Entertainment Lounge


The entertainment lounge is a state of the art room filled with the latest and most enjoyable games. Any employee of the company can come here and unwind as long as they can fish out Knuts from their pockets. Alternatively, they could also waste time on getting top scores om every machine. Whatever their motive, the entertainment lounge is often the place to be.

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Asriel Hyun

Asriel is standing by the air hockey table, waiting for someone to enter the lounge an play air hockey with him. He has some free time to kill in between photoshoots and unfortunately, he can't just simply summon his boyfriend out of the depths whenever he needs to, so he's opted for the company already around him. He groaned and leaned against the table. "Where is everyone in this place? Having a day off or something?"

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18:33, May 18, 2019 (UTC)

Niobe Seo-Moon — 6th Year Ravenclaw
Niobe Seo-Moon — WB
wind chimes
Niobe had just finished her training regime for the morning (wow shocker) and decided to spend her short break at the entertainment lounge. With a towel on her shoulder and a water bottle in her hand, Niobe enters the lounge and starts to look around for any game that might catch her eye.
23:42, May 18, 2019 (UTC) | by hara ynaguinid | inspired by vulcankid
“Yo what the ƒµç╪ is up?”
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