Anastasia Petrova
Retired Quidditch Star • Mama bear • Mediwitch


Personal Information

Full NameAnastasia Mischa Petrova
Birthday4th of July
Age26 y/o
Zodiac SignCancer
Sex / GenderFemale / Female
Sexual OrientationBisexual
Romantic OrientationBiromantic
Relationship StatusSingle
Living Situation
Languages SpokenRussian / English / Danish

Magical Information

Blood StatusPureblood
Wand WoodLaurel Wood
Wand CoreDragon Heartstring
Wand Length9 ¾ and rigid flexibility


Anastasia Petrova was forced to become an adult long before she was truly ready. After the death of her parents, Ana was thrusted into a life she had never imagined she'd be living in. Doing whatever it takes to survive, Ana is resourceful and cunning, traits she never really grew up with but she was forced to learn as the years went by. Ana is aware the type of person that she turned out to be was very different than the person she should have been. If life had went right and everything stayed the way it should have, Ana would have been more...soft around the edges, less responsible and a bit more outward looking. She would have had plans for her own life. Actual ambitions and dreams. She'd have been a bit more...well, selfish with her own life. Instead, Ana's focus turned away from her own life and onto her families–or what's left of it. Once, this was just her younger sister but this has grown to include her cousins' as well. Protective is a good word that describes Ana but it falls short to describe how protective she is. The moment Ana thinks someone is in danger she tends to react first then ask questions later. It means that sometimes Ana can overstep her boundaries and can be quite unfair. However, Ana does mean well. Ana's just stubborn and tends to believe the world is out to get them.

Ana's a worrier, constantly worrying about everything happening around her. It doesn't help that her memory is above standard and that she struggles to forget anything. Sure, it's helpful in a lot of cases but there are times where she'd rather just forget stuff. It certainly doesn't help her severe anxiety. Ana often internalises all of her problems and struggles to put the blame on others. Even in situations that Ana can't be blamed for, she twists it around enough that she convinces herself that she could have done better. Ana constantly worries about being a failure and letting other people down. Her biggest fear is being selfish and, in truth, Ana is as selfless as you can possibly be but she's convinced herself of the opposite. Not that she tells anyone this. Ana keeps her own fears, problems and insecurities to herself most of the time but she does let some people be aware of it. Such as the adults she lives with. Ana does see a therapist, just to help ease her anxiety and depression. Usually, it's once a fortnight, sometimes once a week. Depends on how she feels. Though she's been diagnosed with both of them, Ana isn't as worried as she should be. Ana can deal with it. Ana definitely fits the definition of tough and can be put through a lot before cracking. Some could describe Ana as a soldier. Constantly alert and around strangers, she often appears stiff and stoic.

However, Ana isn't as serious as some people could be lead to believe. Around those she trusts, Ana can relax and have some fun. Ana simply needs to believe that the situation is secure before she can relax. Ana has been known to be incredibly embarrassing around her family because she finds the reactions of her family members funny. Ana also utilises dad jokes a lot. Over the years, it’s become obvious she’s tried to emulate a parental figure and that this has become a good part of her identity. Other habits have seeped into her life, mostly without her even realising it. Sleep and food for one thing. She can run on three hours of sleep and has been known to stay up for more than a day before sleeping. Ana struggles with sleep simply because she hates the dreams. Constantly dreaming about her parents, she wakes up with a hollow ache eating away at her. It leaves her vulnerable and often on the verge of tears. It’s not nightmares that haunt her. Nightmares would be a blessing too Ana by this point. When she dreams of her parents, it's the good times with them. Christmas, dinner, the weekends. Even simply hugging them. However, Ana can sleep anywhere, even on the ground, and doesn’t need much to fall asleep. She also doesn’t need a lot of food to function. Use to starving, she can last a while before realising she’s hungry, especially now that she’s stepped away from sport. She’s been known to reach dinner and realise she hadn’t touched anything that entire day.

Ana has always been athletic, especially with quidditch. Ana felt her best on the broom and was very good in the game. It means that her reflexes are above standard and is very quick on her feet. Years of pick pocketing has helped contribute with this. Though she doesn’t play quidditch professionally any more, Ana still tries and plays as many sports as she can-both muggle and magical. Ana isn’t a fan of solo sports and likes playing with a team. So if you want to make her day, offer to play some type of sport with her. She’ll love you for it. However, Ana can get very competitive and hates too lose. So if you play with her, don’t expect her to go easy on you. Ana isn’t the type to take anyone or anything for granted, though. She is highly aware that she could lose everything all over again like she had previously and is constantly worrying that she will lose everything again. Thus, Ana does her best to live in the moment and constantly telling those she loves that she does love them.


The tragedy of the Kolupayev family began with Taras Kolupayev, the second son of the family. Born in Moscow, the magical family were dedicated to keeping their line pure, wanting them to thrive as wizards and witches rather than anything else. So it was only natural that when Taras was a squib and had not inherited the magical gene that he would be disowned and removed from the family line. The family had little idea what happened to their second son when he left and his name was only mentioned a decade later when they heard about his criminal dynasty. Andrei Kolupayev was the youngest and final child of this generation, nearly eight years younger than Taras. So when Taras left, Andrei had no lasting memories of his older brother and he was a distant figure. In fact, Taras was used as a figure to scare Andrei into behaving. Behave or else you will be a disgrace to this family like your brother. Taras will get you and steal you if you leave your window open at night. Small little threats that seemed small in the beginning but yet ended up foreshadowing the entire family’s future. Financially, they were modest and were never lavish in their lifestyle. Their ancestors were, admittedly, muggles who had been red guards in the Russian revolution and until 1980, when they became magical, were loyalists to the Soviet empire. Thus, a bourgeoisie lifestyle, even in the magical world, was not in their blood and only a few had interest in improving their social class. It was their history in the muggle world that made them so against a squib child. Their family will not return to the muggle world. The magical provided them a better and stable life.

Andrei was raised blissfully unaware of their brother and lived a happy enough life. Unlike the rest of his siblings who eventually either joined the magical Russian mafia or the Russian ministry of magic, Andrei had no grand dream and simply wanted to find love and a family for himself. He wanted a wife and children that he could cherish every time he walked into the door. He wanted children and help them grow and teach them everything he could. He wanted a legacy of happiness and love. Not the violence that had plagued his family and country for so long. He met Darya in his final year at school. She was in the year below him and had never managed to meet up until that year. Neither quite understood it and both were disappointed it had taken so long. They naturally clicked. Andrei was relatively quiet and bookish whilst Darya thrived in healing and always wanted to help as many people as she could. It was only natural that those two would find themselves married. They were twenty years old when they tied the knot. Andrei decided to take his wife’s surname, Petrov, in an attempt to distance himself from the growing criminal dynasty that was lead by his older brother. Andrei had gotten wind of what was brewing and wanted nothing to do with it. When Darya turned twenty two, she had Ana. A healthy baby girl. The pair were overjoyed and spoilt Ana rotten. Not with material objects but with adoration and love. Ana still remembers going with Andrei to his work as a librarian, sitting on his lap as he helped people with borrowing books. Sitting on the book cart as he rolled through the aisles, helping her father slide books onto the shelves. For the next eleven years, it was just them. Kind of. Eventually, Andrei got wind of Ruslan. The eldest son of Taras. It took a few years, fearing he was like his father, but eventually Andrei reached out under the encouragement of Darya. Though Ruslan’s grandparents sneered at the idea of connecting with their eldest grandchild, Andrei had no qualms with extending an olive branch. Though Ruslan didn’t accept it and preferred to keep his distance, he did come over to dinner once or twice every summer.

Ana had never had a sibling before and always dreamed of one. So when she heard about her cousin, she was over the moon. Ana was fascinated by her cousin and constantly pestered her parents for whatever they knew about him. Naturally, her parents didn’t tell her much about him and his history as she was far too young to find out the truth about their family. However, she had a large imagination and that filled up all the holes her parent’s story left. Her main reason for being so excited to go to Koldovstoretz was so that she could meet him. In fact, it was her greatest worry when she turned ten that she wouldn’t be able to get closer to her older cousin. Because her first sign of magic hadn’t happened. Though her parent’s would never treat her the same way their parents had treated Taras, it was a source of tension within the happy family. Or supposedly happy. However, at age of ten, she finally had it. It was when her mother told her she was pregnant with a little sister. Ana wanted a baby brother. Infuriated and frustrated, Ana caused a carton of eggs to explode, covering both of them and kitchen with yolk. It was a messy event but one that Ana would always remember. Ana’s still not sure if she should tell her sister about Ana’s reaction. However, there was just one problem with the pregnancy it would take Ana a few years for her to realise. The problem was that Ana was meant to be their only child.

Andrei had even gotten himself cut to make sure there wasn’t another pregnancy. So Darya being pregnant made it clear that she had been unfaithful. Andrei refused to know about Darya’s other man. He didn’t want to know how they met, not how long they had been seeing each other. Andrei nearly applied for divorce but Ana stopped him. His dream was to have a happy family and he was still attached to the idea and he wanted his daughter to grow up happily. Or at least until she was mature. So he stayed, with one condition. Tatiana took the father’s surname. Darya, desperate to save her marriage, agreed. And thus Tatiana —— was born. Ana was still not impressed with her little sister, at least not in the beginning. So it was probably a good thing she was sent to school when Tatiana was born. Koldovstoretz treated Ana well. Like she had dreamed of, she became a pester to Ruslan and constantly followed him around whenever she could, practically shoving herself into his life. It might have been better for Ruslan if she had been sorted into another house. Except she was sorted into the same one. So there was little escape from his younger cousin. In second year, Ana did find her own friends and relaxed her attack on her cousin. It was also this year that she joined the Quidditch team and it was obvious from the start that she was a natural at it. Jumping from seeker to beater each year, Ana fell in love with the game. It was here where she felt the safest and herself, flying through the air. She was the star of her team, helping them win game after game, though she was one of the youngest involved.

By her third year, it was clear that she was being considered for Quidditch captain the next year. It was during the summer, the very night she received the pin to show offer her title as quidditch captain, that Ana lost everything but her sister. It was by this time that Taras and his second wife Siofra began to go after the family, in revenge for disowning Taras at such a young age. It all went down over the space of a few days so there was little any of them could do to prepare. They began with the grandparents, leaving them hanging by their neck in the doorway of their house before picking off the siblings one by one. Andrei was last. As he had been so young, Taras was more…lenient with him. However, he had still gotten the better end of the stick in the family and was still guilty by association. So Andrei had to die. It was late at night when the pair broke into the house. Realising what was happening, Darya’s priority was her children. Knowing they couldn’t hold them back, Darya pushed Tatiana into Ana’s arms and told her to run. Ana didn’t want to. She insisted she can stay and help. However, Siofra was a better witch than all of three of them and would easily kill them all, even if she was outnumbered. So Darya pushed Ana out of the house, making her promise she’ll keep her sister safe. So Ana did. Unwillingly but she did. She ran and ran and ran. Turning her head to look behind, she saw the green flashes, heard the screams, and then it was silent. Ana knew it was her parents. She could recognize her parent’s voices from anything. Later, it would soothe Ana knowing they died together. Aurors told her they died with their hands interlinked. They were eventually found by the Russian ministry and placed into the foster system. They were in their for the remainder of the summer until Ana got wind of someone applying to adopt Tatiana. Which would have been fine except they weren’t interested in both of the sister’s. Just Tatiana. Which was a common thing in the adoption system. Rarely ever did people want to adopt a teenager. No, a two year old was much more popular.

However, Ana’s last words to her mother was her promise that she’d keep Tatiana safe. Not a stranger. Even though she was promised supervised visitations once every three months (what an insult) and Tatiana would have had a good life, Ana refused. She refused to be separated from her sister. The idea made her sick. So she ran away. She picked Tatiana up, packed their bags, and left in the middle of the night. She was barely fourteen years old and had essentially just became a parent to a two year old. Ana, who was of course still grieving, had little idea of what she was going to do or how to survive but she knew one thing. Tatiana was the priority.

She could have contacted Ruslan when she left the foster system. She probably should have. He would have taken them in. However, she didn’t for a few reasons. One was that he was still in school. Tatiana couldn’t go to school being three years old at the time so they would have been separated. Two was that she knew his father was her parents’ killer. This line of thought would haunt Ana and she’d eventually come to hate herself for how she convinced herself of this. But Taras had butchered her image of Ruslan completely. No longer did she seem him as her idol, her hero, but as his son. Even within a few days of the event, she harbored a level of resentment against her cousin. Though it wasn’t his fault at all, she couldn’t take her anger out on Taras so he was the next best thing. So she removed herself and her sister from his life, running into Europe. Leaving Russia was Ana’s best idea. It took the pair completely out of Taras’ sphere of influence. Naturally, his empire stretched out internationally but in Ana’s mind, the more distance between her and Taras the safer they were. So she used the last of her savings to buy a one way ticket too Germany. They didn’t have any money. Taras had made sure all of their family’s estate was blended into his own which meant that even when the pair turned seventeen, they had no access to their parent’s small inheritance. So through buying those tickets, the two became broke.

For the next year they moved between the European countries. The magical authorities in Russia never considered that the pair would leave Russia and didn't think to alert international ministries of their existence so no one was looking for them. They survived but barely. Ana took as many as jobs as she could. A lot of them would have been found guilty of child labour. However, she was frequently fired for multiple reasons. Stealing was one. The fact that she often brought her sister, still a toddler, to the job was a good reason she was often fired. What could Ana do? It's not as if she could afford a baby sitter. Hell, she could barely afford food let alone a roof over their head. With each new country, Ana hoped for a change. A better life. By that point, Ana had lost a lot of weight. Most of the food was given to her sister, Ana often sacrificing her share to make sure her sister was healthy. Ana was a skeleton of who she use to be. Both physically and mentally. Ana was doing her best, though, and was determined to do everything she could to make sure Tatiana had a better life than what they had then. By this time, Ana was fifteen. Meaning Tatiana was four. Only seven more years until Tatiana was applicable for a school. If she was magical, that is. Ana was sure she was. Until then, Ana just had to make sure Tatiana had food on her plate to survive, regardless if it killed Ana by the end of it.

When she was turning sixteen, they found their way to the United Kingdoms. It didn't take long until they were finally caught by the ministry. They were placed into Lil Bundles and Ana, at first, didn't climatise very well. Ana was convinced they would separate them and frequently tried to run away but was caught each time. Eventually, though, Ana relaxed. They promised her they'd only be separated when Ana left for Hogwarts and that they wouldn't allow Tatiana be put up for adoption. Ana wasn't sure how she felt about returning to schooling, especially meaning it'd be that she wouldn't be around her sister every single waking moment. But they were situated in Hogsmeade so Ana could see Tatiana every weekend and every afternoon. It didn't necessarily ease Ana's worries but it did console her. At lil bundles they had a roof over their head and both had consistent food. It was the best option. Ana entered fifth year the next September, being sorted into Gryffindor, completing her OWLs and went on to do her NEWTs. It was obvious that she still loved quidditch, though, and much preferred to be on the field rather than in the class. By seventh year, she was recruited into the Holy Head Harpies. Something Ana was overjoyed at. By the time she graduated, she was about to indoctrinated into the team.

When Ana graduated, she applied for legal guardianship of Tatiana. She was seventeen and had a stable job and income so they granted it. Ana took Tatiana wherever she went as she played for the National team. Usually, it was around the UK but eventually Ana was accepted into the international team as seeker. This took the sisters' across the world. When Ana was playing matches, Tatiana was taken care of by the coach and other assistants in the private box. It was a good life. A far better one that they had before. Ana had grown quite popular across the world, being known as one of the greatest quidditch players of this generation–not too brag–but this came crashing down when she was twenty two. Having suffered a brutal injury that smashed all the bones in her right into little pieces, she decided to retire. Ana had her life flash across her eyes and found herself kind of scared to return back onto the pitch, despite her love for it. Her hand never quite recovered from it. Though her bones were regrown, they were never quite worked as well as before. When it dropped below a certain temperature, she found her hand would become stiff and virtually unmovable until she warmed it up somehow. Usually with a bucket of hot water. Suppose it was a good thing she didn't live in Russia, she'd have a dud hand permanently then.

It was around this time that she began to realise what was happening in Russia. Her cousin, Ruslan, who she had forced out of her mind out of pure guilt, was suddenly in the papers. He had brought down his father. Torn down the entire criminal empire that had been built. Ana still remembers sitting in St. Mungos staring down at her cousin's face. Though he had grown up for sure, she could easily recognise him. Ana would always recognise her cousin's face. As things became more clear, Ana began to realise she had more cousins. Leonid, or Lyonya, and Natasha. Having left so long ago, she was unaware that there were more children. By this time, the resentment she had as a teenager had significantly diminished. Instead, she felt guilty and ashamed. Felt that she had deserted Ruslan and his family. Though she wouldn't have been able to help take down Taras, she might have had been able to help out when Ruslan had taken in his siblings. Instead, she had run away too England and became a world famous sports player. Ana felt selfish. All this time Ruslan had been working to take him down and Ana had just blocked everything in Russia out. Tatiana didn't know anyone in her family other than Ana. They only had one picture of their parents. That was all Ana could offer Tatiana. So she tried getting in contact with them. It was difficult but it became easier when they moved to the UK. Ana reached out. Meanwhile, Ana applied to become a mediwitch. Ana still wanted to be involved in Quidditch somehow. It was either becoming a coach, a professor for flying which she wasn't interested in (she'd probably end up beating up a firstie with a broom out of frustration by second week), or a mediwitch. So she went with the latter.


Face ClaimScarlett Johansson
Eye ColourBlue
Hair ColourBlonde
Voice TypeUnknown
Blood TypeO
Distinguishing MarksN/A
Body StyleSlim

Family Information

FatherAndrei Petrov
MotherDarya Petrova
Full Siblings
Half SiblingsTatiana Lukyanenko
Other RelativesHer cousins


Significant Other(s)
Best Friend(s)

Name Etymology

Given [ Anastasia ]
Middle [ Mischa ]
Surname [ Petrova ]


Favourite ColourGold
Favourite MovieDunkirk
Favourite SongRockabye by clean bandit
Favourite Food
Favourite Drink
First Kiss
First Crush
First LoveNone
First Time
Sports Played
Instruments PlayedNone
AchievementsKeeping Tatiana alive
Biggest HopeThat Tatiana has a happy life
Biggest RegretLeaving her cousins behind
Best MemoriesWhen her parents were alive
Worst MemoriesSeeing Tatiana struggle after parents murder
Mental IllnessesNone
Criminal RecordNone
Medical RecordNone

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