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Амифо Зебунонович Тальник

Ravenclaw 7th Year

Ravenclaw Crest (Gif)
Vital Statistics
Born December 2nd
Age 17
Family Kea Willow (Sister), Sanar, Ryelle, Lucian & Lirael Willow (Cousins), Dana Ukhtomskii (Second-Cousin)
Gender Male
Species Wizard
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Black
Status Alive, Single
Signature Amizosig
Magical Characteristics
Wand WIP
Wand Arm Right
Blood Purity Pure-blooded
Patronus Raven
Boggart WIP

Name Etymology

Amizo: is one of the seventeen names of Lilith.

Zebunonovich: is a Russian Patronymic name meaning Son of Zebunon

Willow: is the name of a tree which is derived from the Middle English wilwe (willow)


Amizo: Ah-mee-zo

Zebunonovich: Zeh-boo-nohn-ov-ich

Willow: Will-oh

Quick Info

Amizo Zebunonovich Willow was born in Zheleznodorozhny, Russia as the 4th child and 3rd son of Zebunon Lutherovich Willow, the younger brother of the deceased Lucius Willow, and Anzhelika Mikhailovna Willow nee Zhigunova. He was born 20 minutes after his twin Abito, and has sixteen siblings, Izorpo, Satrina, Abito, Mstislav, Ita, Kea, Sergey, Kali, Valentina, Taras, Adam, Yevgeniya, Emmanuil, Lyubov, Lilith and Ruslan

His childhood was normal for a pure-blooded wizard with multiple siblings, and his family was a rich one. Her brother Izorpo was sorted into Slytherin, and in his fifth year met a Durmstrang transfer who called himself Lucian Willow. Before that, he hadn't thought that he could have cousins, not even knowing that his father had had a brother.


Amizo has what seems to now be generally regarded as 'the Willow look'. Dark hair, a pale complexion, and blue eyes, much like most of his siblings, including Izorpo, Satrina, Abito, Mstislav, Kea and Sergey.


Amizo is, like his siblings, naturally loud, coming from a naturally loud household. Beside this, he's pretty smart and usually disregards feelings, unless it's his family. Most seem to believe that he has anger problems when he doesn't. He at least attempts to be polite at all times, but often fails miserably.



  • Zebunon Willow (Father)
  • Anzhelika Willow nee Zhigunova (Mother)
  • Izorpo Willow (Older Brother)
  • Satrina Willow (Older Sister)
  • Abito Willow (Twin Brother)
  • Mstislav Willow (Younger Brother)
  • Ita Willow (Younger Sister)
  • Kea Willow (Younger Sister)
  • Sergey Willow (Younger Brother)
  • Kali Willow (Younger Sister)
  • Valentina Willow (Younger Sister)
  • Taras Willow (Younger Brother)
  • Adam Willow (Younger Brother)
  • Yevgeniya Willow (Younger Sister)
  • Emmanuil Willow (Younger Brother)
  • Lyubov Willow (Younger Sister)
  • Lilith Willow (Younger Sister)
  • Ruslan Willow (Younger Brother)
  • Ryelle Willow (Older Cousin)
  • Sanar Willow (Older Cousin)
  • Lucian Willow (Older Cousin)
  • Lirael Willow (Older Cousin)


  • Amizo's face claim is Ian Nelson


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