Alexandria Di Sena e Bonaparte
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Personal Information

Full NameAlexandria Athena Di Sena e Bonaparte
Alexandria Athena Malfoy [ maiden ]

Age20 y/o
Zodiac SignTBA
Sex / GenderFemale / Female
Sexual OrientationHeterosexual
Romantic OrientationDemi-Biromantic
Relationship StatusSingle
AccentMiddle Class English
Living SituationSlytherin Dormitories

Languages SpokenEnglish

Magical Information

Blood StatusPure-Blood
Wand WoodBlack Walnut
Wand CorePorlock Mane Hair
Wand Length13"
PatronusBengal Cat
BoggartBeing Disowned


Alexandria Malfoy isn't exactly unkind, she's just not the first thing that'd pop up on Google if you typed in 'the nicest kid at Hogwarts.' That's not to say she doesn't have a nice bone in her body, more like it's just shrouded through taught prejudices that most people would rather not look past and, understandably so. Near enough everything Alexandria says has a sarcastic tone attached or, at the very last, is a double-edged sword - kind, but malice could be hinted at near the end. A compliment, but also a dig at someone's self-esteem. That vibe. That's partially down to how she's been brought up but even she has to question why she hasn't shaken it off by now. Alexandria commands a lot of presence; she's charismatic and charming and is always a prominent energy within the room. To say she's a Queen Bee isn't an exaggeration but she much prefers the title of Empress, thanks. There are hints of a positivity coming from her. Alexandria is, surprisingly, rather supportive when it comes to others' struggles with spells and has helped whenever she can. Of course she always tries to brush it off and say she's just doing it so her image looks good to the teachers but many suspect it's a more genuine version of herself shining through. Her humour? Cold, dry sarcasm. Think Santana from Glee mixed with the manipulation from Quinn, leave for seventeen years and you have Alexandria Malfoy.

Perhaps the biggest problem with Alexandria Malfoy is nobody knows how genuine she is. She is one of those people where she could be helping you out but, due to her tone and demeanour, you'd swear blind she was tricking you. Many have put it to a disconnection between emotion and word delivery due to her Malfoy upbringing yet others just deem her fake and leave it at that. Manipulation is a tactic that many have found common within Alexandria. Far too often will she use emotional and personal manipulation to gain what she wants. She's not adverse to outright blackmail, but she likes to give people a chance to avoid her charm so to speak. It's about the only decent thing concerning her charm, if people are honest. Alexandria, through learning via her childhood, is a fan of taking out her anger, sadness and inner frustrations out on other people. In both subtle and more obvious ways, Alexandria will do whatever she can to unload her emotional baggage onto anyone else. Don't get her twisted though, she doesn't want nor intend to come across as a bully but from years of having a similar treatment done onto her she can't help but continue the trend. She's tried everything to stop it - diaries, using a sibling as a therapist, channelling it into her work - but nothing seems to work thus far and consequently her way of things has yet to be changed.

Inside, not that anyone bar her siblings at best have gotten close to seeing it, Alexandria is a confused, broken girl. She can't understand why her parents won't accept her twin for who he is and constantly questions the core belief of blood supremacy that she was raised on. For years she's attacked the muggle-borns mercilessly without a second thought but sine second year when one actually took the time to befriend her, she's been questioning it. For her, her world is turning upside down and being a callous person is the only way she thinks she can regain some normality. If anyone was to look close enough they'd see cracks within that pure-blood persona; how she's trying to get help, how she now hesitates saying 'mudblood' and, perhaps more importantly, how she's edging herself away from the pure-blood daughters of her father's friends. To anyone with any sense, it's clear that Alexandria Malfoy is screaming for an escape but has yet to find it.


Nicholas Malfoy had always fit the Malfoy family image perfectly, believing to outshine the members who did not. A cunning and ambitious man who - of course - was apart of the Slytherin house. He was not one to be ashamed of his magical ability, and was actually quite proud of his skill. Though, his intelligence shouldn't be forgotten. Overall, Nicholas stood well to his family's name, and planned to stay that way when he began to date the wealthy pure-blood witch, Ophelia MacMillan.

The two had a decently healthy relationship and overtime, Nicholas even set a date on when he would propose. Though, a problem would arise when Ophelia revealed she was pregnant - with his baby, of course - a month before Nicholas planned to propose. So, to avoid any family scandals, they didn't get engaged a month later. They got married. They did love each other, so a quick marriage didn't affect the relationship in a bad way. Though, the birth of Sebastian some months later was not when they imagined they would have kids. So, there was a decent age gap before the next one was born.

Out of all his children, it was clear that Nicholas favored Sebastian. The oldest son that was practically a spitting image of his father, inside and out. So, it always seemed that the eldest' achievements were celebrated much more than some of the kid's. (Even when Nicholas's daughter, Theodora, married into the royal family... Although, after that, the two didn't keep much ties with each other.) Though, even with favoritism, Nicholas and Ophelia made it their duty to try and teach their children one thing. The belief in blood supremacy and to never marry below a half-blood. Whether or not they would like to be an embarrassment to family name, that was up to them.

With being put in the spotlight all the time, Sebastian made sure to make his family look just as good as when Nicholas had done it. He did well in school, his father's magical skill and intelligence being passed down. And, of course he was a Slytherin. Some may even say Sebastian made a bigger impact on Hogwarts than Nicholas, being that he was a prefect for his sixth year. (Ha, beat that dad.)

Also like Nicholas, Sebastian would marry a wealthy pure-blood witch, Elizabeth Yaxley. The relationship had moved more slow and steady than his parents, the two beginning to date in seventh year but marrying at twenty-five. It wasn't long after that that more that before children were born, leaving for them to help keep the Malfoy legacy the way it is. If not? They would be as much of an embarrassment as any aunt or uncle who had done the same.

Naturally whenever Elizabeth gave birth to twin daughters, Sebastian's first reaction were to name them after great cities. Adelaide and Alexandria, names that would bear weights on their holders to become great and irreplaceable. Now kids, a good lesson to learn is that whilst the Devil works fast, Sebastian Malfoy works faster. Not even before his daughters were two had he flipped through the pure-blood directory, one that only he would've created, and selected pure-bloods for his girls to marry. For Adelaide, some smaller, unknown pure-blood family that had promise to rise up through the ranks and, for Alexandria, the final child in the Di Sena e Bonaparte triplets, Elias. Both were sure to be mutually beneficial; whilst those family got the privilege of having prized Malfoy daughters marrying into their families, the Malfoy's were able to lodge themselves into clear projects that were sure to do well in the future.

Growing up, like one would expect from twins, Adelaide and Alexandria were close, inseparable, even. You couldn't see one without the other and, without a doubt, they always gave off twins from 'The Shining' vibes with their identical fashion. Though the two would eventually become the middle children, there was always some sort of bias that their parents took with them. Perhaps it was the promising marriages they were set up for or, more unlikely than not, Sebastian and Elizabeth took a liking to them.

Really, their childhood can best be characterised just like one would expect of a leading Malfoy child. Home taught education rooted deep in blood supremacist values, near enough anything they wanted being given to them on a silver platter and, most notably, the stuck up attitude being taught to them consistently. Alexandria and Adelaide were always a little different though, subtly enough not to be initially detected, but enough to feel detached from what they were learning. You see, Adelaide had confided in Alexandria when they were about six that she felt more like a he. It was a confusing concept for Alexandria to get her head around - I mean, the mirror image of her was saying, quite simply, that they didn't think they were a mirror - but she mainly saw it as supporting her sister... brother. Slowly the two researched what Adelaide's feelings meant and both came to be confident in her decision.

On her own accord, Alexandria would always probe questions to her parents about transgenderism, just to gauge how they felt. Being given negative responses confused the child even more. For her, she saw no reason to not accept Adelaide - Gabriel as she was secretly calling her brother - and found herself getting angry at their response. She never once blew up at them, no, Alexandria knew that would have detrimental results for her twin and that was the last thing she wanted. In fact, anger over her parents' lack of empathy is what caused Alexandria's first magical experience. At eight years old, after another case of being told falsely negative things about transgender people, Alexandria had stormed out into the family garden where she glared at the mermaid that adorned the fountain. At the time Alexandria couldn't tell anyone how it happened (she had presumed she threw a rock in rage for the longest time but there were never any rocks large enough near her for her to be able to do it) but all she knew was that the mermaid was intact, beautiful as ever, at one moment and, in the next, she was in a thousand pieces. Whilst there was an element of scolding from her parents, Alexandria was largely praised for how intense the experience was as her parents interpreted it as signs of an extremely competent witch. She, however, found it gross that they were praising her for causing something out of the anger that they had created within her.

Alexandria, from then on until her letter to Hogwarts, remained distant to her parents emotionally. She'd be near them all the time but really as a way to suck up to them, to get the things she wanted. She didn't care if she seemed like a kiss ass to her siblings, Alexandria just wanted her life to be bettered and if she had to use her un-compassionate parents as a means to an end? Then so be it. It did, however, come at a price. Alexandria constantly felt as if she was betraying Gabriel. Why? Her parents had caught on to perhaps a sympathy of hers towards the group of people and had tried to stamp it out of her. Of course she'd never lose that compassion she had grown within her but, slowly and surely, she began to say snide comments whenever her parents were around. She worried about how Gabriel saw her, constantly reassuring him that she didn't think it and was doing it to manipulate their parents and, though he would affirm to her that it was fine, the guilt never went away yet it was never enough to stop her.

At eleven-years-old, Alexandria received her letter to Hogwarts and was promptly sorted into Slytherin. Honestly she's thrived ever since, gaining good grades and being somewhat of a model student. Meeting this Elias Di Sena e Bonaparte for extended periods of time was weird, having only seen him at small family events beforehand, but she got over it. The happiest part for her, however, was seeing her brother embrace himself fully. She doesn't know how he got their parents to support it enough so he could get the necessary medical attention needed but she's sure it wasn't easy and commends him.


Face ClaimDove Cameron
Eye ColourGreen
Hair ColourBlonde
Weight115 lbs.
Voice TypeSoprano
Blood TypeO-
Distinguishing MarksN/A
Body StyleSlim
PiercingsBoth lobes; right helix

Family Information

FatherSebastian Malfoy
MotherElizabeth Malfoy (née Yaxley)
Full SiblingsGabriel Malfoy, Aurelia Malfoy, Héloise Malfoy
Half SiblingsN/A
Other RelativesN/A


Significant Other(s)N/A
Best Friend(s)N/A

Name Etymology

Given [ Alexandria ]Feminine form of Alexander meaning 'Defender of Man'
Middle [ Athena ]Goddess of Wisdom
Surname [ Malfoy ]Derived from the French "mal foi", meaning "badly (or in this case, bad) faith" or "unfaithful"


Favourite ColourTBA
Favourite MovieTBA
Favourite SongTBA
Favourite FoodTBA
Favourite DrinkTBA
First KissHoratio Burke (NPC; Burke family member)
First CrushHoratio Burke
First LoveTBA
First TimeTBA
Sports PlayedN/A
Instruments PlayedN/A
Biggest HopeTBA
Biggest RegretTBA
Best MemoriesTBA
Worst MemoriesTBA
Mental IllnessesN/A
Criminal RecordN/A
Medical RecordN/A

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