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๐Ÿ”ฎ Decendant of Merlin ๐Ÿ”ฎ

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AGE 21 (May 17th, 2019)
SEXUALITY Heterosexual
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Christoff Jackson was a regular muggle who worked as a contractor in Durham, England to make a living and supporting his newly married wife, Mary-Ann. The two were a young couple with no thought of the magical world, or of Christoff's ancestry that would play a role in their future. The two had been trying to have children for three years with no luck, going through infertility treatments and trying to figure out why Mary-Ann couldn't get pregnant. The doctors couldn't figure out why her body wasn't accepting a baby, and eventually, the couple decided to adopt, only for Mary-Ann to get pregnant.

9 months later she gave birth to healthy twins, two little boys whom she named Ambrose and Adrian. Ambrose was born 1 minute earlier than Adrian, making him the oldest twin. But unfortunately, after she gave birth to them, the doctors told her she wouldn't be able to have any more children. Mary-Ann and Christoff didn't mind this as much, now that they had their two little bundles of joy to care for and raise.

Adrian and Ambrose were typical muggle children, raised in a middle-class family in England by loving parents and taught everything children needed to know. They were sent off to school, had their one or two friends and personalities and interests like everyone else their age. They grew and developed normally, but the two were really two peas in a pod. They hardly spoke to anyone outside of themselves, save for one or two best friends they had, but even then they always stayed together.

This lasted up until they had their first magical experience, which was an extreme shock to their parents and the boys. Ambrose and Adrian were playing with some kids at their house while their parents were having a party to celebrate Christoff's promotion at work, and the two boys were being bullied by an older kid when they both somehow used their magic to sew the bully's mouth shut and send him flying across the yard. They were scared of what they had done, sending panic throughout the party-goers and their parents.

Thankfully a ministry worker appeared almost immediately to tend to the damage of the kid and obliviate the memories of the party-goers, sending everyone home and taking the time to sit down with the twin's parents to talk about what had happened. Christoff and Mary-Ann were a little hesitant at first, not completely understanding what was going on but if this ministry worker, whatever that meant, was telling them that their children were normal and that this happened more then they thought, then they should at least give them a chance.

Over the next few years the parents, with the help of ministry workers, were able to slowly be introduced into the magical world and their kids had the aid of some private tutors to teach them about magic and Hogwarts and so many other things that were odd and seemed unimaginable. When the boys turned 11 they were sent off to Hogwarts after receiving their letter, thriving within the walls of the magical school and being thrown into a world that they had heard so much about and were finally being able to experience it to it's fullest.

While the boys were away at school, the parents were able to find out through some ancestry work done by a few ministry workers that Christoff was a descendant of the Merlin. It seemed that one of Merlin's offspring married a half-blood, and as the years went on muggles were introduced into the line before it died out and became purely muggle. Christoff didn't know what to think of this but was able to grasp a little bit and understand a piece of what he was being told.

Unfortunately, word had gotten out about his ancestry and a few pure-bloods in the upper class grew furious to learn that the famous Merlin had muggle descendants who soiled his good name and now had children at Hogwarts furthering to soil the magical name. A few radical ones took justice into their own hands, going in the night to the Jackson's home to kill the parents and hopefully the children. The parents were hurt, but an auror or two were able to stop the wizards before anything permanent was done. They were arrested and thrown into Azkaban for the attempted murder of muggles, and the parents were tended to and again had to be told some more things about the wizarding world.

The boys heard about what had happened and grew to hate pure-bloods and some wizards, thinking that they were radical and horrible for trying to kill their parents solely because they were muggles and descendants of Merlin. Somehow this hatred grew between the boys and in 3rd year, they had this horrible bitter rivalry with each other, always fighting and bickering and trying to one-up each other. It only lasted until 5th year where they came back together and grew close again, also opening up an opportunity for Adrian to come out to Ambrose that he was gay.

The two went through Hogwarts smoothly after their 5th year, both of them gaining exceptional grades and graduating with high marks and at the top of their class. They didn't mean to make a statement, but somehow they did with earning high marks as muggle-borns who were thrown into the magical world. They were able to secure some jobs after graduating, with Ambrose going to be a Curse-Breaker for Gringotts and Adrian pursuing his love for spells and magic by becoming a Spell-Weaver.



Ambrose is a bit of a go-getter and act before thinking personality, always getting into danger and trouble but never second-guessing how he got there and always trying to figure out just how to get out of it without dying. He's always been an adventurous person from a young age, always digging holes in the backyard for buried treasure and making treasure maps to go find treasure chests of gold. He would rope Adrian into his escapades with him, making his brother dress up with him as they went on mini adventures.

Ambrose was always the type of person who didn't ask questions and just dove head first into whatever it was he was doing, which was sometimes a bad thing as it got him into trouble or he ended up ruining whatever task he was given. It was difficult for him in school because he was always active and itching to just do what he was told instead of having to sit in class and hear the teacher explain piece by piece which bored him to death. Though, he's taken this attitude and managed to construct it into something positive-ish.

Despite Ambrose being quite the go-getter, he knows how to reel it in now that he's an adult. Ambrose tries not to be too extreme or loud when talking to people, but he's just so active and excited he can't help it. He goes running every day to try and get out some of his pent-up energy, but even then it doesn't work and he has to go to the gym to try to get it out more. He's been trying his best to control his personality and growing up with Adrian who was the quiet one out of the two of them, he's managed to learn some skills from his brother.

All in all, Ambrose is a fun, adventurous guy who loves to take danger by the neck and jump head first into whatever thing he's doing no matter how stupid or dangerous it might be. He loves his job as a Curse-Breaker, finding treasures and gold and going around the world on dangerous quests tasks is exactly what little Ambrose dreamed of doing.


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FATHER Christoff Jackson
MOTHER Mary-Ann Christensen
SIBLINGS Adrian Jackson (Twin)
WAND Apple, Phoenix Tail Feather, 9"
BOGGART His Brother Dead
SCHOOL Hogwarts
HOUSE Gryffindor
BIRTHPLACE Durham, England
FAVE CLASS Care of Magical Creatures
FAVE FOOD Chicken Ramen
FAVE DRINK Strawberry Lemonade
FAVE MOVIE Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark
FAVE SONG The Power of Love by Huey Lewis
FIRST KISS 3rd year of Hogwarts


Christoff Jackson
Ambrose is really close with his dad and loves him to pieces, and feels a little bad that him and Ambrose's mother got thrown into the magical world because of them. He tries his best to be considerate of their lack of knowledge about the magical world, and tries to have a certain relationship with his father
Mary-Ann Jackson
Ambrose loves his mother and is so thankful for everything she's done for him and his brother and knows it's been hard on her. He does his best to be a good son and try not to give her too much of a heart-attack with his job, and makes sure to send her chocolates and card for various holidays.
Adrian Jackson
Ambrose loves his brother almost more than he loves himself and would die for him. He couldn't imagine life without Adrian, and doesn't even want to think about what it would be like. He loves his brother immensely and tries to spend time with him whenever he can, and tries to be a good big brother to him.

Pure-Blood Wizards
Ambrose has a strong dislike for Pure-Blood wizards after what happened to his parents, and feels that they're entitled and snobby because they think of themselves as "Real Wizards". He tries to avoid them as much as possible, which is why he choose a job where he travels a lot and doesn't have to deal with alive people as often.

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