Andre Torres

Werewolf Support Services Head
Magizoologist 🐺 Sourwolf

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Basic Information
AGE 25
SPECIES Wizard • Werewolf
SEXUALITY Homosexual
MODEL Tyler Hoechlin (shared)



Andre’s parents were the definition of American college sweethearts. Bianca was a normal muggle girl who was studying modern art in a college near Alejandro Torres' hometown. He was a party boy in the fraternity that Bianca hung out with. The two clicked, and before they knew it, their four years in college were over - and Alejandro proposed to Bianca, knowing he didn't want her out of his life.

The two got married, and had their first two children, twins Alfonso and Andre. Not their last. They had four more, two daughters, and two sons. With the arrival of more and more new siblings, Andre thought that it was getting too loud at their home, and he didn’t like that. But he learned to deal with it, and he also learned to love them. They’re his family, after all.

Growing up, Andre mostly kept to himself. He let his siblings be the fun and cheerful ones, while he mostly kept to himself in the family library, reading books. He was always fascinated with the magical creatures he’d read about, and at a young age, he already knew that he wanted to work with them when he grew up; he wanted to become a magizoologist.

At age nine, Andre started exhibiting his magical abilities. He made a few books and scrolls float in the air after he got too frustrated with his younger siblings playing and screaming around him. He just couldn’t take the noise. Later on, he learned that his twin, Alfonso, had a magical moment as well. He tried not to show it, but Andre got really excited. He couldn’t wait for all the learning he’s going to experience, and while he really loves his family, he also yearned for a change of scenery.

And so, when it was time for hm and his twin to go to a magical school, he opted to go to Hogwarts, instead of the obvious choice in Castelobruxo. Andre had always been an independent child, and their parents acknowledged that, which is why they allowed him to go the United Kingdom. He got sorted into Hufflepuff shortly after his arrival, and things went smoothly. He got high grades, had a quiet group of friends, even developed new hobbies other than reading, like playing with gobstones; everything was pretty much perfect. Until it wasn’t.

On his fourth year, he and his friends got dragged into the dark forest by a bunch of rambunctious upperclassmen. They wanted to do some exploring, and Andre and his friends didn’t want to be called cowards, so when they were invited (see: coerced), they went with it. When they got to the deep part of the forest, they encountered a pack of rogue werewolves, and some of them got bit, including Andre. None of them were seriously harmed, and they were able to escape, but they knew that after that night, things were going to change.

Andre immediately told his family about the incident, and they helped him through with his transition. He did have some relatives who were also werewolves, so that also helped. At least he had a support group with people like him. He was grateful that his family accepted him for what he is, and he’s glad that they have no problems with him being a creature of the night.

Andre didn’t mind being a werewolf and although it was hard to accept at first, he grew up and was able to accept himself and what the future now holds for him. He continued at Hogwarts, graduated and lived his life. He was able to pursue further studies and actually became a magizoologist, interning for some people and travelling the world for a short while, collecting data on various beasts. He also did some excellent quality research and by the age 21, he’s already established himself as one of the best in the industry. By 23, he hears that there is an opening in the British Ministry of Magic that suits his skills, and decided to apply for it, and see how things would turn out.



Andre grew up in a rather loud household, and while people would think that he’d be influenced by it, he actually wasn’t. He’s the quiet one in the family, and Andre tended to keep to himself most of the time. He’s not anti-social though, just preferred not to speak unless the circumstances require him to. There’s totally a difference.

He is also, by definition, a bookworm. Reading is his greatest passion, it has been ever since he was a young boy, and while his siblings loved doing physical activities, he’d rather coil up in a nice corner with a cup of coffee and a good book to keep him company. With that, it is also implied that Andre is an intelligent person. He knew a lot of stuff, about a lot of things, but his ace subject would always be magizoology. Newt Scamander is one of his role models, and magical creatures just naturally fascinate him.

As he grew older though, like most teenagers, Andre started becoming more angsty. He became broody, and he had what people would call, a “perpetual scowl” on his face, even though he insists that it’s just his normal face. Andre became more reserved and quiet, and would often glare at the things that displeased him. But that’s where all of the changes end. He’s still the same old quiet guy, who loves his family and would do everything to protect them. Yes, he’s very loyal, and while it does not seem obvious, he’s very protective and would go after anyone who’d hurt a single hair on any of his family members. Also, Andre is a very tactile person. Again, it’s not obvious, but he’s constantly yearning for physical love and affection. He never told anyone this, but he loves long warm hugs and cuddling with the people he cares about.



FATHER Alejandro Torres
MOTHER Bianca Torres
SIBLINGS Alfonso Torres(twin)
Camila Torres
RELATIVES Victoria Torres
Daniella Torres
Gustavo Torres
Mercedes Torres
Melanie Torres
Constanza Torres
Esteban Torres
Ricky Torres
WAND 10 inches Beech Unicorn Hair
SCHOOL Hogwarts
HOUSE Hufflepuff
BIRTHPLACE San Juan, Puerto Rico
FAVE CLASS Care of Magical Creatures
FAVE FOOD Ribeye Steak
FAVE MOVIE The Godfather series


Alfonso Torres
There is no doubt that Alfie, his twin brother, is his closest and his favorite sibling. They were only three minutes apart, after all. They drifted apart after their graduation from wizard school, with Alfonso traveling the world and Andre pursuing his passion with magizoology, but they were recently reunited and rekindled their sibling relationship. They share everything with each other, and is often the other's go-to person whenever one of them is in trouble. Andre loves his twin brother very much, and he appreciates him with all his heart, even though he tends to tease him, a lot.

Victoria Torres
Tori is one of Andre's younger cousins, and as a fellow werewolf, they have a connection that they just don't have with other members of the family. It's been a while since they last saw each other, and Andre is looking forward to seeing her and hanging out with her again.

Daniella Torres
Another one of his younger cousins, Andre is not as close with Dani as he is with Tori, but he still likes her, despite the plethora of werewolf insults she throws at Tori whenever they see each other. He can understand the sibling rivalry, and he also knows that Dani is not as happy as she wants other people to think she is.

Camila Torres
Camila is Andre's younger sister, and while he's not as close with her as he is with Alfonso, Andre still loves his sister very much. Sometimes he feels like she's being too invasive, but he learned to cope with it because pretty much his whole family has been the same way. He'd do anything for Camila.

The Pack
He considers most members of the pack as his friends, and while he's not as close with everyone as he is with the other people in there with him, he still treats everyone in the same regard.

Wesley Griffin
Andre met Wes at the Ministry of Magic, and while he initially had a crush on him, he's starting to think otherwise because of an incident that happened at Nan's Diner.

Wesley Griffin
Yeah, they sort of have a fight going on right now.

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Andre Torres - Head of Werewolf Support Services
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