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Don't get too attached to this character. The user that RPs them is evil.
Expect heartbreak, angst, and depressing storylines.

This Character Belongs To Merisa


Full Name Amelia Snow Richards
Nickname Amy
Basic Info
Birthday December 31
Nationality American
Home Xavier's Place
Relationship Info
Status Crushingly Single
Sexuality Demisexual
Best Friend TBD
Pets Maze
Family On The Wiki Brianna Richards
Harriet Richards
Christopher Richards
Alexander Richards
Cullen Dempsey
Elise Richards

School/Career Info
House Ravenclaw
Year/Occupation Alumna/Musician
Titles The Mute Musician
Optional Classes Taken Magical Law, Astronomy
Magical Info
Species Witch
Blood Status Half-Blood
Wand Core
Wand Wood
Wand Arm Right
Boggart Becoming Like Her Dad
Patronus Wolf

Model Rachel Platten
Gender Female
Hair Colour Blonde
Hair Length/Style Medium Wavy
Eye Colour Brown
Skin Colour Caucasian
Clothing Style Casual
Other Info About Looks
She loves to be comfortable. It just makes more sense after all.

Colour Sky Blue
Music Any Kind
Food Mac & Cheese
Sweets Chocolate Cake
Animal Grey Wolf
Class Astronomy
Season/Weather Fall
Dream Job To Work in the Department of Mysteries
Happiest When...
When she can be with her siblings

Their Battle Scars

Growing up, I wanted desperately to please, to be a good girl. - Claire Danes


Amelia is at heart, a happy person. She is loud (well as loud as you can be if your mute) and stubborn. She isn't afraid to stand up for what is right, even if she stands alone. She can be a bit of a Smart Alec. Amelia is also a rule follower. She doesn't want to get in trouble because it would be embarrassing. She can be considered a bit of a bookworm. Amelia is an observant person. She is also a relentless shipper and takes pride when a ship actually happens.

Amelia, is actually fighting depression. It has become easier to make Amelia stressed or anxious because of this. She can be extremely negative when she is like this. Also, it's easier to have her snap at you. She frowns more when she's like this and hides her inner tears with snarky comments.

Amelia was born mute. Which makes it harder for her to participate in class which frustrates her. She wishes to talk but she can't. She has so much to say but can't write it all down. So, she may seem like she's not listening when in reality she is.



Ravenclaw Crest (Gif)
She was very happy to be put in Ravenclaw. She felt like she belonged there.


It all started with a cup of hot chocolate and a cold December.

Lisa Matthews was a Witch. She had graduated from the Salem Witches' Institute. She was determined to be able to live in both worlds. Which soon lead her to her one year away from getting her Musical Education degree.

Henry Richards was just a normal joe. He would go to work, school and home every. Single. Day. He wanted change. That soon came at a café.

It was cold and she didn't have any other classes that day, so she went to the local café to order some hot chocolate. Once she got her drink she turned around-

And spilled the drink all over the person behind her!

She apologized over and over as she hastily started to clean up her mess. She looked up and their eyes met. After the incident, they hung out a few times before they actually became an item. A year later, they were engaged and six months later, they were finally husband and wife. Soon after, they became parents. Lisa would soon learn a secret that Henry hid so well, even HE didn't know it.

He was verbally abusive.

How did Lisa find out? Well, it goes like this:

Whenever the kids would do something wrong, he would yell at them and say things that would bring their moral down. He would even do it to his wife. Lisa only stays with him braids she loves him and knows he can be better.

This story is about their firstborn, Amelia.

Amelia Snow Richards was born to Henry and Lisa Richards on December 31 2010. The doctors soon found out that her vocal chords were undeveloped, making Amelia mute for her entire life.

Her first sign of magic was when she was five and was frustrated that she couldn't tell her mom what it is that she wanted. Suddenly, an arrow pointed to what she wanted. Luckily, her mother was doing laundry when she saw this happen. She quickly rushed over to Amelia and explained to her what had just happened. Her mom taught her sign language with the rest of her siblings, and taught her how to write.

Over the years, Amelia became painfully aware of her father and how he was talking to her and her siblings. He was verbally abusive. Amelia would take the fall for what her siblings did and would get talked to in such a way that it's no wonder that she got diagnosed with depression at age eleven.

She was accepted to Salem and gladly went. She made some friends and loved it there. When she was fifteen, they moved to England (because of a business opportunity) and they've been their ever since.

During her Seventh year, Henry was finally locked behind bars. Amelia still isn't quite sure how it happened, but it did. To put icing on the cake, her mother, Lisa, was put into St. Mungo's to treat her Stockholme Syndrome. When she graduated, she was immediately snatched up by the London Symphony.

Amelia was a proud violinist of the orchestra for five years. Though she has had her rough patches. Recently, she has finally settled back down and is living with her brother, Xavier and his daughter, Elise.


O.W.L. ResultsN.E.W.T. Results
Astronomy — EE / Astronomy — O
Charms — O / Charms — O
Defense Against the Dark Arts — A / Defense Against the Dark Arts — A
Herbology — A / Herbology — A
History of Magic — O / History of Magic — EE
Potions — A / Potions — A
Transfiguration — O / Transfiguration — O

Arithmancy — N/A / Arithmancy — N/A
Care of Magical Creatures — N/A / Care of Magical Creatures — N/A
Muggle Studies — N/A / Muggle Studies — N/A
Ancient Runes — EE / Ancient Runes — N/A
Ancient Studies — N/A / Ancient Studies — N/A
Ghoul Studies — N/A / Ghoul Studies — N/A
Magical Theory — N/A / Magical Theory — A
Alchemy — N/A / Alchemy — N/A

Apparition — N/A / Apparition — EE


Henry Richards
She honestly stopped caring about him a long time ago. She's happy that he's behind bars.

Lisa Matthews Richards
To find out that your mother has Stockholm Syndrome is....horrible. Her mother is now at St. Mungo's with the open visitation rights.

Brianna Richards
She loves her sister. She does! It's just that, soon, Bri is going to need to stand up and not be afraid.

Harriet Richards
Mal is strong and resilient. She fought the hardest to free them from their father. Amy wants to be just like her.

Xavier Richards
Xavier and Amelia have become extremely close recently. She wouldn't change him for the world.

Alexander Richards
She's like the mastermind behind the twins escapades. She makes Amy smile.

Christopher Richards
Chris is also a mastermind but he just doesn't use his big brain. Amy honestly believes he can go far if he just tries.

Jason Pierce
Her first and only friend. He took her to the Yule Ball and helped her when she had some of the spiked punch. See Romances for more.

Maze the Cat
Amelia loves Maze to the moon and back.

Jason Pierce
He makes her heart flutter and she can't help but grin when it does. I think she's crushing!


Amelia: Rival, Eager Work

Work in the Department of Mysteries


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