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"Let's Spark!" - Xander leading the Auror Department during the Battle at the Ministry of Magic, the last of the Third War


Alexander Kyros "Xander" Greyarch was a Irish-Scottish Pure-Blood Wizard who attended Hogwarts in the years 1976 - 1983. He was sorted into Ravenclaw house, he was an intelligent and said to be good looking young man. His mother was a Muggle-born, named Kiana Athena Flores, his father was a pure-blood named Axel Jonathan Greyarch. He was also the Ravenclaw Beater along with his best friend Vance Korus. His mother Kiana and father Axel were wizard-worldwide famed Ministry of Magic Aurors who died to Bellatrix Lestrange when they attempted to capture her.

Xander grew a strong vendetta against Death Eaters. Afterwards, Xander became a professional Quidditch player from 1984 to late 1993 which he took a long break from. After Hogwarts and before his Beater Career, Xander developed a romantic relationship with Leslie Rans during his 7th Year, 3 years later, they got engaged and married 2 months later. They had 2 daughters and 1 son, Athena, Nicola and Gorgon Greyarch. During the Second Wizarding War, 1 year later, he returned to England along with his family. Soon, he helped the Wizards in Diagon Alley to get to safety during this time, and, during 2 May 1998, he participated in the battle of Hogwarts covertly with Vance. During the battle, his wand got blown into pieces by a stray Disarming Charm and he uses a Beater's Bat to defeat Death Eaters.

Vance met his end by a Death Eater named Travers, and he also witnessed the slaying of Bellatrix Lestrange, and Tom Riddle, or Voldemort. 19 years later, Leslie and Xander live with their 2 pet Diricawls named Aurie and Corie. While his children, Athena in Gryffindor Year 3, Gorgon in Slytherin in Year 1 and Nico in Ravenclaw in Year 2. 2 years later, Athena started dating James Sirius Potter, and after that, Leslie and Xander are part of a Task Force setting up the Battle of Azkaban. Logan Kana and Jerry Baker led the team, but the Escapees, led by Corban Yaxley and Augustus Rookwood, ruthlessly fought, Leslie's colleagues, Una and Gina, got killed, Logan got admitted into St. Mungo's because of Rodolphus.

Leslie and Xander were working in the Ministry under Hermione Granger during the Third Wizarding War, the New Death Eaters, known as the Acolyte Regime, led by Delphini Riddle. Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger led the final Order of the Phoenix, elderly Wizards like: Aberforth Dumbledore, Kingsley Shacklebolt, Arthur, Molly, Bill, Charlie and George Weasley, Fleur and Gabrielle Delacour, Viktor Krum and Dedalus Diggle, etc. and young Wizards like Jerry Baker, Reggie Donaldson, Marley Flint and Samuel Falco joined as well. 4 years after, Athena and James Sirius joined. During the battle of the Ministry of Magic, Xander dueled Walden Macnair and Phoenix Arina, the Acolyte Regime got the upper hand until the Students of Hogwarts joined the battle.

The Order lost several casualties including Arthur Weasley, Elphias Doge and Dedalus Diggle. Augusta Longbottom was killed by Delphini. Neville Longbottom and Kingsley Shacklebolt got heavily injured. Xander witnessed everything. Until he saw his daughter Athena about to get killed, he leaped in front of her killer's Avada Kedavra and died instantly. The last thing he heard: "DAD! NO-" and the last thing he ever said: "Goodbye, Athena, Gorgon, Leslie and Nicola". Unknown to him, his second daughter Nico and wife Leslie all died during the battle, the other casualties then the Greyarch's, Arthur, Doge, Diggle, Shacklebolt, Travers, Antonin Dolohov, Phoenix Arina, Yaxley, Dennis Creevey, Amell Oxford, Jonny Hirsch and Lindsey Akira.

1 decade later, Athena married James and has 3 children, named: Alexander Arthur "Lex" Potter, Wesley Phoenix "Wes" Potter, and Maya Mirandos Potter. Gorgon married a woman named Coraline Flynn, and had 2 sons, Tyler and Tyron,