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Alexandrine Brigitte Himmelreich
forever better than you
June 15
Josef Brandt (father)

Marina Himmelreich (mother, deceased)
Elissa Brandt (half-sister)
Conrad Brandt (half-brother)
Jakob Brandt (half-brother)

Astrid Himmelreich-Sørensen (half-sister)
Name Pronunciation
Blood Status
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Alexandrine Himmelreich is a German Durmstrang graduate who is waiting to give you a high five to the face with a chair forever better than you. Alongside her family, she is was linked to the most feared wizarding gang in Eastern Europe. You'd never guess it - but looks aren't everything, even if she does look like a cinnamon roll.
Eye Color
Hair Color
Clothing Style
Alexandrine Himmelreich is beautiful and she knows it - she's definitely got some of those model genes from Marina - and Josef Brandt is pretty cracking himself. She's been pretty lucky, and most people mistake her for a cute cinnamon roll who would never hurt a fly. That can be useful, sometimes, but irritating in others. Alexandrine doesn't like wearing shoes when she doesn't have to. She's blessed with a cute face, she supposes.

Native Language
German, English, French
German, sometimes a little bit of Bavarian
Earliest Memory
Her first memory is one of Josef's visits to her mother and her, when they were living in Munich. When she's asked by any of the Brandt family what her earliest memory is, she'll say it's her mother making bratwurst and leaving Josef out of the equation.
Type of Childhood
Childhood Fear

Alexandrine Himmelreich is a Durmstrang graduate who is ready to give you a high five to the face, with a chair better than you. An unknown half-sister of the Brandt family, she is the result of a short but salacious affair between Josef Brandt and a German model and singer, Marina Himmelreich, in Munich. Since Marina never bothered to hide Alexandrine's parentage, she's always felt that she's had names to live up to - when she met Elissa and Conrad Brandt, it seemed that things would be made less complicated if she did not reveal their relation.

For Elissa this seemed to work out, and coincidentally they eventually became as close as sisters. However, although in the beginning Alexandrine and Conrad were on good terms, things deteriorated as Alexandrine and Elissa grew closer and closer. He seemed to sour around her out of jealousy, and Alexandrine's feelings towards him changed likewise (not really). She might have crushed on him if he wasn't such an asshole, but now she couldn't care any less what he or anyone thinks of her. Actually, she'd have loved to dig the knife in and let him know that his pretty little face wasn't good enough for Josef Brandt, and if it wouldn't hurt Elissa too, she would have done it already.

One thing she's never admitted is that Josef continued to visit Marina and Alexandrine, and continued to do so when Alexandrine began her schooling at Durmstrang - she would typically cover it up as visiting a girlfriend of hers. If it was possible, she'd let Elissa know the truth about what she had been doing, but it stood that it would simply hurt them both. Her yearmate and roommate was her favourite person and her closest friend, especially when they entered the darker circles of the school. Elissa recognised the anger behind the smile, and that's what glued them together.

Blessed with pretty faces and the resultant chases by the boys and girls of Durmstrang alike, they could have had the pick of the litter, but Alexandrine chose not to play with the fools. Alexandrine, however, found she had an excellent talent for getting what she wanted, similarly to Josef, from both students and Professors. The three found themselves with influence among their peers, and Alexandrine hilariously got Prefect. She used it to keep her friends out of trouble - she's not even sorry for the amount of trouble she got Conrad in, or pretended to. It's not her fault he's an insufferable arschloch, is it? (Sometimes.)

Alexandrine shared the training with the Brandt siblings, and although it was passed off that Josef knew about her habits and cared for her as a close friend to Elissa, honestly he wanted his third child to have the same chances as his others. She graduated with Elissa and moved in with her and Conrad, regrettably (not really) and was going around with her and him, regrettably when they were cornered and offered a job, where she moved to England with her and Conrad. After Elissa and Alexandrine fought and the latter disappeared, Alexandrine has gone freelance with Harold Colombo with some kind of alliance with Evrard "Ev" Glenfield and his twin Mariet Glenfield.

personality and traits
Best Qualities
Worst Qualities
Most Influenced By
Elissa Brandt Conrad Brandt
Alexandrine will be nice to your face at first, even if she'd rather stab you in the back or give you a high-five to the face with a chair - she's never been genuinely cute, perhaps always having been a bit of a spoiled person with the rich mother she had, and having gotten her complete will after her death due to the drinking and smoking she engaged in after Alexandrine moved out. They weren't as close as they could have been, anyway, and she looked forward to Josef's visits because he understood. She's never been conventional, and the assassins-look-like-assassins cliche was never one she's followed; she might look cute, but presume she is and you'll certainly get that high five. She's got a certain ear for sarcasm and will throw phrases that perhaps should have been kept back at first - she's good at using her assets to get what she wants, when she wants it, and will slap a bitch (with a chair) if it's needed.

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skills and magical abilities




Sexual and Romantic Orientation
Bisexual, Biromantic
Relationship Status
Dating Harold Colombo
Complete and utter abandonment.
Favorite Drink
"Strawberry Milkshake" vodka. This girl can hold her liquor and she's not sorry 'bout it.
Favorite Sweet
The salted liquorice Haribo's. Everyone says she's weird for liking these, but she doesn't really care.
Amortentia Scents
Cinnamon, hot metal
Favorite Song


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