley and the late Adeline Kingsley – she was followed by Leonidas and Dominic, the twins, then Percy, and Maya, and lastly ____. There's three years between her and the twins, and then they seemed to have one a year after that, stopping at ___. That made for a very crowded household, growing up, and at first it was an amicable one. The first thing of significance that happened was her first sign of magic, which was essentially lighting and relighting the fireplace repeatedly to the beat of some music that happened to be playing. Until the Serpents' Curse found its mark in Leo, who had stolen some headphones. Any Kingsley on the wrong side of the law was fated by the Serpents' Curse to lead the gang. And while Al had always been careful not to step one toe off the right side of the line, despite her best attempts to prevent it, both the twins did. She watched as Leo grew violent, nearly running over one of their younger siblings had she not swept them out of the way. And she heard about the switchblade incident from her first year at Ilvermorny.

Al was chosen by Pukwudgie and Wampus. As much as she loved her father, she wanted to be different, and thus chose Pukwudgie instead. She was a well-tempered, well-meaning child who excelled in subjects such as Charms and Herbology, as well as, surprisingly, Defense Against The Dark Arts. It was her ambition to be a Healer from the very beginning, which is why she preferred being at the side of a Quidditch pitch as opposed to on it, to patch up her friends. In her third year, she realised she had a crush on one of the Chasers, and a brief relationship between them ensued. She has been in the closet ever since.

In her fourth year, Leo and Dom arrived. Her own circle of friends began to avoid her as her brothers' reputations made themselves clear, in case she was tarred with the same brush. (Even though she evidently wasn't.)

It made it difficult for Al, but she embraced the company of those who would still have her. She watched helplessly as her brothers went downhill. There incident in that year when Leo lashed out at one of the boys spreading the gossip about her, and the odd thing was that she found she almost appreciated the brother who had distanced himself from her being so blunt in response to somebody insulting her honour.

A brighter spark happened when her younger brother Percy was sorted into Pukwudgie, like her. By this point, Al was a prefect despite all the gossip. Whilst her peers didn't trust her, it seemed the teachers still did. She got good grades in the O.W.Ls that she enjoyed, ranging from passable to failure in the rest. She'd picked up Ancient Runes in her third year, the first signs of her future curse-breaking career. Maya was sorted into Wampus the following year, and things were finally looking up for her. She had a sight of her career, one of two, and people were starting to trust her again. However, then Leo and Dom's fights started getting worse in her final year. She was Head Girl, but people accused her of not adequately holding her brothers to account for what they were doing. So she graduated in relative obscurity and became a Curse-Breaker, hoping to one day break the Serpents' Curse and free her family from its hold.

She's spent the last two years flying between America, Britain and elsewhere, having gotten a job with Gringotts Bank post graduation. It's safe to say she's slightly more acclimatised to Britain than the others. However, Adeline died a few months ago, and this shocked Al into reality as to how little time she has been spending with her family. Thus, she aims to get a job as a curse-breaker with the Ministry in Britain, so she can spend more time with her family. She's moving into the family residence, and helping to support the household now they lack a mother.

Had Alastríona attended Hogwarts, she would be a textbook Hufflepuff. She's the family mother hen, overprotective, the oldest daughter at nineteen years of age, who is always worrying about others, while also fitting the immense loyalty members of the House show. One thing that she craves is affection. She's very tactile, and she needs to feel needed. While she might not necessarily like what the Serpents (the gang her aunt and younger brothers Dom and Leo are part of) do, she won't allow it to soil her relationship with those in her family that do. She'd always tried to steer them toward the lighter path, but now that's clearly not going to happen, she'll embrace them the way they are. At least not on her end – it's one of her greatest frustrations that this isn't always in her control. A hard-working soul, she changed her career path to curse-breaking from initial childhood dreams of being a healer in hopes of being able to change their family life for the better by breaking the Serpents' Curse that has plagued their family for over a thousand years. And now, she's trying to get a job that fits that career in England so that she can spend more time around them, rather than be halfway across the world breaking curses for the goblins at Gringotts. It never sat well with her, anyway, to be gathering money for such selfish creatures – that's why her tenure has been so short before searching for a job in the Ministry.


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