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Stasia is role-played by Mina.

Anastasia Evangelina Washburn is a Gryffindor graduate from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Anastasia Washburn

The Unlocked Crane

Gryffindor Crest (Gif)
Vital Statistics
Born March 9th
Age 19
Family Adam Washburn (Father)

Esmeralda Washburn (nee Coshwall) (Mother)
Kimberly Washburn (sister)
Kathryn Washburn (sister)
Annabelle Washburn (sister)
Katrina Washburn (sister)
Kylie Washburn (sister)
Adele Washburn (sister)
Amberly Washburn (sister)
Anthony Washburn (brother)

Gender Female
Species Human
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Brown
Status Alive
Signature [[File:|100px]]
Magical Characteristics
Wand Poplar, Unicorn Hair, 10 inch
Wand Arm Right
Blood Purity Pure-Blood
Patronus Fox
Boggart Recurring Nightmares


Anastasia has beautiful blonde hair, blue eyes, and a light skin tone.


Anastasia, born Anastasia Evangelina Washburn is the 8th child and 5th daughter of Esmeralda Washburn (née Coshwall) and Adam Washbrun born on the 9th of March. Her mum and dad decieded they'd have 16 kids, and only name them names that start with "K" and "A".

Her family consists of Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaw, and everyone in her family works hard. She loves her family, but is really close with her eldest sister, Kimberly.

She looks up to her and loves her. Her family is wealthy, so they can have a large family and not worry about money.

In total, she has 15 siblings, but spent her childhood playing with her sisters, Kimberly, Katrina, Anabelle and Kathryn. She and her sisters were always pranked by their brothers

Like that, she was really close with them. In fact, she was really loyal to them. One time, some mean boys in the neighborhood were making fun of Kathryn, and Anastasia tried to stand up for her. It sort of stopped, but she was always loyal to her family.

She was nicknamed Ana or Annie by her sisters. Her brothers didn't care. Then, the nicknames stopped when her older sister, Anabelle didn't get into Hogwarts, being a squib. Anastasia was sorry for her, but Anabelle got mad at everything, and especially Anastasia, so Anabelle ran away from home a few months after, which saddened the family. But then Anabelle came crawling back, knowing her family loved her for who she was.

Anastasia loved to work hard, as she did so many chores at home. She secretly found it boring, and tiresome, but worked hard regardless. She was somewhat relieved when she got her letter of Hogwarts: she just might get out of doing chores!

Personality and Traits[]

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Anastasia is hard-working, loyal, and optimistic. If she wants something, she knows she needs to work hard for it and does exactly that. She is also excitable, and caring, especially for her younger siblings. Anastasia also loves music, and loves to sing.

Anastasia can occasionally be mistaken for an over-achiever, but it's so not true. Being very optimistic and somewhat dreamy, Anastasia is definitely the one that you can expect to fulfill her dreams.

Skills and Magical Abilities[]


The music is strong with Stasia. Very strong in fact. She may be the next Taylor Swift someday.

Hard work[]

Although Stasia is not generally who would throw herself in the way of tough work, she is definitely able to take it. Work hard, play hard.

Talk Bubble[]



Stasia's wand is a 10 inch Poplar with Unicorn Hair. Poplar is said to be a wand to rely upon, of consistency, strength and uniform power, always happiest when working with a witch or wizard of clear moral vision (From Poplar)


Tim is Stasia's cat. She absolutely loves him to the end, and often she dies from cute by Tim.


Stasia's Model is Kathryn Newton.


  • Stasia is currently crushing, very hard.
  • Her theme song is Elastic Heart.

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