Alex grew up in a poor family in outer Syktyvar. Though their family were all Purebloods, Alex's family was quite poor, only being able to send them to Durmstrang through the generous patronage of a wealthy Pureblood sponsor that found Alex begging on the street. Though they had been able to make things happen from an early age (around 5 or 6), they were careful not to let "normal" people see this.

Though Alex often feels better than most people, they know that it is probably only from circumstances that they lucked into at birth. Alex's first magical sign came at the tender age of 5 years old.

They were only barely starting to learn to speak German, but that was okay, because the following happened all in their native Russian. Their older brother, Vladimir, came stumbling into their little house (more of a shack, really), having just been shot by a member of the Russian mafia. Their mother wanted some snow melted to treat his wound. Unfortunately, they had no form of heat that was quick enough that day. The snow had already been gathered, in preparation to become drinking water. Alex toddled over to it, waved his hand, blinked, and it was water already. Alex's mother, Nadiya came over, was in awe a bit, and quickly put the water to use.

Over the next decade, it was discovered that Alex did not need to use a wand in order to make magical things happen, or to cast spells. For more complicated spells, they did need a wand. However, for simple tasks, they do not need a wand. This was discovered out of chance. Alex was demonstrating how to cast the Protego charm, and, though they did not have their wand, the spell was cast regardless.

During their time at Durmstrang, Alex accomplished many notable things, such as achieving captain of their Quidditch team. They also achieved many scholarly things, such as acing all but their Potions and Herbology N.E.W.T.S.. On those two, Alex received an E.

Alex is now 25, and, after having worked as a Russian Auror for 5 years, they wish to go to Europe. Not only to make more money, but to really interact with more magical peoples.


Alex is very sure of themself, and wants to do the most good in the world with as few people getting hurt as possible. Alex is also extremely intelligent, and can speak and understand seven languages. These seven are as follow: English, Japanese, Latin, Russian, German, French, and Spanish. Though they grew up and went to school in Northern Europe/Western Russia, (attending school at The Durmstrang Institute), Alex has since immigrated to England to find work with the English.

Growing up in a poor family near the city of Syktyvar, Alex had it instilled in them to always be better than the day before. They always try to be better than the day before, and will do anything in order to do so. During their childhood, this got them in some hard places. Though there was always a temptation to go Dark, Alex resisted it, (sometimes barely) as they wanted to be an Auror (or the Russian equivalent).

Though they never gave in to becoming a Dark Wizard, Alex did do some shady things while trying to survive in the months that they were not in school. One of these things was playing games with the Muggles, traveling to the villages around Northern Russia to win money from them. Sometimes they would let the Muggles win, so as to not raise suspicion, and keep their cover safe. After all, they thought, if the Muggles were too dumb to know that they would lose their money, then they did not deserve to keep it.


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Elective Courses taken:

Current Crushes:


Languages Understood

Russian: First language

German: Second language

English: Third language

Latin, Japanese, French, and Spanish: Other languages understood

"Come, sights to smell, words to be tasted!"

Alex Krusha
RPer Noc
Age 26
Birthday September 4th
Nationality Russian
Ethnicity White
Species Witch
Blood Pure-Blood
Orientations Pansexual, Aromantic
Gender Non-binary
Hair Brown, usually dyed
Eyes Brown
Faceclaim Aki Marietta
Height 5'1"
Weight 115lbs.
Schooling The Durmstrang Institute
Year Graduated
Occupation Auror-in-training
Wand 13.5 inches, Ebony wood, Phoenix Feather core
Wand Arm Right
Patronus Leopard
Boggart A small white cat
Languages Russian, German, and English
Tarot Card The Chariot

Model: Aki Marietta

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