Amalia Jeanne Vasile
La Bete Du Beauxbatons
October 12th, 18
the Vasiles, and the Chastels, and her pack
Blood Status
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Amalia, "La Bete du Beauxbatons", is a descendant of the Beast of Gavaudan, and the leader of a werewolf pack from Beauxbatons. She was sorted into Bellefuille.

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Clothing Style
Megan Fox

Lozere, France
Native Language
French, Romanian, English
Earliest Memory
Type of Childhood

La Bete du Gaveudan, the Beast of Gavaudan, was a myth. A legend that an older generation told children to scare them into not staying out late. But, the thing about Myths, is nobody ever knows if they are real or not. The story goes that in the French town of Gavaudan, there was a large, calf-sized, black-streaked wolf creature that was terrorising the citizens, from mothers and children, to men who hunted it, to beautiful maidens who worked out in farm fields.

The Beast of Gévaudan carried out its first recorded attack in the early summer of 1764. A young woman, who was tending cattle in the Mercoire forest near Langogne in the eastern part of Gévaudan, saw the beast come at her. However, the bulls in the herd charged the beast, keeping it at bay. They then drove it off after it attacked a second time. Shortly afterwards the first official victim of the beast was recorded; 14-year-old Janne Boulet was killed near the village of Les Hubacs near the town of Langogne.

Many people believed the beast to be just that - a simple beast. Given, it was one that they had never seen before. What they didn't know is that these creatures have lived amongst them for decades, and for the next three years, until 1767. The Chastel family had taken Gavaudan by storm, but it soon got very out of control after the first son of Jean Chastel had to be put to sleep by order of the Ministry - He was a risk to the Statute of Secrecy and had to be dealt with.

Jean Chastel convinced the Ministry to allow him to deal with his own child. They agreed, on one condition. The family was to be obliviated and moved to Transylvania. So, after Chastel had shot his son, he honored the agreement.... But not before he wrote everything down in a journal, for future generations to know the story. The public would know one story, but his children, and his children's children, would eventually know another...

For another century, the Chastel family, in what is now Orodea, capital of the county of Bihor, would live with their secret of being werewolves happily. The same house that had been in the family for five generations was being cleaned out. Then, when Emelian had pulled out an old chest that had the name 'Jean Chastel' printed upon it, he asked his mother who that was. She explained that her great-great grandfather had migrated from France to Transylvania. That was his name.

Jeanne, Emelian's mother, and he had decided to go through it. That's when they pulled out a book that radiated with magic at their touch. They opened it to reveal the story of La Bete du Gavaudan. But it was different than the story they all knew... This was different. It explained the real story -- Magic, werewolves, and their great-uncle being a pack leader.... Being the Beast.

This revelation led to a revolution with the family. Some, like Emelian, believed it to be their birthright to lead a pack. Others had no interest in it, and wanted to stick with the status quo. Those who differed took different paths in lives, including Emelian moving to the land his ancestor hailed from. There, he realised that many of the werewolves that Jean Chastel's son had changed had not moved out, and the families lived on in the city -- And those who weren't infected, were ran out. Eventually, even some witches and wizards moved in. Gavaudan, though modernly known as a department of Lozere, had slowly become a hidden Magical community.

When Emelian had showed proof of his heritage, he was heralded as the rightful pack leader of the Gavaudan pack. As were his ancestors. It has stayed this way for 150 years. Then, Amalia Jeanne Vasile was born, the next heralded leader of Les Betes du Gavaudan. Amalia, though the oldest, has two younger siblings. A brother and a sister.

Amalia was raised to lead. Her parents knew she was destined for great things. So, when she had shown a sign of magic at seven years old, making her dolls dance for her in her room, she was sent to Beauxbatons at ten years old.... and when she turned 14, she was handed the reins. Though she did not have full control of the Beasts yet, she had a hold over all werewolves in Beauxbatons. Her pack was growing every year.

When the Triwizard tournament was announced, Amalia saw an opportunity; To go out with a Bang. Not only would she join the Triwizard tournament, and win, but she'd also expand her pack's reach into other countries. Thus, she signed up to travel to England... and she planned on staying there.

personality and traits
Best Qualities
Ambitious, Quick-thinking, Level-headed
Worst Qualities
Prideful, Crude, Shallow
Most Influenced By
Her Pack
Amalia was born to be a leader. It is in her blood, and it is in her upbringing, and she has not disappointed. Amalia is brave, she thrives under pressure, and she's a quick thinker. Amalia leads with pride and with power. Her ambition is unopposed. Everything about her screams power. She has that vibe, and not for no reason. Amalia has been groomed for it, after all. She also exhumes a vibe of just simply terrifying. Amalia likes pain, to the point where burn marks can sometimes be seen on her arms for no reason. She also somewhat enjoys causing pain, if only for simple fun. Mostly, even, mental. Though she only really does it for comical reasons. She means no real harm...

Amalia can be nice. It's not really a side people see, but she really, truly, cares for her Pack. While she is okay with being seen as powerful and terrifying to everybody outside of her pack, Amalia wants her people to actually like her. They do get to see the gentle side of her. The one that likes children, and loves helping people. They see that she works very hard to get good grades, and she does everything in her power to make her family proud. Because, really, that's what Amalia is really scared about. She's afraid of disappointing her family and does everything in her power to prevent it from happening by not only being powerful and terrifying, but also benevolent and kind.

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Amalia Vasile - Beauxbatons Student - La Bete Du Beauxbatons - Werewolf Bellefeuille-Crest-Transparent -Elle a besoin de sa bête pour la protéger de tout sauf de lui.
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skills and magical abilities
*Werewolf - She has the ability to turn into a wolf, and has a good control over it, as she has a family that taught her everything she needed to know.




Sexual and Romantic Orientation
Bisexual, Demiromantic
Relationship Status
First Love
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Languages Spoken
French, Romanian, English
Favorite Drink
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Amortentia Scents
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