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My Room
Andreana Circe Clockwork
Vital statistics
Title Hogwarts Student
Gender Female
Age 12
Height 5/2
Hair Colour {{{hair colour}}}
Eye Colour {{{eye colour}}}
Race Supposedly Human, Albino, Muggle-Born
House Hufflepuff
Year 1st
Wand Olive, unicorn hair
Wand Arm right
Family Jessica Pocket

James Clockwork (Mother, Father)

Affiliation(s) Hogwarts

Clockwork Famliy

Hufflepuff house

More Info


Dwarf Owl named Misty

Black Cat named Ash




Detached limbs

Andreana Circe Clockwork, Andre for short, was born on May 5, 2001 to Jessica and James Clockwork. (No, it's not prononced A-dre-A-na, it's ON-drei-ON-a.) Growing up in a middle-class family, she looks in envy at the other, wealthier students at Hogwarts, although she pretty much holds a grudge at anyone who can answer a question faster than her. She lives in a rather shabby apartment complex next to a fancy muggle/wizard neiborhood, more speficically near the Phantom Villa. A common magic trait that runs in her family the strange ability to control time, which has the same properties of a time turner. (Hence the name, Clockwork.)


Andreana was born with dark brown hair and light brown eyes, but developed a case of albinism when she was very young. She now has a full head of thick, blueish-white hair that goes down to her lower back. Her eyes turned a deep, shiny red, which also cause her eyesight to decrease. Her skin is pale white, also caused by the albinism. She has an average body frame and an average height. Because of being short on money, Andre doesn't have that many clothes, and those that she has are usually plain sweatshirts, turtlenecks, t-shirts, dress pants, and sweat pants. She has a somewhat nasaly voice due to being congested all the time.


Andre has a rather annoying personality. She acts like a know-it-all all the time, but only acts this way to seem better than everyone else. She is also prone to hold grudges against people without a good reason, as said in the introduction. Deep down, she is lonely, since her albinism kept her from making any friends. She had met Rosabella Phantom before Hogwarts and had started a friendship, but Rosabella's parents forbid her from seeing Andreana because of her muggle parents, although that doesn't stop her from trying at Hogwarts. She wants to be the Minister of Magic one day.\

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