Alexus Daring
The Aspiring Musician

Alexus has always been a bit of an introvert. She most definitely had got the trait from her mom, since her dad being as charismatic as he is. She never really liked going out or trying to make friends. She would much rather just stay in her house and play on her Guitar instead. Of course she's a bit jealous of the type of people who can just go up to someone and be besties with them 5 minutes later, but she doesn't necessarily want to be like that. Does that make sense? Honestly, she's a bit glad he hadn't been as charismatic as her dad, and instead a bit quiet like her mother. Her being almost a spitting image of her father inside and out, having that one trait that people could compare to her mom felt nice. (Even though she got her love of music from her mother but not many people know about that side of her.)

Alex also just really doesn't give a crap. She'll do what she wants, if someone likes it or not. She had easily gotten this from her father. Though, her ways of showing it is much differently? While her father just overall shows it when it comes to anything private of himself. He's not one to keep a secret and somehow many ladies find it quite charming. Alex just usually shows it when it comes to style, mood and overall how she act. She doesn't care about being "judged" and/or "approved" of. If she wants do do, wear or feel something, she does that and doesn't even care to hide it


The Darings had been a very pure-blooded family for many centuries. Decades even. They also had lived and grew up in London for as long as the family could remember. It was like their pure-bloodedness and where they lived was a tradition. Is there another term for it to be called? The latest of the Darings were 3 sons. Vincent, Nigel and Ian Daring. Vincent, the oldest, had graduated Hogwarts and worked at the Ministry of Magic. He had become married at a young age and started a family quite quickly. Nigel, the second oldest, had soon after graduated and started working at St. Mungo's. Lastly, Ian, the youngest of the three, graduated Hogwarts. Ian had always been quite different from his brothers. Unlike most of his family. As most of the Darings were Gryffindors and Ravenclaws, Ian had been sorted into Hufflepuff. After he had graduated, with NEWT scores which were quite low compared to the older two brothers, he had decided to move to America. He didn't really know why. He just wanted a change from the rich and very British family he had grown up with. The family wasn't to happy with this and most cut him out of their lives when he left.

Ian had lived in America quite fine. Great actually. He liked the change and everything about it. He had moved to New York City. It was a very incredible city and in some ways reminded him a lot of London. Though, it was also very much extremely different. This is where he met Ellie Kate Fallows. At the very moment he laid eyes on her, he could practically tell she was a wizard. He didn't know how he could. He just did. She had much of a different presence than all the other city folks here. So he introduced himself. Ian had always been a charismatic one and quite a charmer. So, you could probably guess she was a bit swooned with him when they first met. Over time they had become closer and closer. That's when the topic came up about wizardry. And as he predicted, he was right. She was a pure-blooded wizard, as well, who had graduated Illvermorny around the same time as he. After both figuring this out, they had become even closer and another type of connection started to form. Of course they always flirted with each other here and there, but now they didn't even try to hide it. So soon enough their friendship had become a romantic relationship.

Only 5 months of them being romantically involved, Ellie had accidentally become pregnant. Ian almost lost it. He had not told any of his family about Ellie, not even the ones he got in touch with on rare occasions. He felt conflicted if he should tell them or not. He decided not to. As, most of them ignored he ever existed anyways. So, they had a child. It was a boy, which they named Jasper. Ellie's family, who had always treated Ian like family once he and Ellie started dating, helped out as much as possible. They were extremely rich and even bought the small new becoming family of 3 a home. Almost 6 months later, Ian proposed to Ellie. They got married a little before a year later. The family had been going quite well. Ian had got a job at some business while Ellie was an Elementary School Teacher. Under 2 years after Jasper was born, Ellie had become pregnant again.

Since they had already had a child and a much more steady life together, the pregnancy news was less nerve-racking. They had a daughter. Alexus Daring. Years passed after the two were born. Jasper being almost 11 and Alexus at age 8. Once September rolled around, Jasper would be starting his first year of Ilvermorny. It was this time that Ian had got terrible news that his brother, Vincent, had fallen very ill and wasn't expecting to last much longer. Ian and Ellie had made a big decision and decided for the two children and them to visit England for a bit, so they could get to know their family on their dad's side, since their uncle they've never met was dying. So that's what they did.

They came and were a pretty big shock to the whole family. Some excited and others... Not so much. Though, they found a nice place and stayed there. Jasper very much loved London and his new part of the family, especially all 8 of his cousins. Alexus on the other hand liked to stay at her house and didn't talk much to any of them. It wasn't like she didn't like them. She just didn't like the change. Her mother, as Ian's family weren't the biggest fan of, stayed quite close with Alexus as well. This is when Ellie taught Alex a bit about music. She showed her, her favorite songs/bands and even taught her how to play the Guitar. Alex had been obsessed with music ever since.

Time came around and Vincent Daring died. It was very tragic to the family. Since no one wanted it to be that Vincent's wife to take care of all her 5 children alone. Ian and Ellie decided to stay and help out. Jasper started school at Hogwarts and was sorted into Ravenclaw like his uncle, Nigel. Most of Alex's cousins had started Hogwarts as well. It was only Alex and two other younger cousins who hadn't started Hogwarts yet. Even though, the two younger cousins were anxious to go to Hogwarts, Alexus really wasn't. Her whole life she thought she would go to Ilvermorny, but now she wasn't. Though, more time came around and she started Hogwarts. Now she's in her 4th year and still feels the same way she'd felt about Hogwarts since her 1st year. She's focused a lot on her music. She always has a pair of headphones around her neck or on her ears. She likes to find deserted rooms at Hogwarts to take her Guitar or notepad and write or play music.

Music is the passion of the soul.
The key to happiness is to stop giving a f***.
Basic Info
Full Name Alexus Lucille Daring
Nickname Alex
Birthday May 21st
Age 17
Nationality American
Home Currently England
Status Single
Sexuality Bisexual
Location England
Gender Female
Year 7th
House Gryffindor
Species Witch
Family Blood Pure-Blood
Wand Core Veela Hair
Wand Wood Maple
Wand Arm Right
Boggart Deathly Diseases
Patronus White-Tailed Doe
Model Noah Cyrus
Gender Female
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Black
Height 5'5
Body Style
Mental/Emotional State
Mental/Emotional Disorders
Physical Disorders
Ethnicity Caucasion
Be a voice, not an echo.
Fam & Gen
Character Flaw
Personal Motto
First Reaction to Crisis
Faces Their Problems
React to Change
Native Language
Wherever you go, go with all your heart.



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