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Alyssa Corinne Vanvilkinburgh
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archer queen
March 1st
Alias Vanvilkinburgh (twin brother)
Jacinthe Vanvilkinburgh (sister-in-law)
Nina and Carina Vanvilkinburgh (daughters)
Madeline Vanvilkinburgh (niece)
Name Pronunciation
Blood Status
rped by sophie.

Alyssa Vanvilkinburgh is a Durmstrang Graduate, who is now the seeker for the Caerphilly Catapults. She became a mother not too long ago, to two beautiful daughters.
Eye Color
Hair Color
Clothing Style
Stylish, trendy
Alyssa has become a dream girl, quite literally, may I say. If her brother could only see her... oh, he'd fall in love with her.

Native Language
Dutch, German, French, English
Earliest Memory
Being separated from Alias
Type of Childhood
Divided, but fun
Childhood Fear
A divided family

Alyssa Corinne Vanvilkinburgh was born on March 1st, to Armando Vanvilkinburgh and Taylor Romberger, and exactly 3 mins after her twin, Alias Christian Vanvilkinburgh. Things were all well for the twins as young infants, but it was soon due to change...

Taylor discovered that Armando had cheated on her, when a letter from his ex turned up, telling him that he was the father of her kid. He tried to persuade her to stay... but things only got worse from there. After an exhausting custody battle, the twins were split. Alias left for France with his mother and Alyssa went to Germany with her father.

Alyssa got the better story of the two. Her father was more attentive to Alyssa's needs in life, and thus Alyssa got a much better childhood, that Alias probably would have dreamt of.

Alyssa wasn't really hit as hard by Alias' disappearance, because her father always used to tell her that some day, she will see her brother once more. It was sort of a promise that Alyssa would hold her father to; but the thought of reassurance was a good thing for Alyssa.

Alyssa went to many places with her father, during her childhood. Her father was the adventure type anyway, and Alyssa loved that. They'd collect postcards from all kinds of places, from Copenhagen to Rome, they had it all.

It wasn't long until Alyssa had her sign of magic, painting the wall of her room in green, Alias' favorite color. She missed Alias pretty bad, and would wish on star by star, that one day, she'll see him again.

2 years later, Alyssa received her first letter from Alias. She couldn't believe at first, and went to her daddy for answers. Her father knew that the letter was genuine and it was in Alias' handwriting. He told Alyssa to write back to Alias. And so she did.

When Alyssa turned of age, she began schooling in Durmstrang. It wasn't anything she was unprepared for; her father had told her much about the school and how to get around. Alyssa would go on to become a brilliant student and a great friend.

Coming into her seventh year at Durmstrang, Alyssa's ready to finish it all off, but her wish may be around the corner...

After reuniting with her twin brother, things slowly started to look up for Alyssa. Soon enough, she had found herself a girlfriend, and after some time of dating, Alyssa and her girlfriend decided to have kids.

On December 31st, 2031, Alyssa gave birth to two healthy baby girls. She named them Nina Christina and Carina Christina Vanvilkinburgh, keeping a small promise she had made with Alias a long time ago.

personality and traits
Best Qualities
Dedicated, direct, sharp-minded
Worst Qualities
Fiercely independent, confusing
Most Influenced By
Alias Vanvilkinburgh
Alyssa's a no-nonsense kind of person; she's straight to point and never looks elsewhere. She's rather fact minded, and is by no means willing to double check something if she comes off as wrong. She's a dedicated learner, something that has payed off in her life.

On another note, Alyssa has trouble working with other people. She believes that other people simply will drag her down, and she doesn't like being slowed down over nothing. But, she also believes that her strive for excellence will cause issues for others, which is also why she's reluctant to work with others.

Alyssa is an ISTJ.

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Alyssa Vanvilkinburgh - archer queen - durmstrang graduate

- "Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory." - George S. Patton
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skills and magical abilities




Sexual and Romantic Orientation
Pomosexual, pomoromantic
Relationship Status
Losing Alias
Cedar, Phoenix Feather, 10 inch
Favorite Drink
Anything, as long as it's edible.
Favorite Sweet
Cookies and Creme Ice Cream
Amortentia Scents
Cookies, chocolate, bread
Favorite Song
Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande

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