Aloria Vale Rolls-Royce
Defender of the Shattered
December 5th, 2016
The Rolls-Royce Family
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Blood Status
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Aloria Rolls-Royce was adopted into the Rolls-Royce family from a young age. She may seem broken but she isn't. In fact, she's the strongest person you'll meet.
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Hair Color
Clothing Style
Pretty nice. Consists of knee high boots and jeans

Native Language
English, Romanian
British with a hint of Romanian
Earliest Memory
Type of Childhood
A nightmare
Childhood Fear

Aloria Vale Harris was born on December 5th, 2016 to Amanda Harris and Walter Harris. The thing was, Aloria wouldn't be growing up in a good home. No. This was the worst kind of place for a little girl to be. For you see, Walter was prone to any kind of violence. What made it worse was that he would take it all out on his daughter. That's how her life would begin.

The thing about Aloria, is that she learned how to be strong very quickly. It's how she survived. One day, she was scared. Her father was coming at her and all she could do was sit there, quivering in fear. That's when it happened. Somehow, her father slipped on nothing. Aloria knew she was in for it. Strange things like that would happen and she would be punished for it just because her father was stressed. That's when finally the cops showed up, arrested her father and took Aloria to social services around the age of eight.

There, Aloria was shunted from foster home to foster home. When she was seven, she met Jack and Riva. Of course, being the untrustful child she learned to be, she didn't talk around them, which confused them...naturally. Which, to Aloria dismay (and delight), they didn't give up. No, they just kept coming back, slowly chipping away at her cold exterior until finally, Aloria opened up. After that, she quickly found out that she was a new member of the growing Rolls-Royce family when she turned eight years old and living in Portugal.

Aloria found that she really enjoyed having all of these different siblings and being apart of a loving dynamic. However, there were times when she had to withdraw from the craziness that was her new family. Which, is how she discovered her love of literature. Sure, she read when she could but not to the absolute extent that she was able to then. So she read and read and read until she had nothing left to read in the house. So, her home-away-from-home was the public library.

Eventually she grew closer with her siblings and recieved her letter to Beauxbatons. That explained a lot about everything. Sure, her family told her about magic and the school but she was actually going. She honestly couldn't wait! So, with two other adopted siblings of her's she ventured into a place she only heard stories about. So, she spent every waking moment learning and soaking everything in. She spent three years as a Papillonlisse. She then found out that they were moving. Which, didn't bother her so much ironically. Now, she's just looking forward to what Hogwarts has to bring.

personality and traits
Best Qualities
Kind, Funny, Smart, Ambitious
Worst Qualities
Distant, Shy, Anxious
Most Influenced By
Rolls-Royce Family
Aloria is a very ambitious and kind girl. She has dreams and she will achieve them. Even if it means lack of sleep and putting more on her plate then is necessary. Which, is extremely unhealthy mind you. She can seem to smart for her own good and is aware of it. So, she pretends she doesn't understand certain things. She pretends she doesn't see or hear certain things. She maintains this mask of obliviousness and average intelligence to prevent any unwanted confrontations.

Believe it or not, she has a sense of humor. She loves to tease her siblings and friends. That's just how she shows that she loves and cares for them. She would do anything for her friends and family, even if that means she has to give up all that she is. She would do it. However, to get to this point takes a lot of work. Ever since what happened to her with her biological family, she became distant towards others. Aloria wants to make sure that the people trying to be her 'friends' aren't just trying to hurt her.

Aloria is shy and anxious. Can you blame her? She wants to be distant from everybody but so desperately wants people to be around her. She hates being treated like porcelien because of what her father did to her. So, she can be snarky and cold around those she doesn't know. When she does get to know you, she is the kindest, most gentlest girl you'll ever meet. That is, unless she teases you. She is a relentless teaser.

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