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Alison Wofsy
Muggle Doctor
Birthday November 17th 1986
Nationality Irish
Ethnicity Unknown
Accent British with a hint of Irish
Blood Status Half-Blood
Sexuality Heterosexual
Roleplayer Amber Jaymee

Credit to Emma for the base coding.

Alison Wofsy
Muggle Doctor
Species Human, squib
Gender Female
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue
Model Sarah Paulson
Height 1.68m
Weight 70kg

Credit to Emma for the base coding.

Alison Wofsy
Muggle Doctor
House --
Year/Occupation --
Wand Unknown
Wand Arm Right
Patronus Unknown
Boggart Unknown
Affiliation Wofsy Family, Muggle World, Fellow Doctors, Herself

Credit to Emma for the base coding.



Alison Wofsy is a Muggle Doctor, she is a squib also.


Alison = Norman French diminutive of Aalis

Jennifer = From a Cornish form of the Welsh name Gwenhwyfar

Wofsy = Gaelic

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Alison grew up as one of two children, engulfed in what is considered to be the upper class of society, she attended balls and was only associated with people her parents deemed worthy, although she was shruded in this stereotype, as she aged she developed a sense of self worth and moral, she began helping those who her parents wouldnt have deemed suitable, unlike her parents she did not care for social class, but the value of someone elses life.

When she became a Young Adult she started training to become a Muggle Doctor, Although she was entitled to the magic gene, she did not inherit it, she was the black sheep of the family , the squib, and in so she embraced the uniqueness of the muggle world, not keeping contact with anyone in her family apart from her twin sister Belle.


Alison is compasionate and puts everyone elses lifes before her own, her family matter most to her in the world, although they driffted apart as she grew older, she would still drop everything to assist them in anyway possible.

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Alison has Long Blonde hair and Blue eyes, she is slim and has a light skin tone, Her model is Sarah Paulson .

  • Fredrick Wofsy(Father)
  • Grace Wofsy (Mother)
  • Belle Wofsy (Twin Sister)

-Has a Twin Sister

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