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Amethst Daimonds
Amethyst Daimonds
"You've never seen a girl dress-up as a cat?"
Kitty Girl
Little one
Important Information
Gender Female
Family Scatty- (Foster Mother)

Ruby -(Twin  Sister)

Casper Daimonds- (Father Dead)

Aquamarine Daimonds- (Mother Dead)

Status Alive, Single
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Black
Height 4'6 ft
Affiliation Kid
Wand  Unknown
Species Witch
Home Lake Home

 Amethst Daimonds (Continued)


 White Jaguar (will be)





Boggart 2








Amethst is simalar to her twin sister Ruby in many ways. She is noble and humble. She doesn't like to have fun every once-in-a-while with everyone she knows and trusts she would rather read her books. She loves to be nice to everyone she meets and she know's not to trust or even talk to the people who Scatty doesn't like.


Ravenclaw crest

This character is a Ravenclaw!

Amethst is an eight year old twin to Ruby and both of her parents had died. She was 4 years old when that happened and she was forced to watch and her relatives were dead as well as her cousins. Amethst loves to dress-up like a cat but she will olny take it off when Scatty tells her to. She lives with a vampire by the name of Scathach and she loves Scatty because she's always nice to her. She sometimes wonders why Scatty fxes them brectfast, lunch and dinner but leaves when they eat.

She never had any friends and she hopes to be able to go to Hogwarts soon. She loves to read unlike her twin sister who olny reads what she likes and not what her sister Amethst likes. Amethst loves to pick on her sister a little bit and she doesn't play games in Scatty's Arcade Room with her twin who absolutly loves it and knows not to go near the bar. She loves to go outside and look at the lake with her twin and watch the fish swim. Amethst loves her green bedroom because she can read in it when she wants to.


Amethyst Doll

Amethst's toy doll made to look like her

Talk Bubble[]

Amethyst Daimonds

Amethst Ravenclaw Year one Ravenclawcrest
-Kitty Girl

 Cynderheart (talk) 18:26, January 30, 2014 (UTC)Cynderheart

*Amethst looks at you with curiosity* "Hi, I'm Amethst Daimonds but my twin sister Ruby calls me Amey, my twin sister is Ruby Daimonds and my foster mother is Scathach Waters" *Amey says in a sweet voice*