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Alfred Kirkland is RPed by Igirisu

Alfred Kirkland

"I am the hero!."

Gryffindor Crest (Gif)
Vital Statistics
Born July 4
Age 14
Family None
Gender Male
Species Human
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Status Single
Signature File:Americasig.jpg
Magical Characteristics
Wand Laurel, Manticore Spike, 10.5 Inches
Wand Arm Right
Blood Purity Muggle Born
Patronus None
Boggart Running out of hamburgers

Mr. Hero[]


Alfred is the twin brother of Matthew Kirkland and was put up for adoption by their mother, Alice. Alfred was adopted by a wizarding family, the Sersuns, and found out about his brother when he was ten. It was a few weeks after finding out about his brother that he wrote to him, telling him about how they had been separated. The thing he looked forward to most about going to Hogwarts was finally meeting his brother.


Alfred is an energetic person who often intrudes upon other peoples business, whether they want him to or not. He is obsessed with superheroes, and is scared of ghosts. He thinks nothing of eating strangely colored candies. He can be quite arrogant and has a habit of saying words like dudes and mate. He loves to eat hamburgers. He is the exact opposite of his brother in many ways, as Matt is quite timid whilst Alfred is definitely loud and proud. He likes to be agreed with and doesn't tolerate being ignored.


Alfred has a mop of dark(ish) blonde hair, and a single flick of hair that sticks up. He a) Can't comb it back in and b) doesn't especially want to because it is a bit like Matt's flick. He wears glasses but sometimes takes them off because he thinks looks cool. He loves tacky military uniforms so is often seen in a '50's one.

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