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Co-Head of Global Media Network
a milf


Birthday 07 August 2019
Age 27
Pronunciation Ah-Lex-Iss
Family Autumn and Alecander
Gender Cis Female
Pronouns She / Her
Orientation Homosexual
Relationship Single
Nationality American
Languages English
Residence Warner Household
Roleplayer Filoksenia
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Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Blonde
Height 5'7
Faceclaim Brie Larson




:Benjamin Warner was once the golden boy of the Canadian wizarding world. The son of a high ranking ministry worker, he was viewed as a potential minister. It didn't help that he had the right temperament and could charm anyone he laid eyes on. By the time he was graduating from Ilvermorny, Benjamin was someone who had a grand future ahead of him. A future of power and glory, if he so put his mind to it. People loved him, even when he was trying to push them away. The type of person that could win someone over with a smile. There was just one problem, though. Benjamin hated his life. He found the magical world tiring and consuming with his own life having little purpose and felt that he was too...boxed in. That so many people had built his path for him that he had no control over his own life. So he left. He left it all behind the moment he graduated. Benjamin didn't bother returning to his mansion in Magical Toronto. Instead, he travelled through America, living the muggle life that his family scorned. Eventually, when he was nineteen, he joined the RCAF. The Royal Canadian Air force. It was something he chose to do with his own life and that was enough to make him happier than anyone else in the entire world.
It took him another two years to meet Claire. Claire everything that he ran away from. Kind of. That was a bit of an exaggeration but Benjamin found it ironic that he ended up with a politician. The very career he realised he would never be able to stomach himself. Claire was a prominent figure in the Liberal party, though sometimes referred to as Canada's natural governing party, and was a figurehead, working closely, albeit more behind the scenes, with the leaders of the time. Even though she was rather young, Claire had been promoted through the party the moment she graduated from university. Claire was a firm believer in equality for all and rallied for many important legislations to help secure a happier future for everyone. They met at some event where the military was invited. Benjamin had made a small name for himself in the RCAF so he was invited to come along by one of his leading officers. Seeing him dressed in his formal uniform, Claire once joked that it was love at first sight. It was a matrimony that took both of them by surprise. Claire had never really been a huge fan of the military and advocated for peace and diplomacy in parliament rather than the use of the military and force. Yet, with one conversation, Benjamin had won her over like so many had before her. They spent the night dancing in the gazebo away from the crowds. Claire insisted he give her his number at the end of it.
Both had busy schedules but this turned out to be a blessing for the both of them. Neither expected the other to be around them 24/7. So they were able to make it work without expecting too much from one another. They saw each other whenever they could. By the time they were nearing their mid thirties, Benjamin decided to pop the question. He saw his future with her and couldn't imagine losing her. Two years later, they had their first child. Alecander Warner. A healthy boy that they both loved and adored. In the next year, they had twins. They didn't realise it was twins until the birth, though, and had only been planning for the eldest daughter, Alexandra. But Autumn was a pleasant surprise nonetheless. Benjamin, falling in love with his three babies, decided to quit the RCAF and become a house husband. He didn't want to spend time away from them. So whilst Claire was changing the world in politics, Benjamin had his hands full with nappies and baby food. When the twins were four years old, the parents decided to open up their household. Become a foster family for other children.
Not only would it boost Claire's image career wise but it would make sure their children are exposed to a wide array of people, not just the rich kids from the other families. Throughout their childhood, their home was a refuge for many underprivileged muggles. Alec, Alexis and Autumn saw them come and go. One or two stayed for a few years before being adopted but most only stayed for a month or so. Some their age, some teenagers, some babies. Some were volatile, bullies. Some were quiet and shy. Some refused to utter a word. By this time, Benjamin had confessed to Claire about the wizarding world and that their children might have inherited the magical gene themselves. Being so high up in the Canadian government, Claire had a good impression that there was something else out there that the Prime Minister was keeping silent. With the knowledge of the wizarding world, everything made sense and Claire easily accepted it. Her children might be a part of that community so she had to accept it. The alternative, rejecting her own children, would have broken Claire's heart.
In any case, Alexis — born Alexandria for the sole reason that her brother Alecander named her after him — had a good childhood. She was an easy toddler to manage, which was a silver lining in the midst of her twin sister Autumn’s deteriorating health. It was a difficult experience growing up, as it meant a lot of her parents’ attention was allocated to her sister. Some resentment grew at first, but that was quickly squashed when Alexis got a good grasp of how hard her sister was struggling with her poor health. From there on, suffice to say, Alexis watched Autumn like a hawk. They were virtually inseparable, and she often acted like a third parent, parroting her mum’s every command to make sure her sister never injured herself or triggered some kind of diabetic crisis. She didn’t mind sacrificing any kind of social life; she was much more of a watcher, anyways. Cloud watching, bird watching, people watching, watching Autumn do her thing — it all came naturally to her, even if their extroverted older brother ditched them because of it to go play basketball. Very macho man of him, but oh well — at least Alexis found a passion for acting. There was this little acting group that performed at the park the twins frequented in their youth, and Alexis found herself quickly fascinated by the Shakespearean plays they performed.
In the years that followed, theatre proved to be a source of comfort for Alexis. When her relationship with Autumn became tumultuous as her magic manifested whilst Autumn’s didn’t, she resorted to spending hours at the local theatre program, honing the skills that would one day have her become one of the most prolific Canadian actresses of modern time. Autumn took her own path, and by the time they were eleven, their relationship wasn’t even a sliver of what it once was. Being a witch when your twin is a squib is tough, y’know? (Yeah, turns out that was a thing. She fixed her mum’s eyesight at age 6, but by 11, Autumn couldn’t even turn on a light.) There’s nothing to bond over. Alexis couldn’t vent about her friends or crushes, tell her about how she was excelling at Potions, or even bring up how she was dominating the quodpot pitch without feeling immense guilt. It got better over time, of course, but it was still a frustrating ordeal for the young witch; especially when the time came to apply for the exchange program, and she was finally placed in Hogwarts. She had nobody to turn to. Thankfully, upon graduating, things got a lot easier. They were both fairly into visual arts, albeit different fields, and it was something they could bond over even whilst Alexis was pursuing a muggle degree at NYU in acting. There was good overlap, and it pushed Alexis to really become the best version of herself to show Autumn how far she had come.
Throughout the years, Alexis amassed a great volume of accolades for her acting career. By 25, her reputation as one of the best actresses of her generation was undeniable, and there wasn’t a single casting director in Hollywood that didn’t want to work with Alexis. She did projects all around the world and continues to do so to this day, although she has since relocated to the United Kingdom, where she’s beginning to put roots in. Her acting career has slowed down in recent years, but there’s no denying she remains a powerhouse in the industry as a screenwriter and director. To make matters even more interesting, it was recently announced that Alexis had signed on to become co-CEO of the Global Media Network alongside thriving director-turned-CEO Lavinia di Sena e Bonaparte. There’s no denying the two will make an excellent duo; it’s just a matter of how they’re going to propel their company into ‘uncontested powerhouse’ status.



  • Alexis prides herself on being kind and charismatic.
  • She naturally gravitates towards other people, and tends to become very chatty when approached by others herself.
  • Suffering from a big fear of rejection, Alexis tends to go out of her way to please other people.
  • She values kindness above all else, even if it means lying to spare someone else's feelings.
  • Alexis is terrified of commitment and tends to self-sabotage any good relationship in her life.
  • She's very optimistic; she really doesn't like seeing a glass half-empty.
  • She trusts others very easily and tends to wear her heart on her sleeve.
  • Alexis is a team player. She detests working solo.


Interests luka
Habits luka
Pet Peeves not luka
Goals marry luka
Enneagram the achiever
Star Sign Leo
Love Language Gifts and acts of service

Magical Characteristics

Patronus Memory
Boggart autumn dying
Blood Status halfblood
Peculiar No


Song Cruel (Zayn)
TV Show Grey's Anatomy
Book The Song of Achilles
Color Light brown

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Co-Head of Global Media Network
a milf