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Alexander Alexandra Marie Richards
Determined Adventurer
March 23, 2014
Blood Status
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Alexander Richards is a Gryffindor graduate, conquering life one step at a time. A lot is going on with her life, including that she had been bitten by a werewolf.

Eye Color
Hair Color
Clothing Style
Bright with some edge
Ashley Benson
She's taller than her earlier years, topping off at 5'7", only an inch shorter than her brother. Other than that, she has not changed very much.

Native Language
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American-English mix
Earliest Memory
Yells and crying
Type of Childhood

It all started with a cup of hot chocolate and a cold December.

Lisa Matthews was a Witch. She had graduated from the Salem Witches' Institute. She was determined to be able to live in both worlds. Which soon lead her to her one year away from getting her Musical Education degree.

Henry Richards was just a normal joe. He would go to work, school and home every. Single. Day. He wanted change. That soon came at a café.

It was cold and she didn't have any other classes that day, so she went to the local café to order some hot chocolate. Once she got her drink she turned around-

And spilled the drink all over the person behind her!

She apologized over and over as she hastily started to clean up her mess. She looked up and their eyes met. After the incident, they hung out a few times before they actually became an item. A year later, they were engaged and six months later, they were finally husband and wife. Soon after, they became parents. Lisa would soon learn a secret that Henry hid so well, even HE didn't know it.

He was verbally abusive.

How did Lisa find out? Well, it goes like this:

Whenever the kids would do something wrong, he would yell at them and say things that would bring their moral down. He would even do it to his wife. Lisa only stays with him because she loves him and knows he can be better.

This is Alexander's story.

Alexander (Later changed to Alexandra) Marie Richards was born on March 23rd with her twin brother, Cristopher. These two caused mayhem for their family. They grew up to be specialists in pranks and causing general mischief. Which of course, was not okay in their dad's book.

One day, when they were seven, he was sick and tired of having to watch were he stepped. So, he figured, if I separate them then it should end. It didn't. In fact, that's how their first sign of magic came. While Chris blew things up, everything started flying mid-air, and were sometimes thrown at walls. Eventually, they got their own room again.

This lead to a discussion with their mom about magic. Of course this happened while his older sister was at Salem. So they obviously assumed they would be going there.

Life had other plans.

Henry got a job in England when they were ten, forcing the whole family to move to Britain. So, guess what? That means they get to go to Hogwarts. No big deal. Then he heard about sorting. What if she got separated from his Chris?!

Fortunately, they were both sorted into Gryffindor. But soon, things got very complicated very quickly. In their second year, their elder sisters made a plan to get Henry in jail, which surprisingly worked. But of course, this threw their family in turmoil. Without a reason to stay there, their elder brother, Xavi, left, and with Xavi went Alex, since she so happened to hate England now. She realized Chris may have some difficulties with this, but she thought he'd be okay. Then, he went to America to meet up with her.

Alex, knowing he loved England, and wanted to stay there, immediately called him out on this, thinking he'd have been better off staying in England. Chris just happened to take this the wrong way, which was reasonable. This caused a fallout between the two. The siblings who were once the closest, became not-even-friends. In fact, they were basically each other's worst enemy.

Alex had started in Ilvermorny during her time in America, and she was sorted into Thunderbird. She LOVED it there. She had plenty of friends, and many reasons to stay... And she would never admit it, but her brother being there made it all the better, even if they weren't talking.

Two years later, Chris informed her that he was leaving yet again, and she threw a fit. Although, Chris was avoiding her for the next two weeks. She had BEGGED her grandparents to let her follow, and they agreed, sending their sister a letter. She immediately got on a plane and followed.

At first, this didn't sit well with Chris, but after they talked and sorted things out, the two were closer than ever. In her seventh and final year, Alex and CHris had become involved in an unfortunate accident that would change her life forever. She ha been out in the Shrieking Shack with Chris on a full moon. Of course, she went head first into danger, possibly saving his life but also might have ended her if she weren't lucky enough to have been found by a werewolf pack that was in Hogwarts. She's now a member of the pack, but is still dealing with the issues that come along with the newfound ability, including keeping the secret from her siblings, and the pain that comes along with her transformations. It's a work in progress, but she has a pretty good support system. Alex is not good at expressing it, but she couldn't be more thankful to the group that had made her way into her life.

Close to graduation, Alex plans to work in the ministry, with Chris going for an Aurorship.

personality and traits
Best Qualities
Jokester, determined, adventurous, kind
Worst Qualities
Reckless, troublesome, stubborn
Most Influenced By
Her Family
Since last in England, Alex has grown particularly more positive on her outlook on life. Since Henry was locked up and thrown out from their lives, she sings and smiles a little brighter. But, she didn't change all that much. She's still a prankster, she's still adventurous, and she's still determined. Alex is also still very much responsible, although she's grown a bit more since she left in that case.

The biggest difference one could see in her is that she doesn't prank for fun, but more for payback and when someone deserves it. She's a lot kinder, and much more outgoing than before. That, and she's more vocal. She had also found a small love for singing- Although, at the moment, it's just in the shower or when she's completely alone, but it's one of her favorite things to do. Just sit outside, watch nature, and sing.

Smaller differences include, but are not limited to: The fact that she is a lot more clean. More organized, and she loves schoolwork just a bit more. There is also the fact that Alex is more caring about other people's feelings, and doesn't discriminate against house elves, centaurs, giants, vampires, or werewolves. If anything, that just makes them more interesting. Alex is also much more focused, despite her ADHD. She can't exactly work past it, and she's still distracted at moments, but she'll tried her damnedest to pay attention.

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Alex Richards - Determined Adventurer ♠ Gryffindor Alumni - Werewolf

- Maybe if I hit you with my book you'll be smarter.
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Alex waves her hand. "Hi. How ya doin'?"


skills and magical abilities


Christopher Richards

"Our job is to protect each other


Chris and Alex have been through everything together. She moved to America for him, and moved back fro him, because the sole reason of she can not be without her twin. "Soulmate" is not an appropriate word for them. These two are not soul mates, they are one soul. They are one being. They're inseperable, and always have been and that's never going to change.

Victoria Torres

Hey. You okay? What am I saying, of course you're not.

–Tori - Jaye

Victoria helped Alex. Kept her grounded and that much more sane when th world was crashing down around her. Alex still sees her as a bit of a stranger, but all she really needs to know is that Tori is a good hearted person, and Alex is part of her pack now. She wouldn't hav it another way.

Emilie Davidson

"You have strong beliefs and passion for what you believe in. There's no need to apologize for expressing that."

–Emilie - Bond

Emilie did not make a good impression on Alex, as even before she was a werewolf, Alex believed in rights for the creatures, and Emilie, it seemed at the time, did not. Ale and Emilie seemed to have misunderstood each other, and while Alex doesn't hate her, she's still pretty unsure about her. She harbors no hard feelings towards her, but she doesn't harbor anything good either. Alex is, frankly indifferent, if not slightly warming up to her.



Sexual and Romantic Orientation
Heterosexual and Heteroromantic
Relationship Status
First Love
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Languages Spoken
Losing any more of her family. Also Henry. Obviously.
Favorite Drink
Pepsi or milk
Favorite Sweet
Still Chocolate
Amortentia Scents
Dirt, pecans, and rain
Favorite Color
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