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Alfred Loup
Alfred 4
Vital statistics
Title Owner of Flourish and Blotts
Gender Male
Age 63
Height 5'6
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Green
Race Wizard
House N/O
Year N/O
Wand Cedar, Pink Fwooper Feather, 10.5 inch
Wand Arm Left
Family None
Affiliation(s) Him Self, Books, Flourish and Blotts

About Alfred...

Alfred was born in Paris, France in 1953. But at the age of 8 months was moved to Britain. At a very early age of 3 years old his mother and father died in a 'car crash'. He was later sent to an Orphanage.

At age 12 he received a letter from Hogwarts, luckily the Orphanage head was a squib, so knew all about magic and quickly made a cover story for Alfred's absence. When Alfred arrived at Hogwarts he was sorted into Ravenclaw after the feast.

At Hogwarts he spent all his spear time in the library. He loved doing work for extra credit, like most Ravenclaws do, and spent most of his time either reading or writing himself

Alfred pp

After Hogwarts, he landed a job at Flourish and Blotts as a book boy. After 15 years of this the owner died and the job was handed over to Alfred. lfred lives above Flourish and Blotts in an apartment which he shares with his cat, Gingembre and his Hawk Owl, Huée. He loves to read in his past time and is a great friend to every shop owner in Diagon Alley.


  • Alfred's patronus is a Hawk
  • Alfred's model is David Suchet as Poirot.

Alfred 3

Alfred 1

This character has been requested to be preserved by LeGruff.