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Alden Attaway

Roleplayed by Ckohrs

Alden Adult
Alden Attaway

Gryffindor Alumni

Vital Statistics
Born January 28, 2016
Age 19
Family Arthur Attaway
Ariana Attaway
Gender Male
Species Human
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Status Alive
Signature Aldensig
Magical Characteristics
Wand Beech and Phoenix Feather
Wand Arm Right
Blood Purity Half-Blood
Patronus Bear
Boggart Arthur's death

History []

Alden Richard Attaway was born twelve minutes after his twin brother Arthur on a snowy day in January. Arthur's birth came much easier than Alden's-- Alden had to fight to stay alive in his first few hours of life, and has suffered from various health problems his whole life. Despite a weaker immune system, and in general, a weaker body... Alden tried to not let it get him down, and when it did get him down, Arthur was always there to cheer him on.
The boys were born to Alan and Abigail Attaway; a wizard, and a Muggle, respectively. The boys went to Muggle primary school before starting Hogwarts (along with their younger sister, Ariana), and Alden often got teased for being weaker, and unable to participate fully in outdoor games and activities. While Arthur was always there to defend Alden... Alden really did wish that occasionally, he could stick up for himself.
Alden's first signs of magic occurred when he was eight. One of the schoolyard bullies had pushed him over into the mud, and before Arthur could defend him, Alden's emotions and magic had caused a smaller tree branch to snap off. The bully didn't get hurt-- but he did get quite a scare.

Personality []

Due to Alden's frailer state, he often couldn't participate in games with his peers growing up. Instead he watched from the sidelines... and observed. He likes people watching-- he likes figuring out people's motives for what they do, and over his life, he's gotten fairly good at it. Alden is definitely quieter than his brother, but Alden has wit and intelligence in spades (traits his brother sometimes lacks.) Alden wishes more than anything that he didn't need to be protected all the time, and as such is a bit skeptical of other people sometimes; he wants to figure out people's motives first, before befriending them immediately.

Appearance []

Alden and his brother are identical twins-- both have brown hair, and blue eyes-- but the easiest way to tell the difference, is Alden is almost four inches shorter than his brother. His face claim is Ian Somerhalder.

Trivia []

*Alden means "Old friend, wise protector."

*Richard means "Brave Power"

*Attaway means "'at the way'-- someone who used to live close to the road."

*Alden is twelve minutes younger than Arthur

*Alden regularly takes potions to help boost his immune system. As a result, Alden has taken a particular interest in magical herbs and plants, hoping to one day increase the effectiveness of the potions he takes. For most of his life, he has been, unknowingly, displaying early signs of Evan's Syndrome.