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Gryffindor - Seventh Year

Amanda Caroline Clarence

(This Character is Role-played by ChocoKat )


Amanda Clarence

Currently Studying Abroad


Vital Statistics
Age 17
Date of Birth 4th April
Birth Place England
Ethnicity British
Species Witch
Blood Status Pure-Blood
Home Hampshire Hallow, England

Physical Characteristics
Gender Female
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Blonde
Height 5' 7"
Weight 120 lbs

Affiliation & Relationships
Father Edgar Clarence
Mother Catherine Clarence
Siblings -
Other Important Figures -
Relationship Status Single
School Hogwarts
House Gryffindor

Biography []

Gryffindor crest

Born in 4th April, 2005, Amanda Caroline Clarence is the only daughter of Edgar Clarence, an English wizard disowned by the ancient pure-blood Clarence family for his stance against the family's belief of blood supremacy and for marrying Catherine (née Anton) Clarence, an English pure-blood witch from a family which's known for the house of blood traitors.

Settled away from the blood-supremacists, the nuclear family resided at Hampshire Hollow in England, living next to the family of Catherine's older sister, Alicia, before Alicia moved to France with her husband and children, Clement and Damien, whom Amanda played with when they were little. This open-minded and humorous couple did whatever they could to make sure that Amanda would learn from the correct instead of becoming as distorted with horrible values as Edgar's parents were.

As expected, Amanda got her letter of acceptance from Hogwarts on her 11th birthday. By the time she had her first feast at Hogwarts, she had already been sorted to the Gryffindor House, just like her parents were. During her first year at Hogwarts, she made a number of acquaintances and friends, and became best friend with Arielle Saffron, a French-British witch who's in the same house and year as Amanda. The first year, which she spent most of the time playing around and satisfying curiosity with her partner-in-crime was fabulous as she had ever dreamed.

There wasn't much difference in Amanda's second than her first year, except with more fun, jokes and pranks. For her, everything was amazing and impeccable, until at the end of the year, her grades further dropped from the middle to almost the bottom, as she barely spent any time of studies throughout the year. Thanks to luck and short-term memory, she merely passed the exam without having to repeat the year. However, the worst has yet to come - it turned out that her best friend at Hogwarts, Arielle LeClaire, had to transfer to Beaubaxton in France for study in the next few years because of a decision made by her parents. Amanda was more than just upset and the girls had a fight for a week for this. Gladly, the best friends eventually reconciled on the last day of Year 2 and they promised to write each other letters regularly.

Entering Year 3, her mother had given her the ultimatum to study harder, if still wanted to have fun and join different kinds of non-academic activities. Fortunately, her hardship paid off - she made herself the top of her class in her favorite subjects like Potions and Defense Against the Dark Arts. In that year, she joined the Dueling Club and had also made a number of friends. She befriended Lirael, whom she co-founded a band named, LumosMax in which she played as the lead guitarist, with, and also Cherie, a girl who's in the same year as house as she does - Cherie joined LumosMax as well. She met Sascha, a friendly Hufflepuff two years older than her who told her that it's possible for even her to become a prefect, and Sofia, who told her a lot of trivia about Santa Claus in Finland. She also talked with Oliver, a Gryffindor Qudditch-lover who's also a third year - they didn't really get along at the beginning, but became great friends later as they talked.





  • Amanda means "beloved" in Latin.
  • Amanda has a snowy owl named Aria.
  • Amanda is not afraid of animals like snakes, frogs and spiders, but she would often scream out of fear whenever she sees a cockroach.
  • Amanda has a deadly fear of thunder.
  • Amanda's favorite subjects are Potions and DAtDA, while her least favorite ones are Divination and Herbology. For Divination, she dropped out of class a year after studying it since she still has no idea what it's about; for Herbology, she's now working harder on it, giving it a try since it's a mandatory subject - she has to deal with it no matter what.
  • She's quite fluent in speaking French, but not so proficient when it comes to reading and writing it.
  • Cerise, rose red, golden yellow and white are her favorite colors.
  • Amanda has a beautiful singing voice. She knows how to play guitar as well.
  • She hopes to be a singer in the future, or an auror, like her father.
  • Amanda has a habit of playing with her hair when she's thinking, worried or nervous.
  • Amanda is able to sleep even when she's standing if she's too tired.
  • Usually, Amanda is incredibly irritable and slow to wake up in the morning.


Edgar and Catherine(née Anton) Clarence
Edgar and Catherine are Amanda's parents, whom she loves dearly. While Edgar isn't always home due to his work as an Auror, Catherine owns a small shop selling chocolate many some other snacks and sweets. Amanda admires her father and has thought of being an Auror in the future (though she believes that the probability of success is tending towards zero), but is closer to her mother. Amanda listens to her almost every time - if she's actually doing something against her original wish, her mother may be the only reason this.

Alicia(née Anton) and Robert Jacquinot
Alicia is Catherine(Amanda's mother)'s older sister, making her Amanda's aunt, and her French husband, Robert, Amanda's uncle. While Robert owns a pet shop, Alicia is working as a coach for the French National Qudditch Team - Amanda thinks that it could be easily told where the impish and crazy traits of her twin cousins come from.

Clement and Damien Jacquinot
Clement and Damien are Amanda's cousins and childhood friends. Amanda considers them as her elder brothers as she doesn't have any siblings. They are the twin sons of Alicia and Robert Jacquiont. Before the two moved to France, Amanda played with them all day long as their house is just next to hers. In Amanda's opinion, these two are crazy. As craziness is contagious, this could explain some of Amanda's impulsive and mischievous actions nowadays. They loved playing pranks on each other and on other people together. Clement and Damien Jacquiont have recently moved back from France to study at Hogwarts for their OWLs starting from Year 4. As their parents will still stay and take care of their grandparents, Clement and Damien are currently staying at Amanda's house in holidays.

Candice (née Anton) and Hector Bates
Candice is Catherine's younger sister, making her Amanda's aunt and Hector Amanda's uncle. The couple resides in the United States and has a young son named Aiden. As they at most comes back to England once a year, Amanda doesn't remember much about this family.

Richard and Lydia Clarence
Richard is the elder brother of Edgar (Amanda's father), making him and Lydia Amanda's uncle and aunt. Amanda knows well from her parents that the two are blood-supremacists (people that her parents never want her to become nor does she want to). Though Amanda have never met them before, she doesn't like them.

Olivia, Gabrielle and Marcus Clarence
From the youngest to the oldest, Olivia, Gabrielle and Marcus are children of Richard and Lydia, and thus, Amanda's cousins, whom she has never met - at least not that she's aware of. While Olivia is two years younger than Amanda, both Gabrielle and Marcus have already graduated from Hogwarts - all Slytherins, of course. As she hasn't met them before and believes that they may be different from their parents, she currently holds neutral feelings towards them, though she has a hunch that this may not last long.

Click here for the family tree of Amanda.

Arielle LeClaire
Arielle is Amanda's best friend at Hogwarts whom she did everything together with when she was in Year 1 and 2, before Arielle was transferred to study at Beauxbaton. Upset by Arielle's departure, the two had a fight for a week, but they, gladly, reconciled later on and still remains close friends now with letters exchanged regularly.

Lirael Willow
Lirael is a girl Ravenclaw who's two years older than Amanda. Amanda befriended her in Year 3 - the same year which Lirael transferred from Beauxbaton to Hogwarts. They co-founded a band called LumosMax together. Lirael is an excellent singer and Amanda considers her as a good friend.

Oliver Planes †
Oliver is a Gryffindor Qudditch-lover in the same year as Amanda. It didn't start off well when the two first met in Year 3 when she was on her way to class - she was discontented by his attitude, and obviously, the feeling was mutual. Though, they got along well as they talked and they even became great friends later. Much to her surprise, Oliver confessed to her at the middle of Year 4. A bit caught off guard and not sure if she feels the same, she didn't give him a concrete reply - which she deeply regrets when she later realized that was the last time she talked to him. Hours later on the same day, Oliver was killed in the Forbidden Forest - yet, she never got to know the truth, believing that he has left like Arielle once did. She was deeply upset by this though she hasn't yet told anyone about it.

Cherie Ardoin
Cherie is a Gryffindor in the same year as Amanda. Amanda had seen her in class before but they hadn't officially met until they talked with each other in Year 3 in the girls' dorm. Cherie plays keyboard at LumosMax and Amanda considers her as a good friend.

Sofia Nurmi
Sofia is a nice Ravenclaw transferred from Finland who's a year older than Amanda. Amanda first encountered her at the Trophy Room when she was in Year 3, where she heard a lot of interesting Santa-related facts from Sofia.

Tino Nurmi
Tino is Sofia's younger brother, who is too a Ravenclaw transferred from Finland. But different from his sister, Tino is in the same year as Amanda and they first, coincidentally, officially met in the Trophy Room (where Amanda met Sofia) where she planned to finish her homework at in her Year 4 - the same year in which Tino transferred to Hogwarts. She was a bit surprised when she found out that there's actually messier and lazier than her, after seeing all the parchment untidily laid on the floor of the room and that he just woke up from his nap near the windows. They worked on their own assignment as they talked, which she had quite a lot of fun. Self-righteous and narcissistic, though not enough to the extent of annoying.

Heaven Papakonstantinou
Heaven is a Hufflepuff who's a year older than Amanda. Amanda first met her at the Hog's Head when she was in Year 3. They did a really crazy thing - they walked up and talked to a graduate whom they hadn't know before only because they were curious of what was written in the letter that the woman had accidentally dropped on the floor. It was quite awkward at the beginning, though Amanda has to admit it that it's an exciting encountering.

Wesley Parks
Wesley is a Ravenclaw who's two years older than Amanda. They first met in the West Tower when he accidentally bumped into her on her way to the Owlery. They talked as he helped her to carry her books to the Owlery. Kindhearted and friendly, in her opinion. He's a member of LumosMax as well.

Crystalean Koontz

Two years older than Amanda, Crystalean is from the Hufflepuff House, whom she met at the Viaduct Courtyard. Crystalean has green skin, which surprised Amanda at first. They've talked for a while, and Amanda thinks that she's actually quite cordial.

'Olivia Stuart

Olivia is a lovely little girl whom Amanda met when she was on her way to meet her friends. She told Amanda that she wants to become a Gryffindor in the future and Amanda finds her quite adorable.