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Aldreni Reebes 

Auror NEWTS: DADA, Charms, Potions, Transfiguration, Herbology

20 years of age.

1. Give a reason why you wish to be an Auror:

It has been my dream to apprehend those who commit dark acts. I feel that it is my duty as an established and experienced witch to do my utmost to protect those who are defenceless to these threats.

2. State two of your greatest relevant magical abilities:

Transfiguration, advanced offensive spells

3. What characteristics make you a better candidate than others?

I am intelligent, as well as calculating. I have acquired a great sense of deduction, and can solve puzzles in a timely manner. I am creative, as well as innovative, and I am able to improvise quickly to find a solution. I am also optimistic, and am rarely known to give in or submit.

4. What are your NEWT qualifications?

Potions-E   Defence Against the Dark Arts-O Charms-O, Ancient Runes,-A Transfiguration-O, Herbology-A, Muggle Studies-E, History of Magic-E. (I must admit that I am horrible at divination, as well as astrology.)


1. If you saw someone, under suspicion only of being a dark wizard, what would you do? Why would you do so?  

Tail them. The best way to solve a problem is to acquire information about it.

2. If you were on a mission for the Ministry to rescue a group of wizards taken captive, and could either save yourself or the captives, who would you save? 

Based on probability, I would sacrifice myself. There would be a greater chance of them escaping based on numbers, and in doing so ensure aid to me whilst I am incapacitated.

3. If you are dying in battle, what would you ensure before your demise?

I would make sure to down my assailant before he reached anyone else.


Which of the following spells have you MASTERED:

-Full bodied Patronus

- Variety of curses and counter curses

- Ability to brew complex potions such as the Draught of Living Death

-Cast a Protean charm

-Cast a bedazzling hex

-Cast a Fidelius charm

- Knowledge of venomous plants   (I am aware of the properties of a venomous tentacula, however.)

- Know how to clean ghost ectoplasm.

- Know the incantation to make objects disappear.