"I am not gone. I am around, always."

Alessio Salvatci-Romano is an NPC - This character is kept around for a certain purpose, but is not actively roleplayed.

Alessio Feliciano Byungjin Salvatci-Romano



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Alex, Felix, Jin, Jinnie




June 13th








Venice, Italy


Single; Alive




Magical UK




Gryffindor Alumni



Family Blood


Wand Core

Dragon Heartstring

Wand Wood


Wand Arm

Left; Ambidextrous








I'd like to apologize to anyone I have not offended. Be patient. I will get to you shortly.

not exactly sure if he's adulting right, party animal, Gucci's child, Insomnia's manager, friendly neighborhood dumpster fire made by Aera.


Kim Minseok

Eye Color

Greyish Brown

Hair Color




Distinguishing Marks




Mental State





I'd like to apologize to anyone I have not offended. Be patient. I will get to you shortly.

not exactly sure if he's adulting right, party animal, Gucci's child, Insomnia's manager, friendly neighborhood dumpster fire made by Aera.

Favorite Color

Mint Green/Pastel Blue

Favorite Music Genre


Favorite Food


Favorite Animal


Favorite Book


Favorite Drink

Ice water

Favorite Song

Wow. by Post Malone

Favorite Movie

Back to the Future

Favorite Sweets

White Chocolate Covered Pretzels




Creative Writing, Singing, Rapping (to an extent)


Organization, Management


Italian, Korean, English




Giorgia Salvatci


Francesco Romano

Full Siblings

2 Younger Sisters, Younger Brother

Half Siblings







I'd like to apologize to anyone I have not offended. Be patient. I will get to you shortly.

not exactly sure if he's adulting right, party animal, Gucci's child, Insomnia's manager, friendly neighborhood dumpster fire made by Aera.

"Now, if you were asked to describe the CEO's son, what would you say?"

Alessio's... something alright. You can tell he grew up with rich parents in a richass home, it kind of just radiates off him. I'm not saying he's arrogant or anything, but he has that air of regality around him. Like he's better than everyone else in the room, and they better know it before he has to point it out. He's unique in the way that he wears his flaws like a crown. He openly embraces the fact that's genuinely a hot mess, emphasis on hot and ignoring the mess. He's super easy to talk to, even though he looks like he's constantly annoyed by everything twenty-four-seven, he's actually a pretty chill guy. He makes a lot of funny remarks as just casual statements like his whole life is a shitpost at 1 am.

I don't think I've ever seen him in a relationship honestly. I admit, I've hooked up with him once or twice, seen him hook up with other people, but never really date them. I don't know if he's not interested in dating or is just scarred from it. He saves a lot of photos to the Cloud because he fears forgetting precious memories and the people that came with those memories. Sometimes I feel like he wishes he could forget certain memories because he'll be sitting at the kitchen counter, scrolling through his phone, and then next thing you know he's on his fifth glass of wine and is bawling his eyes out. It's weird, but I don't question it. For all I know, instead of an ex, he could be crying over his dead dog from when he was thirteen or something.

He's literally at any and every party in existence. I'm pretty sure he kind of lives for those. He gets like a thousand times more social in a party than in normal everyday life. Dude's a total party animal. Makes you wonder what exactly makes him act so alive in a party. Maybe it's a distraction? Maybe he just feels at home? I don't think he really knows how much of an extrovert he is. He practically thrives off of the presence of other people and gets super dejected when no one's around. I don't know if he's pieced that together, but an outsider who knows him well enough with good observational skills could definitely tell. Maybe it'd do him well if he had some close friends or a significant other or something. It doesn't really help that he tends to push away any potential of any type of relationship. He seems to keep his "friends" at arm's length, and his hookups even farther.

I wouldn't go to say he's secretive, but he does have his secrets, and he guards them very closely. He's probably lied to me about things countless times, but I don't even know because he's that good at lying. There's this type of apathy he carries with all his statements that make his lies indistinguishable from his truths. I can't tell if it's something he's perfected over the years or he was just born with a natural inclination to lie. On the bright side, he's pretty trustworthy and honestly, one of the most loyal people I've ever met. If you tell him anything, no one else will ever hear it unless you give permission. He might not like you, but he won't oppose you or try to sabotage you in any way. In fact, he'd probably warn you if you were being targetted instead of sitting back and watching.

He's pretty hard on people, but I think it's just because he wants to see them be the best he can be. When he first started working Silencio, he wasn't a man of many words, but when he spoke, you listened. The way he could command a whole room to silence was damn near incredible. Might just have something to do with being the son of a CEO, or maybe he's a natural leader. He's careful about the amount of pressure he puts people under. He won't put you under enough pressure to crack, but just enough that you come out a polished white pearl. You can tell he's dedicated to what he does and works hard so everyone else can succeed. He's really selfless like that, putting the success of others above his own. He makes a lot of jokes, saying he's being paid to care about people, but he really does. He cares so much and if you look close enough, you can really see it.

I don't think he can really help it but he gets so attached to people so easily, and it's heartbreaking watching him pour out his all for everyone else and not get anything in return. He doesn't look like he minds, but I think it's slowly eating him up inside. I mean, imagine sacrificing your time and your passion for people twenty-four seven and never getting even a tenth of that back for yourself? Whether he shows it or not, dude's stressed, like really stressed. Like he's been chosen to fix the world's problems, he desperately wants to help as much as he can but doesn't know how. Y'know, he mentioned he once wanted to be a singer as a throwaway comment, but I think he still wishes he could've fulfilled that dream. It must be painful watching and helping as these people accomplish their dreams but he can't even go after his own. I know I'd certainly be bitter if that was me. But nonetheless, he puts on a half smile and gets to work, and it's really one of his most admirable traits.





I'd like to apologize to anyone I have not offended. Be patient. I will get to you shortly.

not exactly sure if he's adulting right, party animal, Gucci's child, Insomnia's manager, friendly neighborhood dumpster fire made by Aera.

Although Alessio's last name is Salvatci-Romano, his parents never actually married. They couldn't, it'd be too much scrutiny for Francesco Romano, CEO of one of the most prominent wizarding companies in the Wizarding World. It wasn't his fault he'd fallen in love with Giorgia, a vampire hailing from Korea who had stolen the identity of the mistress of her ex-lover after she murdered her. Giorgia was as beautiful as a sunset, and her personality perfectly contrasted Francesco's own in the way that made them a perfect match. Even though they'd been in love for years, dating in secret, it was the reality that they'd never be able to have the dream of a family in a luxurious home on the coast of Italy that made them attempt to separate.

Read attempt.

Because it never happened.

Francesco eventually married Giorgia's non-vampire sister whose name was Aurora, but there was no true love between them. Their relationship was purely business and their endeavors were completely separate. Under this premise, Francesco continued his relationship with Giorgia, even moving him into a mansion on the coast of Italy just like they had planned if they were to ever have a normal life together. He stayed there most of the time while Aurora and her lover stayed in Francesco's penthouse in Rome. It became slightly stressful on the two, however, because Giorgia could never be seen when she leaves and Francesco had to provide explanation constantly for why he and his wife were always separated.

The two eventually had a child, which they named Alessio Feliciano Byungjin Salvatci-Romano. They gave him both their last names to show that they were truly unified by this child, and his names tied into how much he meant to them. The defender of their love, that's why he was named Alessio. They were lucky to have him, Feliciano. He was precious to them, a luminous star, Byungjin. There was so much thought and planning put into having this baby boy, it was no wonder he was sheltered and protected so much as a child.

From an early age, Alessio was always aware that he was a Dhampir. It was one of the first things his mother told him, as well as all the other things he needed to do to keep his existence as a Half-Breed a secret. Although Francesco knew it was crucial for Giorgia to drink human blood to survive, he wasn't particularly siked about letting his son do it too, but eventually, Giorgia warmed him up to the idea as long as it was under moderation. Alessio didn't need the blood, but it seemed that it kept his energy levels much higher and left him less fatigued.

Besides the obvious hindrance of being half-vampire, Alessio's childhood was relatively normal. He was kept in the mansion most of his childhood for his own protection and to deter the media from trying to get info on him. The most the media and general public knew was that Aurora and Francesco had a child and that's all. No one knew what they looked like, their gender, etc. There weren't even pictures up on the internet or anything. Francesco ensured nothing about Alessio would get out, paying trusted people to get rid of any articles or pictures of him that somehow managed to get online. He even hired a hitman once or twice to get rid of reporters who knew a bit too much. That's how desperately he worked to keep his son's identity a secret.

Alessio didn't really seem to mind being kept in the mansion most of the time. He never really interacted with kids his own age, just servants, his parents, and his younger siblings. He never appeared to have an urge to leave or find out what the outside world was really like. After all, according to his mother, it was a dangerous and scary place, so why would he want to know? He never questioned his parents, not even once, and listened to what they said, figuring that everything they were doing was for the best. Although, he did discover that his energy levels typically remained relatively low when he was alone compared to when people were around, so he started following the servants around the house.

His first sign of magic was quite mellow and happened when he was eight. He had already known he was a Dhampir and likely a wizard as well, so he wasn't really focused on the aspect of his toys were floating around the room, just focused on the floating part. A year later, he, his mother, and his younger siblings were moved to a house in Britain while Francesco dealt with a rising controversy that may or may not possibly endanger his son and lover. They stayed there for a lot longer than expected, long enough for Alessio to get a letter to Hogwarts where we attended for all seven years of his magical education. He graduated as a Gryffindor Alumni with flying colors as one of the top students in his class.

There were a bunch of ups and downs in terms of his teenage romances. He realized he was bisexual at the end of third year after he had his first kiss and kissed a couple of other people. He dated several people fourth through seventh year, and more often than not, his boyfriends or girlfriends would take his dedication for granted and neglect him or openly take advantage of his naivety. He brushed these mishaps off though. He's seventeen and just graduated from Hogwarts when he enters one of the most abusive relationships he'll ever be in. 

Jonah was a charming man about two years older than him who managed to capture his heart in a mere few weeks. Alessio really thought he was the one. How could he not be? He matched Alessio perfectly, he was handsome, considerate, caring, never forgot an anniversary or a special occasion. He even got engaged to him after dating him for just a year and a half. Everything was going well, as far as Alessio saw it. They were in love, they were due to marry in several months and they'd have a magical wedding and live happily together in a modest apartment in Lincliff... Unfortunately, things didn't turn out that way.

Jonah nearly completely destroyed his mental health, isolated him from his friends and family, made him quit his job and stay with him in Jonah's apartment where he was watched almost twenty-four seven and wasn't allowed interaction with anyone unless they had been cleared by Jonah. Eventually, his connection to the outside world was terminated completely, and Alessio became completely dependent on Jonah, developing Stockholm Syndrome as he continued to blindly believe everything Jonah was doing was for them. He became extremely fatigued and thin, literally becoming a skeleton of his former self.

Not only was Jonah paranoid and obsessive, but he was also verbally abusive. If Alessio stepped out of line even once, he was called all sorts of obscene things and insulted constantly. This led to Alessio developing a persistent case of depression, in which it took him years to recover from. Too weak to challenge Jonah and too weak to escape, Alessio was trapped in a reality he had finally woken up to. Jonah was just straight up psychopathic. If it wasn't for one of Jonah's neighbors getting a bit too curious about the yelling that happened in the night, and the apparently "hallucinated" thin figure lingering in his apartment and calling the authorities, Alessio would've likely committed suicide.

Jonah was sent to Azkaban under the sentence of a lifetime, and Alessio was shipped to St. Mungo's, where he stayed at for the next two years, as he returned to his normal health. During these two years, he was assigned a personal therapist who he saw almost every day. They managed to undo most of the damage done by Jonah, but there were still mental scars left from the experience. Alessio became extremely secretive and distrusting, keeping everyone at an arm's length distance or more with the exception of his family. He avoided engaging in relationships and started opting for just hookups. He typically keeps this particular part of a past a secret to anyone new he meets, and even though it was a big news story for a period of time, he made sure to erase the story from anywhere it could be accessed, preferring not to be asked about it, afraid to relive the experience.

He still has nightmares about it but no one knows. He began working out extensively to ensure he's never weakened like that it again. He always makes sure his wand is on him, or if not his wand, something he can defend himself with. He became more apathetic and indifferent to life, his joyful smiles replaced with disinterested blank faces. He became afraid of opening up to anyone, and when two more people managed to do it, he finally decided it was enough and eliminated relationships from his life entirely. He had a girlfriend and another boyfriend before he gave up on love. His girlfriend wasn't really bad, just got a little testy every once and awhile. Alessio liked her enough that he tolerated her snapping but after she took it too far and caused him to have a panic attack, he cut it off with her and moved on.

The boyfriend he had before he stopped dating entirely was nice. He was breath of fresh air for Alessio, and he finally felt at peace with someone. The first time in a long, long time. They dated for a while until Alessio found out he was cheating on him and dumped him. At that point, he decided it was just too much effort to try and date people who would never return the love he gave to them and kept to hookups. He was tired of being heartbroken and screwed over and crying over every little thing. He just wanted to be okay for once. Sometime during his relationship with his girlfriend, he got a job at Silencio Records. He was later assigned to become the manager of Silencio's newly debuted nine-member boy band. It was a nice distraction and he related a little too much to the majority of the group, which he became close with. They honestly felt like his younger brothers.





I'd like to apologize to anyone I have not offended. Be patient. I will get to you shortly.

not exactly sure if he's adulting right, party animal, Gucci's child, Insomnia's manager, friendly neighborhood dumpster fire made by Aera.

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