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Aleksander Aleksandrov

"Minister of Magic Bulgaria."

Ravenclaw Crest (Gif)
Vital Statistics
Born 18th June
Age 34
Family Amartiova Aleksandrov (wife)
Poli Aleksanderov (daughter)
Gender Male
Species Wizard
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Status Alive,
Signature 100px
Magical Characteristics
Wand WIP
Wand Arm Left
Blood Purity Pure-Blood
Patronus WIP
Boggart WIP


Aleksander Aleksandrov is a very nice person. He has to be, being a Minister. He is described as a dictator, as fighting for his country's rights, as not being the most, 'classy' country in the world. A gleaming smile would be seen by the Bulgarian people, and they will stick by his side.


Aleksander Aleksandrov, was born in the Capital City of Bulgaria, Sofia. He was born to two kind, caring parents, who were 'classy'. He would regularly talk about his country's problems to his father, Stoyan Aleksandrov, who would find him impressive. He grew up in Primary School in Bulgaria, living as a normal child, knowing he was a wizard however really made things boring in class, swaying his feet back and forth. However, he got the highest grades in all his tests. Bulgarian children have one of the highest average test results in the world.

At age 11, his parents decided he needed to go to wizarding school, not Durmstrang, as they did not want their child dying of the cold in Norway, so they chose Hogwarts. There he was sorted into Ravenclaw House, and still got the highest test scores. He would often win a trophy in General Knowledge, Quidditch, or Lacrosse, surprisingly. He graduated after 7 years at Hogwarts, with a "Highly Commended" certificate given to him by the Headmaster.

22 years, he would come back to Bulgaria. However, his parents were dead, and the country was not as he remembered. So, therefore, he tried cleaning up the place. He was known for being generous, and set up his own charity. People talked about him being a good choice for Minister, and so he was.

At age 23 he found his wife, Amartiova, who he would go on to marry. She was a certified Wizard, who was known around the 'Yugoslavia/Balkan' area for being a top-class wizard. Amartiova, had a baby called Poli, named after her mother, who died of a stroke.

At age 30, he was elected Minister, winning by a convincing 87% vote. He currently holds office, and will do so for 10 years. He is known as 'Bulgaria's treasure', and can make deals with his counterparts, making Bulgaria not as bad as it used to be.



Aleksander Aleksandrov Bulgarian Minister of Magic
-Minister of Magic - Bulgaria

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