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Don't get too attached to this character. The user that RPs them is evil.
Expect heartbreak, angst, and depressing storylines.

Alexander Hall
"Being kind is everything."
Owned by: GG

Full Name: Alexander Eutychos Hall
Born: January 1st
Age: 19
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Species: Witch
Nationality: Swedish
Ethnicity: Norwegian

Sexuality: Bisexual, Demi Homoromantic
Relationship Status: Single
Accent: Neutral
Birthplace: Sweden
Native Language: Sweden
Languages Spoken: English, Swedish
Current Location: In England
Mental Illness(s): None

Blood Status: Pure Blood
Wand Wood: Ebony
Wand Core: Unicorn Hair
Wand Length: 11
Wand Arm: Right
Patronus: Bear
Boggart: Losing his sisters to his dad
Exotic: No

Schooling: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
House: Hufflepuf
Year: Alumma
Year Joined: First

Alexander is kind, he’s also extremely loyal; once someone gains his trust, without a doubt he’ll have your back all of your life, and he’s also one to overlook betrayals from friends due to his trusting and loyal nature; but he’ll defriend someone if they lie to him; he hates lies with a passion and as such, if you lose his trust, you’ll lose his trust forever, but he’s otherwise very kind and considerate of people.

He’s also a bit of a cynic though in all honesty; he’s always questioning how the world works and is very curious about it, though it may come off as cynical to some. He’s also quite honest with people, leaving no room for any sort of lies in his conversions. Though, he’s family oriented, and quite willing to kill himself for his family’s safety, and despite living a rich lifestyle, he’s hard working though.

He's actually quite brave when called upon to be - but he's not one to sit in the background and let other people do other things; and he's very stubborn about it as well. He's also got a bit of knack for skateboarding - and people will often see him skateboarding, and he's kind of epic at doing tricks - he's defently the type that will teach people a trick or two about skateboarding.

“Well. I was born on January 28th in Sweden, to two rich conflicting parents. Emily already had an affair which produced my half brother… I dunno him, but yeah, at least I know I had a half brother. So, she ran away once my father realized she had an affair with another man; although it took him like five years to figure this out, and by then, they’d have me and my sisters, Ahava and Jonna.”

“After nearly being raised by my strict father for my entire life, I did accidental magic out of anger at him. He’d have hurt my little sister, so I acted out of anger at seeing my sister being manhandled in such a way and... So i burnt his hair on fire... Was I punished? Yes."

“After two years of waiting, and my father moving me to England a year earlier with a friend of his becuase he didn’t want to see me and so he told his colleague, Mr Branch and her daughter, to move along with me, after all, she’d be paid a hefty sum to take care of me. Plus, Mr Branch was a lovely lady anyhow. I went to Hogwarts, to be sorted into Hufflepuf house."

It wasn't a surpise to me actually, it was the house I so wanted to be in, to be honest. I enjoyed Hogwarts as a Huflepuf, while my sister was a Slytherin. To be fair, she wanted to join me in Huffleouf house anyhow. She however, was immedately placed in Slytherin - despite wanting to join me so badly. I felt bad for her that day as she almost cried once she was put in Slytherin, and she doesn't exactly cry all that often you see."

"After some time playing Quiddich for Hufflepuf house during my Third year, all while having great grades at the same time (hey, I was a goodie two shoes back), I eventually became captian during my 7th year - but I've always been a natural at Quiddich though. My sister was sort of jealous of me, I believe - she liked to call me the 'pefrect' one whenever I'd do something right. But, I dated plently of men and woman alike in Hogwarts - although my first real love was a female though - she was a Gryffndor student during my 7th year and well... She was magical in bed, I might say. Sad we broke up though. "

“I’m currently 19 years old.”

Gender: Male
Eye Colour: Dark Blonde
Hair Colour: Brown
Height: 5.8
Weight: "No thank you."
Voice Type: "What else do you expect?"
Distinguishing Marks: None


None yet|}


Father: Robert Hall
Mother: Emily Davids (nee Hall) Full Siblings: Ahava and Jonna Hall
Half Siblings: Casper Davids
Guardian(s): None
Spouse: None
Children: None
Other Relatives: "I don't really know all them... To be honest."

Emily Mother "Ah. You. I don't like you very much for being so cowardly."
I-Don't-Care-For-Him Father "Seriously, just f**** you."
Casper Davids' Half Brother "He doesn't exactly know who I am. I figure it's better that way - he wouldn't exactly react well to knowing of my existence. Otherwise, I'm pretty much in somewhat awe of him."
'Ahava and Jonna Sisters "There's no way to describe you two - but Ahava joined me here, and was a Slytheirn, much to my surpise. She's always been a real hard arse when required, I suppose. Jonnas the quiet type - never really been one for show, I suppose. She went to a different magic school from us two, so I suppose that means something, but I would really like to know Jonna better though."


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