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Alisha Powers

"Charms Prodigy"

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Alisha Powers - 3rd Year • Hufflepuff Hufflepuff crest
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Charming people is my specialty, and yes... I mean both.


Hufflepuff crest

Powers were a famous name around the Eastern part of Europe and Alisha basically grew up there with her father only. Her father works at the Ministry of Magic located in France, so she don't seem to see him very often. While Alisha's mother left her, when she was just 3 years old. Up to now, she doesn't know why she left them, and or why her father won't talk about it. The only thing she knew was that she was a Veela, and that she is a half-Veela.

Alisha always gets what she wants, she admits that she could be a brat at times. But she's not your typical brat, she only took things to give those in need. She's like the modern "Robin Hood", although she uses charm speak instead of bow and arrows. She would always get into trouble, but underlying her mischief. She's just doing this for her father to notice her and actually be with her. Ever since then, her father would provide maximum security around Alisha. But not to go into any more trouble, but more like he was protecting her from something. At first, Alisha has no problem with it as for her it only means, she would have plenty of company. Until she turned 11 and received a letter from Hogwarts. Her father doesn't liked the idea of her going to Hogwarts as she already have a private tutor. But everyday, he would see her father grew miserable. Alisha couldn't shake the feeling that there's a deep reason why her mother left her, and she intend to find her when she go to Hogwarts.
"Charms Prodigy"
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Born January, 2000
Family Giovanni Powers (Father)
??? (Mother)
Blood Status 1/4 Muggle, 1/4 Witch, Half Veela
Eye Colour Hazel
Hair Colour Blonde
Height 5' 8"
House Hufflepuff
Wand Willow, Veela Hair, 12 inches
Pet Type Pygmy Puff
Patronus -
Affiliation Prodigy Circle
Quests -

Hogwarts Life[]

Hogwarts Life

===Acceptance at Hogwarts===

Before heading to Hogwarts, Alisha bought all her supplies at the local Wizarding shops in France. On the train, she literally almost knew everybody and already became friends with them. At the Sorting Ceremony, the Sorting Hat almost placed her at Slytherin because of her father's reputation but she chose to be in Hufflepuff.

===First Year===


==Physical Appearance==

Physical Appearance


Alisha is a very beautiful girl, it's not only because of her Veela heritage that she caught a lot of attention from males. But because of her kindness, and humility. Alisha had a fair blonde hair, that seems more striking because of her blue eyes. Her father said that she was almost a splitting image of her mother.

==Personality and Traits==

Personality and Traits

Alisha is the nicest person in their neighborhood. It's not because she's a half-veela, but of her natural outlook towards life. But like any other people, she can't impress everyone. She was hated most of the time by her girl friends, as they feel inferior whenever Alisha is around. But despite the hate, Alisha loves them. She loves everyone to the point that her kindness tends to be abused. She rarely gets angry, but when she does... You will hate yourself for doing such thing. She got really angry with her uncle, and up to now she don't speak with him.

==Magical Abilities and Skills==

Magical Abilities and Skills


Alisha is very adept in Charms, it was the only subject at Hogwarts she's very good at. Her charms ranges from enchantments, bewitchments and healing magic.

Healing Spells[]

One of the things she's quite adept is healing magic. She was familiarized with it as she is in mastery with charms. Despite of her still few knowledge of the Healing magic, she wants to pursue a career as a Healer.


Alisha shows so much potential in duelling, she almost beat William and Castiel in a duel. But she doesn't like violence, and prefer charms. It is said that her mastery of charms is in par with combative magic. But if she saw you hurt her friends, she could be very fierce in duelling.

Veela Attraction[]

Alisha as a half-Veela, not only she can attract men she also could put them in trance to do things what she want. Although hers would not be as strong as that of a full Veela, it can overwhelm unsuspecting individuals when she decides to use it. But she never uses this ability since she met William.





Alisha didn't bought her wand from Ollivanders. She inherited from her mother who left her, it was cored with her mother's hair so she really took care of it. It's wood was a Willow, which were perfect for its healing properties and suitability with Charmworks.

Pygmy Puff

It was Rose and Cloud, both owned by her and Remi that led to their friendship. Rose and Cloud was a Pygmy Puff couple. Rose was very cute and always like the attention. She's color pink and don't like to be in her pink cage. Alisha is always furious when Rose would go out and hide. So Alisha charmed Rose with a tracker spell.

Dreams and Ambitions[]

Dreams and Ambitions

Alisha has always aspired to be an actress at the Muggle World, but lately she just want to finish her studies and teach at Hogwarts. But soon after, she wanted a career as a Healer. She also like Remi's idea of building another school for Witches and Wizards.








Spells List[]

Spells List

First Year Spells[]

  • Herbifors
  • Expelliarmus
  • Incendio
  • Intruder Charm
  • Vites Venit
  • Locomotor Mortis
  • Petrificus Totalus
  • Protego
  • Wingardium Leviosa

(For Presentation Only)

Spells Learned Elsewhere (Admin Approved)[]

None Yet.




Required Classes[]

Optional Classes[]






First Years
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