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Amor Santi CP1

amor rosa santiago
healing student
why do they leave me for dead

Amor Santi CPM1

Birthday july 30th
Age eighteen
Pronunciation uh-more sawn-tee-ah-go
Family diego + jaime (parents)
ignaci (cousin)
Gender male
Pronouns he/him/his
Orientation heterosexual
Relationship single
Nationality english + portuguese
Languages english + portuguese
Residence liverpool, england
Religion catholic
Handedness left
Roleplayer ateleia
Sorting Forum here


Eye Color brown
Hair Color brown
Height 6'3"
Style simple, fashionable
Faceclaim jorge lopez

he is excessively tall, hovering at around 6'3, and has an athletic build. his muscles are important to ice skating, but also to his self confidence in general (versus his height has become a pain both for his ice skating and his general demeanor). his muscles aren't everything to him and he could stand to put on some fat, but working out and maintaining his physique has become an outlet for a lot of his personal stress and he isn't sure what he would do without it (start drinking again probably). he has a mess of long, curly hair that's a warm brown color and deep brown eyes to match. he has been told he has a pretty nice smile and even on his darkest days, he shows it off. he is often seen smiling in the hallways and is known to holler at his friends and give them low fives as he passes them by. although he knows he dresses well and his physique is put together enough, he doesn't have a lot of confidence in his general appearance. not enough to start trying to pull girls anyways. he has scars along his shoulders and back from when he was turned and while that might be a dramatic moment from a movie, he is genuinely terrified of undressing in front of others because of it.

Amor Santi CPM3

Amor Santi CP3


amor's parents met when his mother was a foreign exchange student at beauxbatons. his mother was still a teenager and was far less experienced, so she easily fell in love with the wealthy, recently graduated socialite that was diego santana. however, diego lied about his identity to conceal the realities of his inheritance, finding that his peers loved to try to associate themselves with him for it. he was a very emotional man, who loved to love and was constantly found with one woman or another. jaime nichols was his woman for a couple of nights before they fought over whether or not she should be afforded the opportunity to follow his social media, which he refused. a simple action and the two split, but their previous night's trickery caused them to reunite later under extremely bitter circumstances. jaime was pregnant by a man who blocked her phone number. her upset was obvious, but she stayed the rest of her time in france before returning home and having amor. his surname was written as santiago- the one diego used as his poor disguise.

his mother was still a proficient witch, attending an alchemy program in portugal (chosen purposefully with the thought that this is where diego was from) before leaving for home again. unable to complete her alchemy program, she turned to positions at multiple shops in diagon alley. for short stints throughout amor's childhood, they would move to portugal for the purpose of him bonding with his father, who his mother identified when he appeared in witch weekly as one of their favorite portuguese bachelors. his parents gained contact with one another again when amor was almost seven, which his mother saw as too grown to change his surname to santana. his father mostly paid them to go away after a couple of years spent in portugal, however, and the two left and returned to liverpool once more. his father told him he was an absolutely despicable child, but that must have had something to do with his eight year old child rupturing his wine glass from across the room. to amor's credit, he was shouting at his mother and he didn't take too kindly to that.

amor's mother was rather upset at the change in events and she didn't suffer in silence. he was very aware of what his existence had done to his mother. he did whatever she wanted, which is why he started training for ice skating. he was very involved in the sport and has now spent ten years on it, competing in several competitions and placing in some, but never winning. it was his one passion and he spent a lot of time on it primarily because his mother wanted him to because she never could. he eventually started to love it though. ice skating became his outlet and he was dedicated to it far more than he was with anything else. he was still a child and would run around and get dirty and cause chaos, but a huge portion of his life was structured around his training. when he left for hogwarts, his training started to dwindle until he was able to travel to lincliff in his later years. he continued to compete despite incessant harassment from his friends about how feminine it was. (imagine their amusement when they found out his middle name is rosa.) speaking of, his friends weren't very nice and he learned that right before the start of his owls year when they took a little trip to knockturn.

shortly before school was set to start, his friends went to diagon alley to get their supplies for the following term and he naturally tagged along since he follows them everywhere. the group had arrived later in the evening, splurging on dinner at the leaky cauldron and staying until the moon came out. they slipped into knockturn supposedly out of confusion as amor insisted they should just call their parents, but his friends thought they should try to find their own way out while knowingly sneaking into the darkest parts of magical london. suddenly, amor was pushed into a stack of crates and his friends fled. they thought it would be funny and innocent and he would be okay or at least that's how he reasons with it. the had no clue it was a full moon. yes, a full moon. as he scrambled to his feet in his confusion, a lurking werewolf launched an attack on him. he was bit and then left for dead, traumatized and changed. a shop owner found him and transported him to st. mungo's, where he was first inspired to become a healer. he wants to be able to take care of others in need as he once was and his seventeen year old brain tells him that healing is the only way.

it's been two years since his lycanthropy first came about. his friends are still around, but those friendships have been permanently burned. he's hopeful to stay away from them more now that it's his newts year and he wants to stay more on track with his academics. he tried dating one of their ex's over the summer and that certainly did the group in. his mother is terrified of him and that doesn't benefit him in any way. he's insecure over his predicament and doesn't discuss it- often worrying that he will get to the point of telling a prospective partner and having them freak out. it doesn't affect him as much as he's built it up to, but he is worried. he should be fine. he just has to get through nine more months.

Amor Santi CPM2

amor is first and foremost depressed. it doesn't define him, but it certainly casts a shadow on what was once a beaming personality. his lycanthropy has changed him for the worse, making him self-hating. it disappointed his mother (he still remembers how she sobbed over him and incessantly prayed for some sort of reversal) and her opinion matters most to him. he has never been so terrified of who he was- or rather felt so disconnected from his person and he's still trying to regain a sense of normalcy through the chaos. he often seems focused and collected, but his mind is often void and quiet to try to avoid his own anxieties. he pours energy into school even though he doesn't particularly love it, but it's his ticket to saving his reputation. he wants to become a healer, but isn't too passionate about it. he's having a hard time finding passion for a lot of things these days.

before his transformation, he was often busy socializing and hanging around boys who were often up to no good. he is a social butterfly, but isn't patient and upstanding. he tended to get into trouble, but has shaped up his routine since his lycanthropy came about. he is naturally rambunctious with a laugh that carries down the corridors and across courtyards, but that's something that rarely seems to be seen except by very special people. usually named brandy or stella. still, he has a voice that naturally carries and despite being a magnificent secret keeper (and rather trustworthy in general), he isn't the person to talk to about serious matters in any sort of setting without a silencing charm. he booms in his presence even now, so he often wonders how many others know about his predicament. he's rather quiet about his lycanthropy and prefers not to discuss it. he's a more private person despite appearing to be a very open one. he shares so much about what he knows and what he goes through that it would give the impression that he's open to interpretation, but no, there are far more private pages than the ones anyone has ever read. with his external confidence and his focus on his personal appearance, he assumes most people won't see that there's anything wrong.

amor has a lot of care for his surroundings. he wants to be humane (hence how much he despises his situation), doing things for the better of everyone. he takes great care of the plants in his herbology section both for the purpose of wanting to pass and not wanting to see innocent plants suffer because he chooses to be reckless. he's still self aware enough to think "these plants are more than just greenery," but he would never admit openly that he is worried that he has hurt the innocent. actually, it's a rather irrational fear. his mother shouldn't blame him for his lycanthropy and it doesn't have to affect his position in society (and so far, it hasn't). his friends' behavior never infected him considering he was often the boy hovering over the others and telling them to stop when he found out they were bullying someone or cheating on their partners. he's always been morally upstanding. he's never broken someone's heart and even then, they're teenagers and can't be expected to love the same person forever, right? it doesn't matter much because again- no matter how often he flirts- he has never broken a heart. everyone tends to go after his. he's fragile, but he's never been broken and never been morally corrupt. he worries though because his mother told him he's ruined her and an old professor told him he's just as terrible by association, not giving him the opportunity to argue that he's trying.

above everything, he knows he's a good person. he's patient and protective of his loved ones. he has no problem defending others and getting riled up in doing so (which he believes to be a trait of his father's or at least a trait resulting from his negative relationship with him, but he isn't so sure), but prefers to not show his aggression. he is often cheery and has never been seen as someone to purposefully make others feel negatively about themselves. sometimes he can when he isn't being as engaged (often while writing essays and not wanting to be pestered for he knows he will easily leave that essay for a friend even though he doesn't have the time), but he's generally an excitable person. he grins at people he recognizes in the halls and greets them, usually calling them by name unless he's in the process of talking. he chats with everyone at parties, becoming often flirtatious and showing off more than he usually does. he's friendly and not at all terrible. it's just his personal relationships can often become tainted by the reality that he indeed does have a lot of internal self doubts.


Interests figure skating, partying, healing, skating, photography
Habits smacking gum, smoking, shouting while talking, simping
Pet Peeves cheating, puffing smoke in/near other people's faces
Goals compete in nationals and win, attend a healing postgrad program
Enneagram 6w7
Star Sign leo sun
Alignment chaotic neutral
Love Language physical touch

Magical Characteristics

Wand black walnut wood, dragon heartstring, 13 inches
Amortentia roses, ash, burnt bread
Patronus tiger
Patronus Memory placing at a figure skating competition for the first time
Boggart werewolves
Blood Status pure-blood
Peculiar werewolf


Song rick springfield - jessie's girl
TV Show avatar
Book fahrenheit 451
Movie top gun
Color sunset orange

* he is a werewolf without a pack and is actually staunchly anti-werewolf
* he has been ice skating since he was seven and has placed in several competitions, but never won
* he has been on an anti-depressant potion for two years since his transformation
* he has been on wolfsbane ever since and has devoted himself to healing studies so he can ensure he has a solid supply because it's often too expensive pre-made
* he wants to become a healer or so he thinks; he just wants to take care of his mother and repay her for all of the trouble he's caused her
* he has terrible sleep paralysis and suffers from incredibly vivid werewolf-related nightmares
* he has a really popular snitcher account that was once anonymous until his followers wanted his witchagram (which is relatively successful too because apparently it's attractive when you're depressed and muscular with long hair)
* his witchagram is mainly just pictures he's taken with his camera and not actual pictures of him
* he gets extra hormonal and antsy for the days before the full moon, where he becomes more irritable and anxious and his sleep becomes worse, so he tends to isolate himself in his dorm
* he used to have a cat, but she lives with his mother instead of coming to hogwarts with him because he's terrified of hurting her even though he never transforms in his dormitory

Amor Santi CPT1

Amor Santi CP2

amor rosa santiago
healing student
why do they leave me for dead